Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ako d crossroad again... susah btul jadi org cam ako... unable to make correct decision and follow ja whatever come across yang ako rasa cam best... Labwork yang tak progress ke mana.. tetiba disuruh lak tukar tajuk..whoaaa~~~~ kena lak reject from recent interview... hmmm bukan ako berharap pn.. sbb nnt kena wat benda yang ako tak minat sangat...tapi again and again nih kena reject... 2 kali ok for the govt post!! mula la ako tertanya-tanya nih...ngan swasta senang lak ako dpt cilok masuk... Ada org penah bagi hint... try pkai tudung tgk.. senang kot dpt... alaa bukan tak mo pkai.. tp for sure klau pkai nnt ako buka gak... sat la.. nnt btul2 ako dpt feel tu, ako pkai trus aah..walaupn time tu ako kt Korea ka, kt US ka.. (heheheh brangan siut~~)

tipu la klau ako kata ako bukan jenis bercita-cita besar... ako sgt ambitious... ako nk terbang tinggi dan jauh~~ tp current situation cam merestrictkan kan ja mimpi-mimpi ako.. Fellowship yg ntah disambung ntah tak... ishhh ishhh ishhh... nk dkt new year dah ni...

Ako dah janji pd diriku... ako kena kumpul duit tahun depan.. ako kena bekerja keras.. kena kumpul harta balik... semua kawan2 dah do sangat well ngan hidup depa... so ako dah tak boley travel for at least 1 year... d mana ako rasa cam impossible ja.. ni pn dah berpintal dah urat saraf ako tak dpt g jejalan n tersekat nafas ako sbb ako dah mula berjimat cermat tahap tak tentu hala.. dah tak boley shop cam dlu dah...

Hopefully start new sem nih... things will get better la...ako nk:

  1. upgrade belt ako.. 3 tahun blue... gila apa ka...
  2. tulis lebih banyak artikel
  3. kurang menonton TV
  4. boley bermain at least 1 lagu pekak pn jadi la...
  5. continue menghafal vocab vocab bahasa korea...
  6. kurang melaser!! (mulut ako mmg kadang-kadang sial)
  7. Nak g tgk concert and teater..!!!

Suma pekerjaan melara~~ ishhh

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The list goes on and on and on...

I was thinking of what to write then came out with this idea.. Heheh senarai celeb that i like from last time to now.. cm best.. Blog ako kan..ska hati la..>_<

backstreet boys was the first boy group that was introduce to me.. And Nick instantly became my fav with his innocent look and character.. (that was before he turn huge and fell for Paris and i was like: Why the hell i fell for him????) He barely took off his shirt on the first album.. maybe because he lack of those packs.. After that?? huhhh always showing off the not successful attempts... simpan la weh!!!

Then Leo came to picture with the huge hit from Titanic. I gathered all his pics and stickers (or any merchandise that i can buy or steal!! hehehe..).. But till this moment i have yet to watch full version of titanic!! just the front part and the end... that movie was rated NOT ALLOWED by my pa at that time.. c Kate Winslet g half naked nya psal la nih!! So i stick my pencil box (which was made from the box of the video tape) with all his pics and carried proudly everywhere..

I laid my hand on his first compilation album and instantly hooked... A very talented man with the ability to goreng any music instruments u can think off.. And of coz the first time heard him converse in English, i went like: perghhhh !!!! and he is academically smart with the acceptance to yale and Princeton but chose music college instead... ^_^..the craze lasted for 2 albums.. until Wei Yi then the craziness slightly went off....

Jericho Rosales!! hahahaha Man.. whenever i looked at him, the images of him as Christian in Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas and Angelo in Pangako Sa 'Y0 butterflies everywhere in my... At that moment if my frens asked me how is ur dream guy looks like? Instantly He'll be the answer... So basically i was the loyal fan watching nearly 200++ episodes because of him (and the entire cast of coz..those two were good drama).. This guy lasted for years during my adolescent year... (God.. felt so old now..wawawaw)During uni life.. i wasnt that into celeb.. was busy with activities.. But i think Hyun Bin was the wallpaper in my laptop for quite sometime.. Get to know him in My lovely SamSon.. He is a good actor!! what add to it is.. he got this long back that whenever he put on kemeja, he looks good from back... ^0^.. that time the slim cut man office wear just started to hit malaysia.. So he looks the best in it that time!! hehehehe

Rob pat!! waaaa... He hit my dream countless time during the airing of Twilight in the cinema.. watched that in the cinema.. and i was alll crazy about him... super crazy.. bought all other twilight saga collections. Cut all news paper with his face.. even spent my money on imported magazine for like small sections of him.. peiiii!!! apa punya budak.. hehehe... Why i like him? i actually like Edward Cullen more than him.. Like it when he tense his jaw muscle.. when he looks at bella from far.. protecting her in silent.. and like it when he looks at bella with those pair of mysterious eye... wow.. but after watched new moon.. i fell OUT of affection on him... Terlalu control tak tentu hala!!!

Now.. Latest craze and i think will last for few omore years... is... T.O.P!! hahahaha.. from Big Bang.. First got to know his existance is through I am Sam. He acted as Moo shin.. And after some digging then bla bla bla.. i had his pic in my hp as my wallpaper!! hahaha.. Why i like him? at the first place.. he is charismatic + very hehehe nan ren wei!!! whoaaaa... Well couldnt help... BSB song's If U Want to Be A Good Girl, Get Yourself A Bad Boy.. hehehe.. I am already a good girl.. doesnt hurt to admire a bad-boy-look with good attitude... smart+charismatic+bad boy look+deep voice will suffocate me!!!! gluupp glupp... hehehe.. if i am to be asked why i want to be an actress (if i be one) my answer is:: coz i want to go to Pusan International Film Fes.. and meet him and snap pic with him!!! waaaaaa in my dream la~~!!

p/s: i was often said to have bad taste in defining good looking.. ngehhh!! it doesnt take only good looking face to caught people's eye ler... the package~~ the X on the very moment you see him.. TOP!!! Sarang Hae.. ^0^

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Dont Lose it..

Writing mode strike::::!!! oh yeah!!

I think some of u might be aware that i just came back from Cambodia. An annual reward to myself at least once a year im out of the country. The trip was great!!! With good traveling mates.. what else do u ask for..?? But orang tua-tua always cakap.. kita buat apa jangan seronok sangat.. jangan lupa beringat and berjaga-jaga..

I WAS literally ROBBED!!

this was exactly before i enter the night market.

To cut the story short. The beg that i was clinging on was cut from the back and the thief took my clutch with 100 USD (RM 300++), passport, cards... IC was in another wallet.. luckily!!

So here are the tips before going to any of the night market..
1. Do not bring along any beg. Put the money or any documentation in ur pocket.
2. Photocopy ur passport. Leave the original in the hotel. Never carry them out!!
3. Always prepare back up money in your hotel just in case any bad events like this happen again.

And what need to be done when you lost your passport:
1. Go to the nearest police station. Some country required tourist to report unfortunate event to the Tourist Police Centre (not the normal police station). So ask the nearest law enforcement officer where should u head to.
2. With the official police report (make sure there's always an english copy attached with the report that u made. can be ur own handwritten report), go direct to your country's embassy.
3. Prepare small sum amount of money for the emergency exit visa processing money. (not bribing!! normal fees)
4. With the letters from the embassy and temporary passport, go to the imegrsen office (usually situated near the airport).
5. Pass all the letters from the embassy to the imegresen office. (keep the original one!!)
6. The office will arrange a special officer from the tower to fetch you all lead you all the way through all the check points in the airport. ( u either are criminal or hot glam celeb.. i felt like a celeb instead... hahahaha)
7. With all the original documents, do la new passport!!! in ur own country la of coz..

The left is the normal passport. Right is the exit visa

p/s: please be careful. the whole process of redoing your passport is not easy!!! it takes lots of patience and luck.. but hey!! if it happens.. stay cool and be humble when u communicate with all the personnel. Do not rush them too obviously... !! and dont forget to thank them million times...!!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

The first step

The journey of thousand miles begin with one step... so ive took my very first baby step in sharpening my independency... i took my lunch in the public alone!!! heheheh.. i hate n i dislike eating alone in the public... it looks so pathetic to me!! ksian gila kot~~!!!.. took the seat that face the road.. plug my mp3 in.. them errrkkkk i survive the whole lunch... hehehe wasnt that bad or kesian at all~~!!!... did short reading after lunch... whoaaa gaya cam suda bersedia ke oversea ini.. hahaha..

p/s: God has His own plan to all of us.. despite of my high hope to fly as high n as far as i could.. i still pray hard that he'll grant those little wishes... if He has better plan.. then who am i to doubt His decision..

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

catatan diary ku

If I am to be granted a wish.. I’ll wish that I have a huge a family with at least 2 / 3 more brothers and sisters… then I won’t be tied to responsibility of being the only daughter of the family…

Why? Kenapa ako tak bersyukur ngan apa yang ako ada? Ako ada family yg tak susah, I was given a car to move around, Im continuing my study, I have activities to filled my schedule..

in return.. Im here...

nothing so bad about that.. it is just an empty feeling in me that keep urging me to find that empty pieces… I don’t think I can find it here… couldn’t describe in word what this feeling is about.. it is more to empty + loneliness that I need huge distraction to either filled the gap or for me to forget the opening… I am sure relationship is not the answer… I need to see the world.. I need to indulge myself to the alien and strange environment so that ill start to recollect my every pieces.. I don’t need to be understood… I just need to be away…

that’s why Im not ready to watch “Eat, pray, love” coz im afraid that im all too inspired that ill end up just grab a bag and leave… I know im capable of doing so… few more months to go… hope that my study will end up well and ill be gone… i want to return as a new person.. anything i am not...

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ako Kena Perli

Wahhh.. cam makin kerap ja peristiwa ako diperli kerna ke"sibuk"kan yg ako claim sendiri... daaannnnggg tercocok jap...

Semasa Conference.. Instead of presenting.. ako melaram tak tentu hala n i look like a super pic..not included...

Monday, September 06, 2010


kengkadang ako rasa lucu gak ngan pepatah air dicincang tak akan putus.. hehehe..indeed benda tu cam true.. yesterday ended with me crying myself to sleep thinking that there will be no more hope for us to reconcile.. tup tup.. today we are talking like nothing happens.. hahaha lawak lawak... but still yesterday's bad event should be a pinch to my head to not to repeat the same mistake again.. hehehe so conclusion.. going back for berbuka today.. (ingat nk mediate dkt lab till late late at night..)

I am worst than i always be

Something came up today.. a not very pleasant one.. First few early events were fine. indeed entertaining.. From meeting my labmates to watching my very first 3D movie... best!! enjoy... tuition class was not bad either.. Then i was surrendered by the road side waiting to be picked up..

I have this bad temper when it came to waiting.. Super bad one.. to add to the flavor.. i need to wait for 30min?? an achievement that i dont just walk off with any taxi or bus... numerous phone calls were made to reach him.. Yet none succeed.. With tremble hand i dialed my ma's cell no.. Astarfirullah... I actually couldnt even control my tone.. most of them were high key!!! adehh... she even being forced to fetch me all the way from her factory... nearly 30 min of waiting the most awaited car arrived... i was so pissed that no explanation seems to be logic to me.. Astarfirullah... no wonder i was reminded again and again that i dont have good heart and with bad temper..

i definitely know that what i did was wrong but couldn bring myself to apologize.. the worst trademark i have in me is :sorry seems to be the hardest word when it come to my family.. of coz i took thing for granted again and again...

probably i wasnt meant to be too close to anyone.. distance is always the best way so that people dearest to me never get hurt with what i did... Yeah.. the less im around.. the better it is for everyone..

p/s: it is always nice to have a place for you to escape..

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Craving for Activity

Salam~~ happy ramadhan..

Today mark the last day of my independent horayyy can eat day of the month.. hehehe thus was thinking of crushing to McD or KFC to grab some tidbits (do i spell it right.. hmmm)..

I have this crazy maya imagination nowadays... to write a screenplay.. gila.. Have this great story plot in mind yet couldnt deliver them in words.. Hello all my mother tongues are tauge ok!! how i wish there's some writer wanted to pen them into words.. Like some of the celeb for instance, i bet they arent that smart to write their own bibliography.. They hire a good writer and boommm!! a ntah apa-apa master piece published (they claimed!!)..

Hehehe i am fascinated by the foreign director for being able to focus on a particular theme and elaborate them so well than us the viewer actually gain something from the movie.. knowledge about how to make cakes, pasta and etc... Hmmm.. Don't worry folks.. our locals are picking up by expanding and diversifying the story line... The progress might be slow but we are picking up.. !!

What i want to write is something related to tae kwon do.. Hekhek.. daaaaa no surprise.. hehehe there's plenty of die hard practitioner of this sport ok.. How this sport evolve and effect our life.. the Siamese, the korean and chinese have been so well established in producing martial arts movies. maka ako pn bercita-cita besar la juga to write... I think ill start one.. bahasa rojak.. boley kot.. heheh..

Monday, August 09, 2010

Back On Track

Geezz... I just came back from an anger trigger class. Fuhh.. ill be in peace if i teach only English and Science.. I'll be burnt to the max when the Maths class turn... Biarlah...

With the unstoppable tickling of clock indicating the approaching of many big events: the Ramadhan, Raya, Diving trip.. worst of all the date line for paper submission.. Arghhh... by hook or by crook i need a paper to be published.. What if i dont publish my paper? Half of the elaun will be cut.. (by the time the new year start.. i wish that i wont be involve in any of the tuition class anymore...not home tuition at least...).. then no more trips.. pay own master bills.. fuhhh cant u see how tough it sounds if i dont start to work like a bull? So here's the plan..

1. Sample extraction every morning... Although that particular day i don't plan to run any sample..
2. Each day ill change the manipulative variable...
3. Sample drying took quite some time.. so while extracting all the sample.. ill proceed with the sample's drying..
4. Prepare stock solution for all the solvent.. Pour the solvent of interest to the small beaker for each round.. do not pipette out directly from the reagent bottle.. to avoid any contamination (found few ghost peak on my chromatogram ..hmmm)
5. By the end of the week, do the bulk amount of injection into the machine..
6. Leisure activity need to be reduced.. which means TKD training might need to escape.. yes i love to train.. but things is serious now.. piakk piakk... I'm wide awake now..(force to)
7. I'll still go short jog during the puasa month.. in the evening.. at least to maintain my stamina and blood pressure.. am hoping that the reading doesnt drop to dangerous level.. hmmm.. that's all..

p/s: Have 4 hours of incubation time.. in between that time, ill jog and prepare new all the solvents~~!! got lots to do !! Wachaaa fighting~~~!!!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mereka Cakap

Mama cakap: hati ako tak cukup baik...Cuba la bagi bersih skit hati tu...
Mama juga cakap: Ako tak cantik..Ako tak semanis adik ako.. harap ke putih ja..
Papa cakap: ako berangin...
Adikku cakap : Semua hg kata betui... Hg ni period memanjang...

Ishhh.. Reflect reflect~~

Sunday, August 01, 2010


Tension siut nih.. ako wat la injection pada mesin dengan harapan besar ada peak... maka.. akopn blah for lunch.. siap balik tido lagik.. hehehe ingat balik nih boley aah tgk hasilnya..skali ceyttt... dengan bongoknya rupanya... ako lupa nak tukar sequence no of the sample!! kentut btui. maka.. kembali lah ako menunggu benda yang sepatutnya ako dah siap n boley blah balik ke memana~~~!!!.. ni mesti gara-gara iriver mp4 yg menjadi anaguan ako.. serious agak keagauan... urghhhh tapi tak boley lah kot memandangkan kedudukan ekonomi ako masih belum ditahap full recovery... hmmmm so decided.. Not buying.. even an external hard disk.. or a pendrive.. nothing.. just bought a printer.. fully under my pa's loan.. heheh pay everymonth la skali..tak la terasa sgt...

hmmm tindakan tidak mencatatkan what i want to do seems to be killing my time unwisely.. Ok.. i have few more hours to go before the day end...

Let's start with:
1. Printing all the results using the recycle paper!!
2. Prepare phosphate buffer baru .. Use other pH meter..
3. Weight some set of sample.. so that kerja senang skit next time if want to do.. blasah ja wat..
4. Discard some of the unwanted samples.. wat nyemak ja kot..
5. Evening jog.. hehehehe 3 hari kot dah tak sweat..

p/s: plan plan plan... next time plan plan plan plan...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ako dan Hari Esok

2 days ago, I was asked a question: Marina.. Hari Selasa ni nifsu syaban.. tak mo posakah? Ahh.. ako yg sememangnya cetek agama nih pn ooohhh dgn menjawap: apa tu nifsu syaban?

Nifsu Syaban is the middle of the syaban month..(tgh bulan ler).. It can be considered as the month of celebration since we are allowed to eat during the day before we welcome the ramadhan month.. Maka ako pn googled la mencari fadhilat puasa pada hari nih.. ahhh.. found the following..(celup jer)

“Allah melihat kepada hamba-hamba-Nya pada malam Nisfu Syaaban, maka Dia ampuni semua hamba-hamba-Nya kecuali musyrik (orang yang syirik) dan yang bermusuh (orang benci membenci).” [Riwayat Ibn Hibban, al-Bazzar dan lain-lain].” nk tahu lebey lanjut klick cni kot

Before jumpa the above statement pn ako agak plan dah nak puasa selain lah bendera merah menyerang.. hehehe mak ako dah masak dah pn nasi tuk esok n ada leftover sup by our chef of half day – My Pa.. so of coz la ako posa.. lagipn..the whole geng from the lab will be fasting.. bertambah membara la niat nak posa nih.. hehehe..

So tomorrow`s plan will be:

1. Ill buzz the Centre’s door right after the subuh prayer (ako mandi la dulu!!).estimated time of arrival is 6.30am. coz pas subuh on fasting day..sememangnya ako akan tumbang balik n ended up at 10 plg awal..

2. Do the 4 hours incubation preparation..

3. Once ja the clock count start..ill crush the surau room and incubate myself prior to the sample incubation time.. hehehehe.. (was reminded to bring toto as well!! Abis ako terover pengsan nnt..)

4. Kena bawa pencuci muka to wash away all the nylon yg terhasil.. hehehe..

5. Pastu apa lagi..kerja kerja!! Lab lab lab..experiment experiments.. I really hope I wont throw out due to the chemicals.. (euu the extraction part can be super busuk and smell dangerous!!!hello.. dichloromethane can even dissolve a plastic easily and I accidently wet my hand with that few times..taubat bnyk kali pn sama ja!! Wear ticker glove!!!!)

P/s: had cappuccino with sista in d afternoon (tq for the treat!!) and came back home realizing that the omg.. the cough syrup dah abis!!! Dang~~!!! Im going to be a zombie tonight.. eh ako nk mkn ubat batuk coz I am batuk!!! And of coz I sleep better when im on it.. hahahaha..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ahead Plan

To avoid distraction early in the morning..
explanation: whenever i am in d lab, ill spend nearly 1 hour on the net.. this 1 hour can drag and drag and drag to longer period.. depending on the heaviness of the traffic in between my browsing page.. hehehe.. net can be boring once awhile and addicting at the same time..
So ill make a simple draft on tomorrow's plan.. hmmm nama pn plan saja!!
1. Ill dry whatever non dried samples.. (since toleration is need in sharing the machine... i actually have time to catch a movie tommorow!!!)
2. Print and pasting work.. (Make sure that it is done!!)

3. Collect cek from the canselori.. (org punya.. not mine!!)
4. Go to Korean Language Class.. (still have butterfoies whenever im going to the class..again the left out issue..bila nak abis nih???)
5. Yeayyy!! Ko-k will officially start tomorow.. hmm stay back for first TKD training.. so many gossip to collect.. hehehe..
6. Tuition at night..

p/s: people said i pretended to be busy.. but i am busy arent i?Not to count going out for lunch..hmmm where yer?heheh
p/s again: I finished Jude Deveraux - Someone to love.. (then i realize..i actually enjoy very much classical romance+thriller..less high tech and technically less technology term for me to understand..)

Dibetray or Membetray

Language lover.. excuse urself from my page.. ull get heart attack on my misuse of language..

Hati manusia ni of coz sememangnya susah untuk disukat.. apa lagi nak meramal apa yg sebenar-benarnya.. Even ako sendiri pn kadang2 topeng juga.. so boley ako blame org kiranya ako buat benda sama? klau tgk cermin (selain dari terkejut ngan muka penuh kawah itu..) ako kiranya berundur lah dari mencetus kontroversi.. Euuu bila ako tgk gossip girl ako cam ishh poyo nya depa ni.. napa make big on an issue.. perlu ker?? tapi sah-sah..what's going on in the movie most probably related to the daily life kan.. maka ada la bebrapa kumpulan manusia yang akan mengalami situasi yang sama..mestilah ako join skaki jugak...aihhh~~~ hmmm politikus politik la katakan.. klau pikir2 balik.. ahh pedulikkan ja la.. tak kurus pn ako dimakan gossip.. kena juga g jog.. so ako pn pedulikkan ja la.. walaupn cam nak je tarik2 rambut pastu wat head banging jap sbb terstress.. kan dah scientifically proven.. it's easier to smile than to make sour face.. and dari kedut2 and wrinkle ako yang belungguk tu bertambah.. baik ako lepak n teruskan hidup ako dengan seadanya..

ni tgh stress aah nih asyik kena panggil ngan mak ako ja... ahhh stress....ahh kedutt.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gimme that

Yesterday's plan was 70% completed... or mission nearly accomplished... and see see.. i blogged today showing the determination to start blogging again.. hehehe yeah la tu... smalam best lepak with my mak n abah n their new daughter in-law in Padang Brum.. perghhh i was there for the Majid Mee Hailam.. tp tutup la plak.. tension ako!! maka belasah ja la kedai sebelah.. mana sama~~!! dont like!!! even cannot eat Bubur Cha Cha coz i am really really sick!! my coughing getting worst.. and with all the chemicals im dealing with, its getting worst.. maka.. today.. i put on face mask!! heheheh..
Today's Mission:
1. Inject Sample
2. 2 more sample for SPE clean up..
3. Do scuba club's stuff..
4. Go to pameran buku.. (bought books yesterday!! hahaha..lawak..buying again today.. )
5. Lazy want to jog..if go back early then want go aerobic..
6. Tuition!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Genap lebih sehari ako menyepi dari dunia blogging.. ahhh blame it on FB!! hehehe.. macam la ako super active FB.. ahhh July month is a month of celebration..With the wedding of my bro on 10/7 (belah ppuan), birth of my bestie's second daughter on 14/7, my Pa's Bday on 16/7, my bro's wedding reception on 17/7.. woahhhh every weekend been occupied with numerous activities.. dah lama dah stop visitting the cinema.. hmmm even missed the Eclipe's.. Experiment shows some perkembangan.. hehehe... and i picked up the Korean Level 3 class...was so left behind..but am trying and work hard to memorize and revised back all the terms and vocab..

In conclusion, im trying to be positive!!! yeah!!! been draining out all the negative energy through constant short morning jog (10min ja!!).. but felt so good to start each day with sweat.. Sweat is pleasure~~ hehehe...

Penyakit pelupa teruk ako ni makin menjadi2.. sort of need to pen down whatever important details.. maka.. sila la percaya when im trying to start everyday by blogging about plan of the day.. hehehe..berkesan atau tidak.. letak tepi kot.. kejayaan starts with dream kan!!

Today's plan are:

1. Incubate sample for 4 hours.. (meanwhile melara la merata and macam2..tension ako nak g cari spagetti dkt anjung budi n found out ceyyytt kul 10 br ada..)

2. Plan for morning jog.. was in my sweat shirt and tracks bottom.. then hujan... aisehh.. kena ganti petang la plak kot.. ishhh..

3. Must do full extraction despite of any godaan g cari lunch yg best!!! ommmmm no going out!! no no.. plg jauh Harapan or Bakti ONLY!!!

4. Evening jog (not sure stadium or lake)..

5. Blog my ear with songs so i wont go around gossiping..sampai camtu ako punya ska bersembang!! hehehe.. very the mak cik...

.6. Tuition at night.. Science.. Finishing all the syllabus and want to start revision for form 2.. Go go go.. ako cubit bdk2 tu ngan mata ku klau depa delay and wat pening lagi!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Arm + Pit

Pas baca post “Jam-Ban”.. Ako dgn suda tidak segan silu utk nak story about personal stuff.. Hehehe its good to share something that we used to be so ashamed about.. So im going to talk about ketiak@ armpit.

Body odor is experienced by some of us.. I did (past tense tu!!hehe).. Since primary school, I’m not the type that took care my appearance.. I don’t comb my hair, don’t care to wash my face.. The only hygiene thing that im so proud of is.. ako ska mandi.. hehehe wlaupun kadang2 g market pagi2 ako tak mandi.. hehehe I love to bath.. Ingat tak kecik2 mak kita akan sapukan bedak utk prevent formation of rashes@ruam. I never liked to apply anything… not to my face and not even to my body.. (maka lotion ni jarang la sentuh tangan kasarku..hehehe).. I was an active athlete years back.. so u know.. the training was conducted under the hot sun.. and our school olahraga team t-shirt is short sleeve with pair of short.. So berangin.. hehehe ..

Bila dah mula jejak kaki ke Secondary School, everyday is Baju Kurung.. (kain lincin n sejuk ok!!hehehe..).. Then I developed this sniffing habit that I seems to go sniff around like a doggy!! Adoi.. what do u expect.. I smelled my school uniform then drrrrrr I turn blue… hehehe …

I consulted my mother do I really smelled?? Hehehe dgn malu alahnya.. she said yes!! Dangggg!! Maka action was taken.. My pa bought Dr. Mist.. It’s a Malaysian product (me n my pa are huge fan of local product~~ yeayyy!! Buy Malaysia!!) Good one.. not sticky, odorless, and even keep my armpit dried.. But hello… not cheap la for a secondary school student to afford.. So after few bottles, I stopped..switched to Talkum powder.. heheh.. My pa is an antiseptics product collector (dulu aah…now to save money he go buy Giant or Tesco brand!! Adoiiii!).. Dettol and Elken have been the choice of interest for years… Ok lah…

Dah masuk uni, mula mengada when saw most of friends with their spray deodorant, stick or rolled on.. Apa lagi… mula aah buy… Up till now I still prefer stick deodorant… Then suddenly turning point came again when I tried Nivea 24 hours protection.. My skin started to developed rashes + it itched like hell!! I ignored assuming that its one of the syndrome exert after shaving.. Days passed on.. The rashes turn to form something really similar to kayap!!! Awawawaw berair and they formed small pond on my arm.. Seksa.. sakit..pedih.. gatal…both side.. benci.. ako mati2 ingat kayap dah.. skali ekor n kpala bertemu.. daaannggg… ako mati nnt (tu kayap ular kot org panggil..).. cuak sat!!! stop trus pkai deodorant tu… !!

Tp Alhamdulillah..after applied the antiseptic cream, evything back to normal.. apa lagi.. I developed phobia towards deodorant…

Baru2 ni budak sales girl giant menggodaku dengan product baru rexona.. After shower kot.. perghhhh tergoda and tried.. I liked the smell la weh.. it lasted long oso.. Tp.. if I used direct in a row.. the armpit will start to gatal lagi.. wawawa… last2 only applied on the day I have training.. tak la partner ako juling kena tempias ketiak busuk… heheh… Nnt ako nak try the antiseptic deodorant lak.. sbb ako rasa talcum powder couldn’t actually suppress the armpit odor any more!! Wawawaw

p/s: To u guys out there… Please take care of ur personnal hygiene.. trust me.. if under this hot weather, like it or not.. the combination of ur assumed no smell sweat with your wet t-shirt or blouse, nantikan lah the presence of unpleasant smell.. Maka.. cme come..wangi2 kan diri kiter~~~

Nota Tercicir

Dalam kejulingan mata n keletihan badan yang teruk ini.. yeahh sampai juga ako ke Sg Bakap.. or Bakau eh? which ever... Hmmm alhamdulillah some sunshine on my research.. thanks a million to my junior for the discovery.. hekhek.. ako asyik lepak luar ja..mana nak discover apa2.. hehehe skarang involve lak ngan training for the Penang Close TKD..adehhh..

Semester baru suda nak start... heheh so was planning what courses to enroll as elective.. I think ill polish up my German language back since the higher level of korean language is not available.. (they offered up to Level 2 only!!!?? apa nih??.. UKM till level 5 kot.. with certificate of acknowledgement lagi kot~~..T.T) Nevermind la.. I'm really looking foward to attend class... Been conducting classes ja.. sesekali diajar best juga..!!

Then Ko-K lak.. hmmm of coz ill stick to TKD.. i was asked to upgrade my belt.. heheh gila nearly 3 tahun on blue... heheheh.. so i might popped in and out during the training... Ishhhh can i stand not going? cam tak caya laks.. heheh aah.. I'm actually teringin want to join tarian modern.. Hehehe triggered by my labmate.. or maybe aerobic.. anything physical with music to enjoy..

Meanwhile.. was signalling my parents on my tak larat want to conduct the tuition class next year.. they eventually agreed.. yer ker?? if i hang around too much at home lazying the whole day... i believe they'll find an excuse to chase me out for activities.. ntah la..

Journal publication.. This has been the worst stress of all (besides me hating myself for not being able to do somersault smoothly and the flipping thing!! stree gila gila).. oohh then fortunately.. a good friend of mine offered (ako tahap paling abis kesian dah~~hehehe) me to write a small part of her paper then in return (super big one!~~~) i can be the co-authors.. wahhhh thanks girl.. a lot.. But ako yang tak sedar beruntung nih.. boleh pulak ako tak siap2 lagi paper yg dia suro wat tu... apa kes!!! dah dapat bantuan then main lengah2 kan masa pulak!! adehhh... menci pada diriko~~

p/s: dapat cari lak soundtrack Three brothers "Navi-Can't refuse".. hehehe cam best...
p/s/s: Tak brani nak wish my pa.. so wish from far jer lah. Pa.. Happy Father's Day... May all the forces and His Bless be with U... Amin...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kembali Kejap

Wink wink..breath breath.. breath…. To gather the courage and idea to re”blog” again is not an easy task.. Past few weeks of silence were nothing special in particular.. again?? (what happen to the cannot tahan boring prinsip and cheer yourself that I practiced!!?? Berkubur dah kot.. hehehe)..

Recently.. a deep remark was made on my life journey..(I think it happened before.. this is the bigger version).. Hurting people with your action.. Intentionally or vice versa.. I admit.. I did both.. Intentionally done when advices were useless… Unintentionally when I thought it was a joke and turns out to be the opposite one… Danngggg… The intentional part tu no comment la… Most of them were emotionally influenced or to deliver important message after other method attempts didn’t work. The unintentional is a bit mind confusing… being raised to speak out my mind (damnnn mulut ako mmg capoii juga..but ako tak penah capoi when it come to hantu and the unseen stuff..takut makcik.. ).. It’s a bit awkward and hard to transform the whole system around.. Things might slip again… I don’t even know how to react by not involving the unintentional communication.. Someone said… time heals… Hopefully… Yeahhh it takes time.. but it doesn’t hurt to at least try right?

Yeayyy!! I managed to download 2 Cinderella’s stepsister OST. One is by Super Junior… Another is a lady.. Crystal & Luna kot..

Monday, May 31, 2010

Bell ringss

Rupanya ako bukan multi tasker.. coz.. i couldnt help my self to update FB and blog at the same time.. since i'm hooked to the FB sbb easier to view using Cik Ruby... Then ive neglected writting.. on the net.. i still pen down on papers whenever i'm bursting with instability that cannot be voiced out verbally... Aishhh..

Should we actually blamed the faith for putting us into where we belong today? We dont stand a right to blame but we are eligible to be blamed!! siutt apa ako merepek... Ako kadang2 marah sbb my life seems to be occupied by fulfilling others interest or activities.. While i dont have time for myself.. my friends.. then ako pikir balik.. ngokkkk apa ka marina ooiii... the activities that u did are those that u enjoyed as well.. g kamdar, g umah mak g gosip, g market, g sunshine, g gerai pak long... Tapi... i want to do wat i used to do dulu... i've been craving for ages..and nagging about this the moment i settled down in Penang.. tp dah dekat 2 tahun dah. apa yang ako capai dalam hidup ako? minor one banyak la... cam ako hilang 3 kg.. ako dh bli heels, ako dah ada handbag, even pampered myself with new sport shoe.. jaga kaki weh!! and yeahhhh participated in MASUM..!! hehehe... walaupun kalah first round.. at least ako masuk.. hehehe..

tapi major one?cam tak dak ja.. ako tak g conference mana.. ako masih blum siap tulis paper yang patut ako tulis.. Trip mana pn ako tak p lagi... Trip nak g balik pulau cari paih pn blum.. g rumah cikpah yang tak sampai 5 min tu pn blum nak g tgk keta baru dia.. Go to YN house to pass CD dkt dia.. ishhh...Wat is there to be proud of u fullish arragont girl!!! dushhh debikss... AKo bukan tak nak.. tp serius.. ako mmg busy yang tak hengat..!!wlaupn tiada apa yg ako buat pn...ahh time management ako mmg failed!!!

p/s: apa yg ako tulis pn tak tou sbb dah lama tak menari atas key board nihhh~~

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I am sial serious

if it takes to burn midnight oil
I’ll do it..
If it takes my weekend away..
I’ll still do it..
If it takes my fun away..
I’ll insist on doing it…
If it takes what it takes for me to SUCCESS..
I’ll face it!!!

p/s: kata kata semangat dari orang yang baru nak sedar bahawa..the clock is ticking and u havent produce any result for ur experiments!! Damn!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Suka Jogging?

Jogging. It’s a hobby enjoyed by many.. I never liked jogging.. never would.. huhh!! But since the selection date is approaching, I cant help to force myself on the gear one day once. Except when I was fasting.. ultimate rest for my feet but challenging task for my stomach.. Why would I work so hard if I don’t plan to win (actually hahaha couldn’t afford to win..hahah)? Coz I’m a fighter.. An improving fighter.. I’m neither experienced nor talented… That’s why I need to work harder than those gifted legs and endless stamina.. Would it pays off? I don’t know.. I just know I couldn’t just count the days..

I treated myself with different panorama and scenery on each of my workout.. I’ll change the venue everyday or alternately… Yesterday I was at the usm track… It’s been years since I pushed my both dumb legs on the track.. (I did came there few times for the aerobic sessions).. Used to be a self proud school runner until I gained some extra weight that decrease my acceleration rate that I know.. I’m not a gifted runner… (I tried and tried and tried… to think and think..what made me special? I’m moderately not gifted at all.. I’m gifted to be moderate.. hehehe ya that’s it!!!)

Back to the story.. I was surrounded by sportsmen who continuously made me felt so small and weak when they ran passed me.. One thing I hate about jogging is the passer-by. Coz they can hear me breath like a puncit cow.. I go like ho ha ho ha ho ha so loud that I have to stop breathing whenever i felt someone approaching.. There were runners, jumpers or even some leisure joggers releasing their muscle tensed on the track… After some short warm up.. embarrassedly I started my jog.. whoahhh.. it felt so different on the track and on the normal jogging pathway.. Some sort like bouncing feeling.. (probably due the tight jeans that I wore earlier.. after I was on the trackbottom, all the muscle and fat seems to be swinging back and forth enjoying their independent day from being squeeze for nearly 8 hours.. hahah fashion is a torture.. u want it.. then endure it.. hehhehe.. )
First round was ok for me.. the second started to exhaust my nearly flat energy.. So here come the lembu.. ho ha ho ha ho ha again… aihhhh~~~.. I finished 2 rounds of jog and 2 rounds of walk.. came back with tones of sweat.. not sure due to the heat from the sun (+the sins.. +_+) or the self claimed fat burnt.. aishh.. 2 round jer?? Oihhh gila apa ka!! Penat oihh… Know your body limit… Aihhhh~~~ hopefully I still have the determination to go through these 10 days with this not favorable sports..

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am having sleeping difficulty nowaday where i'll wake up couple of times in the middle of the night. And I felt tired the next day.. Thought because of the recent supplements that i took. I'm on vitamine C, Enervon and Cod Liver Oil.. So i stopped taking them during the weekends.. Still no changes.. Then i traced back my recent eating routine.. Ahhh just found out that i'm hooked to the caramel custard pudding. I'll have 1 in the morning and in the evening 1, followed by at night.. kehkeh.. i'm a junker in terms of junk food.. kuikuikui... I think i'll put a temporary stop for this dessert during dinner.. Who knows the mixture inside contain caffein?
I did some light reading on the Silent Withness that i bought recently.. Here are some pick ups from there:

1. From the bone remaining we can detect whether the body belongs to male or female by examing the pelvis bone.. Female tend to have wider in diameter (nak beranak kan..)..

Guess which is which? (from wikipedia)

2. Besides that is the jaw can also be used as the alternative source for the gender determination. The man's jaw is heavier built and tend to be wider (omg.. i'm in this category!! kahkhakah).. while female are smaller..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Seizure = Sawan

Just watched Private Practice in Star World.. Kengkadang terpikir gak.. apa la ako ni tak blajar rajin skit.. dah boley bw stethoscope tu merata..aihhh~~~ok ok..dah no sad sad.. Accept your destiny!! hehe

One of the segments in this week's episode introduced me to this word. I thought previously seizures means rampasan.. rupanya rupa nya sawan pn apply juga... It happens due to many factors. One of them is low glucose level.. The scientific term for this is hypoglycemia. The oxidation of glucose will produce energy. This energy is consumed by our body to carry on our daily activities. So when the level of glucose is low, the supply of energy to the brain decline, and followed by the seizure attack...

I’m not sure to say wow to people with hypoglycemia or not... coz... they can eat any amount of chocolate or sweet that they like, and they wont get fat nor overdose... hehehe so they'll usually carry sweet or marshmallow with them just in case they need the instant drug pn ada...heheh... susah lak kan.. If the mamak closed during public holiday and no sweet supply then this can actually lead to permanent brain damage...

maka.. Be thankful la kita..!!

mutiara hati : we are not in the position to ask people to do according to what we want (although our intension is good)..that's their right to decide... but we are the result of our action.. jeng jeng...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Smeemangnya i'm not qualified to talk about this.. but who cares.. these are pieces of my mind..

There are degree of differences when we are having conversation with:
1. The elderly
2. The younger generation
3. The higher rank individual in an organization
4. The lower education level individual
5. The local
6. The foreigner

Yet the similarity among all is : being humble and down to earth.. (ahakz..look!! mulut sial bagi nasihat dkt org psal jaga mulut..hahahaha)..

Probably the diverse cultures that shape our way of interacting with others. Language barrier thus made thing worst. For example.. I was on few days of sample collection. In our mission, there were few other researchers that were conducting their study.. There were moments of tensed that float around the room while the interview was conducted.

As an average, all the subjects that we interview were PMR - SPM holders.. Which indicate that their English command are not that well.. Moreover most of them were elderly. Eventually one of the researcher tend to slightly raised her voice on the subject which i felt uncomfortable with.. Their facial expression was slightly annoyed. Cant help.. If u felt that you are being looked down, i'm sure none of us is happy about that.. right?

Bottom line is you can be very loose when u mix around with your friends.. but please be more aware that different approaches needed on different class of people.. Keep your tone down when u are talking or having conversation with your patient, test subjects, cleaners, etc.. just because they are not well off or well educated than you are... still they deserve the same degree of treatment from you..!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sleeping Pills and Pain Killers

Field work field work.. Although not much sample can be collected... and the hot warm air from the sea.. There's plenty of things to learn and lots of story to be heard..

One of them was an incident where the subject stopped drug for nearly one year was arrested by the cop and was sent to more than 20 days of jail. Urine test was conducted on the him after 7 days of his custody by the police, they conducted a urine test on him and he was found positive for morphine.. As far as I'm concern the trace of morphine for heavy user is 2-4 days.. it can be less than that for recreational user. He claimed that he took nothing during his time in jail. He was asked to pay thousands of ringgit for his release. Coming from a poor family, that amount seems to unaffordable.

After did some digging, we found out that he was on medication prescribe by the Doctor on his hand injury. Among the drugs prescribe is sleeping pills since he has insomia (sleeping disorder)..
We personally did urine test to him with the remaining testing kit.. Ouchh. It really shows that he was positive for morphine and benzodiazapine. The double bands formation on the kit shows negative result while single band indicate positive consumption..

I was suspecting that the pain killer contain morphine or its derivatives since morphine has been widely used in the pain killer production. But i couldn't connect the sleeping pill with the benzo's positive result. Until i browse through the internet and found out that the active ingredients of the sleeping pills is benzo.

We advised him to bring along a letter by the doctor indicating that he was under this prescribed medicine and he needs to carry the photocopy of this letter wherever he goes.. This is true for all the controlled drugs user. A letter from the doctor is as important as your identification card since this can be a counter proved is u are arrested.

Monday, April 19, 2010


wahhh lapar2 camni sempat pula saya berblog.. Am waiting for other friends whose presentation is being screened by our dear Prof.. Part of me is relieved i'm not in the presentation group. Hehehe still have heavy stage fright.. Today and the next 2 month will embark the journey of the students going through the boring practical training life..

ahh remembering myself being one of the sleeping candidates in my training centre.. (oppss cannot be named..).. so eager to learn new things yet so little thing to do and soon the laziness piled up and ended up with drifting around the net and watching movie, dramas. etc... ahaha.. we manage to build such a astrong friendship amng trainee since we spent most of the time together.. Ahhh suddenly miss them.. hehehe ..

actually, choosing the correct palce to held your training is such an important aspect that u need to pay attention to. expecialy to those that yet to conduct any.. Get reviews from seniors or friends.. It's best to do at a very busy place.. places where routine analysis or routine work are performed. Trust me.. u'l learn a lot!!.. If u happen to choose the wrong venue.. u'lll have nothing to write in your report... Major reason i'm doing master is because i like the topic that was given to me during my training.. hehehe it's not totally plagiarism in topic.. but roughly related to what i've learn previously.. heheh..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ako Mahu

I want to look good..
I wanna be beautiful..
Look attractive..
With good hair style..
I want to put on heels
Carry handbag
Go for facial

But where should i start??
And should i start?
Is it time?
Can i maintain it?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Azam Azam Zam Zam am am m m

When i grumble too much in my life (i realize that!!!).. and reread back or just refresh what happen.. How ungrateful i was behaving.. But i couldn't help it.. It was so sickeningly sucks!! Euuu.. Nothing seems to please me now.. Except for a bag in Forever 21...!! aha.. I was surveying something for a non-too-girly-girl that one awhile is girly (ahahaha).. then my eye caught a black handbag hanging in between other luxury bags (weh..100 and above is expensive to me!!Dang..hehe).. See.. i forgot that i was angry when i talked about shopping!! (Opppss am i geli myself??!!)..heheh..

Last few non blagging days, i browsed through some of the blogs in my friends' blog list.. Some are so inspiring and informative without sounding so boring or skem-A!! Wow... not all people is blessed with writing talent. Some tried (like me..) n still trying to improve.. Some just wrote flawlessly~~.. Ngehhh not going to mengeluh this time.. I'll try to vary my content next time.. with the hope that all the grumbling dont come in my way!!!!shuhhhhh u go away~~ hehehe till then.. bernafas.. hembus..bernafas...hembus lagik!! hungry~

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saya mengantuk

Courtesy of

This is a self claimed statement again!!.. I’m always tired n always tak larat n always carried sleepy panda eye all can be linked to the iron deficiency that I carried all this while. I visited the clinic lately asking for ferum tablet (The previous packaged that I had on my second last visit to the blood donation campaign finished..ahhh that was 2 years ago!! Hahahaha baru teringat nak amik yg baru!!!) kahkakhakah.. Instead of dispensing the ferum tablet to me, the nurse in charged gave me multi vitamin, vit c and cod liver oil.. ahhh yes!!!! I save up few ringgit since I was planning to buy some omega 3 tablet for my sinus (morning bersin.. kena hujan bersin.. dari sejuk ke panas bersin..dari panas ke sejuk bersin…bersin ja memanjang….)..aiseh…
Other non related claimed is mamak’s stall the tarik contains quite high caffeine!! (ni pn separa fitnah gak.. since I have no scientifically proven data..) ..i always opted for the tarik instead of Nescafe kononnya don’t want to be dependent on the caffeine intake.. Using myself as the subject, I drank 1 cup kayu’s the tarik kurang manis and I still managed to stay awake till now!! Hello.. I slept at 2.30 yesterday and was fully awake at 7 am…to others this amount hours of sleep brings nothing to them.. to me.. sikit nih!!!!!!!!!...hehehe the moment I sipped it.. I felt sudden alertness on me..klau iklan Pepsi jadilah bruuuuupppp.. hehehehe.. And im sleepy now and couldn’t function any better now.. but still couldn’t drive myself to sleep… wehhh..ako nak tidooooo..

Friday, April 09, 2010

Suda Hampir Lemas

Kembali suda dari membusykan diri beberapa hari nih..hehehe.. Hello bloggers!!! Greetings tak menyempat-nyempat…

Pada ketika dan saat ini, kt bwh rumah ako ada perjumpaan besar-besaran yang ako suspect org umno or org pekida.. wahh.. the numbers that present is really shocking.. hehehe..heard them sang bday song. So I assume one of their head is celebrating his bday.. Ishhh scary la plak…

Nothing to blog in particular today.. hmmm wat else eh.. yeahh.. my training in d pool and land.. Alahh.. manusia kan..its impossible to be able to juggle2 things together.. Not only two.. Added on top are my project / experiment. .. Susah nya nak jadi manusia capable nih… And the increasing commitments exerted from the related activities started to suffocate me.. let 1 go.. belambak mari lak.. Aishhhhh… Bila la nak kutip hutang g tgk How to train your dragon nih..~~~ adehhhh weekend ada lagi…

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Ako kurang OK

"Marina OK?"heheh this was one of the most frequent question thrown to me since this morning.. I still couldnt figure out why.. I wake up early today.. doing my daily routine before start off to work.. the only irregular thing i did was filling up petrol before i was here.. accidently and a bit of purposely smell some while filling the tanks..heheh skit saja ok.. tak banyak la.. sendat hidung ako.. then i came with this fluctuating mood.. There's this sudden anger and grudge accumulate in me the moment i enter the lab.. damn.. The mood scale turn to negative.. (not again!!!..i just finished my pms ok!!).. this time is bad.. i think nearly effecting everyone.. i looked tired n serious.. my serious face.. !!! (looks like i can punch just anyone to bleed anytime!!oohh damnn..).. most probably because i escape the Saturday training then all the stress and tense are waiting to be released.. takkan training train and polishing up the beast in me? U got to be kidding.. classifying myself as semi-beast today.. After i had 2 packs of Nasi Lemak.. (haaa segala organ dalamanku..please terima penebat baru yang akan mengkusyenkan hgpa suma...heheh).. i felt better.. not any better..just better...yosshhh i'm terrified of myself.. gila punya pompuan.. i couldnt just walk away.. plenty more things to do.. meditation and isolation!!! haaaaa this is the best way!!! ommmm.. tp ako nak p besembang n begosip... alaaa...~~~lantak la..

be human back..!! bertukar!!!! hehehe

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Concert Rain~~

Yeahhh~~ today benda2 best alhamdulillah banyak berlaku dekat ako..hehehe.. i skipped my weekend training to join the pool session with other divers..heheh.. clean out common room before going down the pool.. haa refreshing all the preparation before and in the pool techniques which i left 2 years ago.. (i think my last dive was 2 years ago!!) hehehe.. i dont even remember which button to inflate and deflate the BCD (the baju that hold the tanks..).. In the water.. felt a bit awkward since i was testing on the new fin.. (it's an open heel split fin)... so kind of heavy.. tried 2 models and last ended up choosing the lighter one.. (Kata training tkd..kaki masih lembik..hehehe).. And ta daaaangg.. i officially own a TUSA fin..heheh of coz its red+black color.. hehehe.. but i'm still not fully comfortable with this fin.. will try again tomorrow..hopefully frequent practise this piece of silicon rubber will blend with me well!!(ako bli hang mahai ooiiii kaki itik~~~)..,hehehe

plan to buy this but.. heheh ended up with the below model.. (diulang::RED + BLACK COLOR!!)
then mama cook her nyum nyum recipe sedap sup daging..iklan~~

I'm confidently wanna make this annoucement: i'm inherited my pa kudukut gene!! hehehe..partially la.. there's a book sale in Popular Midlands in Pulau Tikus.. I was so hesitate to drive down since SLK petrol meter showing not healthy sign.. thus.. both of us rode down to there with c classic ex5.. heheh the sky wasnt that bright on our way there.. i still prayed hard that everything is fine ont he way back.. i went wild in the book store.. last time i restricted myself on buying story books assuming that i can borrow at hte library.. but the habit of returning late is very hard to avoid..hehee..and the mood of reading usually made sudden blow.. if u dont grab it..then the book will stay months in the cupboard.. part of the reason is ..heheh nadia!! I was aspired to allocate some money every month to buy books.. heheh dah ada dah gaji skit..apa salahnya..heheh.. i bought 5 books!! gila!! heheh some is really cheap.. 50% discount.. no matter how macho i am.. discounts always drive me crazy..hehehe..

1. Silent witness - Roxana Ferlini
2. Be my baby - Zoe Barnes3. The girl who loved Tom Gordon - Stephan King4. Dead Beat - Jim Butcher5. Tell me your dreams - Sidney sheldon
On the way back.. the rain was down pour!! Ja a.. haaa btul2 concert rain kali ni..~~.. we were both soaking wet..!!! Tapi tak kisah.. hehehe.. Wet n cold ja.. This type of act can only be done with my pa!! and i always enjoy my ride with him.. hehe.. coz i dont need to be the driver and he rides fast!!.. the opposite goes to my ma.. all dgn roda 4.. n i'm driving!! gelongzzzz

Friday, April 02, 2010

I hate dateline!!

Today was hell a crazy hettic day for me..
I hate dateline!!

I took up a freelance job..Yukksss freelance konon..heheh its a part time e-book content preparation. We will be given 1 week to complete our task for each chapter..

The previous 2 were teamworkly done.. I don't know how greediness overcome my consciousness or maybe my consciousness is out of tune!! lupa nak ukur baju dibadan sendiri lak~~ So i pulled the whole chapter's burden on me!! and i did it 3 days before dateline assuming that i can finish them if i delay my sleeping time and wake up early!! ahahah it works on the last two days.. Today's worst.. I'm not the midnight oil burner..slalu ako tido ja..exam tak exam.. Its not that i don't want to stay up..i couldn't!! But i slept at 1.30 am yesterday n back on action at 6.15 am.

The amount of caffeine intake today alone can equal to my usual 1 week total intake.. Damn.. I've never imagine myself being so into pc before.. every minute was so precious to me... Even 10 minutes before lunch, both my skinny + short +weird shape fingers were still pressing here and there..

Went to pool today for the scuba stuff.. hehe we are trying to blow some life into this dead club..heheh.. With the help of some geng Yat n Nadia (kudoss and thanks~~), the room was slightly in order compared to before.. Then rush back to lab to continue my translating+typing+regretting job..

then my ma send a msg "Na..bli sat teh tarik kayu kat ma.. tringin aah.. haaa balik awal makan!!" adeh.. i was planning to go back late~ tak boley jadi nih.. at 1 rushed back for lunch.. While waiting for my pa oso i type again!! hahaha.. after finish oso type again.. then received a call..go lab.. type again.. settled something..type again.. until tepat at 5pm.. the button save as was confidently clicked and attach and send!!(ako baca bismillah la..heheh)

fuhhhh lega gila gila.. my senior came.. la tak pa la..tak yah teruk2 nak antar dalam sminggu..boley ja delay..dangggg sat kepala kt dinding.. ako punya gila pulun..tetiba boley lak camtu.. tp tak pa..lega dah.. ..ttd baru pas ngajar tetiba rasa alamak boringnya malam tak dak kerja.. i need to be kept busy all the time!!! Nak tido awal hari ni!! harus...ganti balik~~

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Jam Jam Jam

iklan anak fikrie.. Anak dia comel..teknik saya ja comot.. hekhek

Jam jam.. everywhere pn jam... Its raining and everyone was cars.. So imagine the amount of the vehicles on the road doubled!!! acehhhhh i took nearly 45minute from Uni back to home which usually only took around 12 minute at normal driving speed. (Me no speedoo..*_*)..

Training again today~~~ yeahhh!!! Its not compulsory anymore for ko-k students. Now its easier to identify the so-so this sport lover n the semi die-heart lover and the hard core die -hard lover.. hehehe I'm in the semi stage.. Don't know whether its going to be lifted to the next level.. heheh still early to judge.. The regulars sound better.. I'm sort of addicted.. Heheh new addiction to the addict list: teleaddict + training addict.. hehe

Talking about the jam.. again I'm going to conduct moral class based on what happen within the 45 minutes on the car.. Some might know that i'm super allergic to jam.. so i'll try any escape route just to avoid being stuck there.. There are several routes can lead to my house... 1. The petrol consumption route (hill) and the save-petrol route (longer way + more traffic light)..

I chose the long route since the gas is 3 quarter empty. hhehe.. Damn.. i was caught in the jam.. Org tua tua always said: Sabar itu separuh daripada iman.. or patience is virtue.. I dont own them!!! hekhek.. thus i saw a junction which can lead me back to the route.. So i spent around 10 minutes turning, breaking, cursing.. Then i saw lak the route to the hill not that clear... bodo punya tahap bodo.. i ended up in the same jam!!! bodo!!! What more can i asked: nice song to accompanied me + my momi's msg "bila nak sampai ni..nak mkn nasi dah nih"..

aisehh... I'll make a vow: If i chose to do something.. Do it till the end.. Dont try short cuts!! menyusahkan diri sendiri ja!! ok.. I hit myself on the forehead few times d.. so i'm forgive myself d~~ wink wink*

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ako dan PMS

Topic of the day: When PMS moody strike.. prepare for the worst!!! Hekhek.. I’m a science based student, so talking about this issue bring no super shy syndrome on me.. hehehe.. Hopefully its educating...

OK so yeah.. once a month or to be accurate 28 days, the unfertilized egg cell released by the ovary with the uterus wall wil collapse and formed what we known as menstruation or period. Some might suffer the pre and post syndrome of this.. Well, when it involve the lost of big amount of your tissue (blood are categorize as tissue), some might experienced terrible pain (senggugut) or may they get tired very fast or Mood swing!!!As the spectators, forgive ur dear friends for acting weird and not centered.. Can't help~~

Hahaha.. I’m super lucky to not being selected to taste the pain.. (damn I heard its super damn pain..).. But I do experienced the mood swing syndrome.. How it felt? U wake up and don’t feel like doing anything but u have plenty of things to land your hand on. Then you cant concentrate what you are doing.. So I asked my labmates: if we don’t have mood to do experiments, we are not guilty for not doing that right? Hahahaha…

Jeng was a relax day after so long.. Then.. ahakkkzzzz.. out of the blue moon, I checked the GSC website and found 1 story that caught my eye.. So bought lunch and grab my bag and.. Headed towards queensbay.. hehehe.. Did my usual calm my mind therapy.. watching movie in a cinema with only 4 ticket purchaser.. Heheheh so ate inside, drank inside, laugh inside.. blab la bla… The Tao Fighter: Woochi.. best!!! Korean usually made good drama but not good movie.. but this time mmg best!! Hehehe for me I enjoyed watching.. Maybe caused its been ages since the last time I watch.. so preety much enjoying the feel (hero dia pn not bad~)kuang kuang kuang.. Hehehe.. came back with half of my burden released..

until half way baru ako tringat: suit!!! Lupa singah Forever 21..Sory babe!!! Lupa gila… sok ako rajin ako singgah.. hehehe..

I’m very grateful that I have a vehicle to transport me wherever I want to go.. Alhamdulillah for that… Honestly, my SLK (small little kancil) did plenty of super helpful things through out my life..if I can award any of non living thing as the hero award, without doubt I’ll award SLK.. hehehe… Thus I do realize how important a transport is.. No matter how small it is, or just 2 wheels (bicycle or motor) still, u are mobile!!! U can go anywhere u want!! Anytime.. grab a key and blah.. relax urself.. at least u don’t let go the anger or frustration to others and effect others!!! So guys!!!! Save some money and start to plan for one if u don’t have.. if u do.. than be thankful to the person behind the precious gift.. ^_^

Monday, March 29, 2010

1 2 3 Things!!!

3 things brighten my day today.. The first one was I saw an old chinses couple on the Honda c70 motor with both wearing decaying helmet (one blow from the strong wind sure the helmet tamat riwayat..hehe).. This auntie was waving her hand vigorously signaling behind car to give way to them to get to the right… What really left an impression to me was them (at that age) being able to be on a bike together.. go market, go sightseeing, go visit their children or grandchildren maybe… How sweet it is.. to have someone by your side till the end of your journey.. Supporting u. accompanying u, sharing stories, jokes, gossip, quarrel with u.. These are the dreams that I believe everyone hope for.. Let’s hope for the best then…

The second incident was me being able to enjoy Laksa!! Ahahaha.. Cuma kurang pedas skit yg mengurangkan keummmpphh-an nya..hehehe a good cook will always cooks good food although probably some discounts here and there.. nyum nyum..

The third n should be ahead the list was, I like today’s training.. I arrived late assuming that I’m not joining the training anymore until a good friend of mine from the team contacted me.. aahhh.. some enthusiast with the same hobby contacted u to do things that u love the most..hahaha so I was there around 6.20.. hahah luckily my senior gave me his partner since he has this deep skin cut/ injured injury.. And paling syiooookkk was that.. It was raining and windy… All our sweat were replace by refreshing breeze from the outside. It evaporated so fast that actually it reduce the tiredness of the muscle.. when it started to rain.. We kind of starting to shout louder.. No one in the building.. So what else.. shout till the top.. shouting does released the energy more and each kick is slightly better.. of coz it is a way of releasing ur mental and physical pressure.. I loikeee so muchhh. Heheh but damn have to rush back since I have tuition class tonight.. aishhhh~~~

Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Me To U

Today marked the end of my weekly class with the havoc, crazy and happening form 3 class in USM.. Yosshh I made the announcement nearly towards the end of the class.. Yeahhh heard a few syok statement.. “alaaa cikgu..nnt boring la….”heheheh I do wish the best to the teacher that is going to replace me.. Here are the tips that I think might be useful for those teachers that are facing students with hyper attitude..

To control them is to give them some space to have fun while u teach.. let them tease each other for a while.. Or maybe try to tease them yourself..

Be willing to be fooled by them occasionally.. They might throw some unease words or sometime harsh to us.. Just swallow it and treat it as their jokes..

Have fun while u teach.. Students are able to detect whether the teacher is interesting or not.. We do that right to our own teacher.. heheheh.. so while u teach, smile and make stupid jokes.. Or maybe do some quiz or sudden unprepared last chapter revision.. You’ll help them to remember..

Invite the students to participate in your teaching.. After u made ur own explanation, try to create the question which is similar to the statements that u made earlier..

Reduce the distance between u n the students by trying to think in their shoes.. How to teach so that u’ll like what ur teaching… If u like, the possibilities that they like of coz are higher.. When they are doing the exercise u can walk around the class.. Maybe sit at any empty space between them.. And checked on them regularly.. They are always lazy and just wait for ur answer..!!!

I’m definitely not a bright student or any super teacher.. But it’s was worthy experience to teach such a big class n psssttt.. I think they like me oso..!! hahaha

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Repay n Reflect

Do u believe in repay? (bahasa melayu nya Pembalasan?) I do!! and still will do.. Yesterday was not a so good day despite that i managed to fast!! horayyya.. 1 day down.. 6 more to go.. Then as usual gossiping is something sort of essential.. We dont always talk bad things ok.. its just some sharing of info between each other... The eventually something not so nice came up and it was the topic of discussion the whole day.. I did pass some of the story to my momi oso imagine!!!! (punya gila ska bergosip~~)

this morning when i wake up..danggg!! the first thing came across my mind which i totally forgot was: I left my sample outside the fridge!! DAMN!!!!! there were controlled samples.. so to obtain it is not easy.. I'm not even sure if there are stable or not in the room temp.. Worst of all i placed my sample in a cheap flask with ice cube inside.. I can imagine my sample goes swimming n turned upside down in the flask.. This definately trigger my nerve and i ended up refreshing myself there must be something that i've done in the past..

The wise always says: When things goes wrong, reflect yourself.. there must be reason why it happens.. most importantly, amend the mistake, apologize to the individual affected... then remind yourself never never never do that again..

OMG.. Call me superstitious or anything, i thing i'm going to do something not too obvious (hilang lak imej heroin ako nnt..hehehe) in the hope to lighten up my guilt..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Turning Points perhaps..perhaps..perhaps

I can put a wide smile in my face tonight.. Welcome anyone interested to join me party later in my dream.. hehehe.. I was grumbling from the teaching yesterday night that i felt so lazy n mood less to teach them today.. as usual, once arrived we chit chatted than i asked my student on her exam marks.. Ahakzzz... Alhamdulillah all turn out to be tremendous improvements.. One of them was nearly doubled the marks she had previously.. At least!!! It's all i wanted when i teach.. U understand n U remembered and U improved.. if possible, U scored.. It pays off... Hahahaha... (i might grumble again next maths class.. but for now.. I'm truly happy for them..)..

Mentioning about turning point.. I think maybe..perhaps.. that all started to make a turn.. if not big then a slide turn.. My project is started to kick off.. More obstacles coming of coz.. but for now.. progressing.. then i think i manage to adjust my weekly training with teaching schedules.. but i do realize that i spent less time at home.. If u want something.. others just need to be put aside for awhile.. The pace is starting to pick up.. i DON'T WANT any acceleration in any important matters.. constant will be my preference..

I'll keep up~~ I'm a fighter right (soft fighter..^_^)..

Fighter never quits, quitter never wins~~!!!