Sunday, September 15, 2013

I make an oath again!

Ya.. again.. for the mek-tak-sure how many times. I wanna be pretty uolss! (Slaps kiri 2x, kanan 4x). Before that, this statement was type in between me slurping my just-made laksa (taste wise? improving!! ^.^V).. ahhh melalut lagik..

As usual la.. end of the month we tend to fantasize this and that while counting days bila laaaaa hari gaji nih wehhh!!! But then this suka-belanja-cam-pegawai besar nih tend to overspent every month! Weirdly, i dont buy expensive baju or what. Dine at home most of the time. But money flies buying tiny things (My bro's fav ayat: Hang mmg suka perabih duit beli benda murah pahtu tak pkai!!!). And I don't know Sabah that well yet to crash into any facial centre and get myself suck, pinch, cut!!! gerun..

So. I googled cheaper way to do that without running myself to another debt! (ps: 60% of my gaji are used to pay debt or standby to pay the incoming debt!.. or bakal Him. Count yourself unlucky!). I just need some motivation and consistency to carry out my mission.

Betulkan niat dulu. Sahaja ako nk jadi lawa bukan tuk bagi org puji: Ohhh MS, zelita, santek!... Ako nk segak sikit untuk kepuasa diri bila tgk cermin tak la nmpk kawah gunung banyak sangat oooooiiii!!!

Bismillahirahmanirrahim. Hope for His blessing. Pray for me!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Somewhere in between

It is lucky to be special to someone. Appreciate it!