Thursday, January 28, 2010

USM Open 2010

Ive been an on and off blogger again??!! hehehe nothing so surprising about that.. ako kan super hot hot chicken shit!!
last week was a week filled with mental and physical challenge. I was on USM Open Tournament.. Had few eye opening(+tears) kicks on my whole body and 4 on my face.. Dengan proud and pride nya i claimed that i dont cry in the public.. hahaha i did so after my 3 match.. The 4 slaps was so shocking and painful.. I sort of wet my face after the ref announced the winner (mesti la bukan ako!!heheh).. heheh lama tu ako tahan sakit.. hehehe so in other words.. eleh.. mulut ja kecoh.. cengeng cengeng gak.. heheheh..
But to give up? NEVER!! Losing, winning, getting hurt all are lumrah martial art competitions.. The more u face your fear, the more familiar you'll get.. more mature and wise in deciding your every move.. or if u are good enough, the movement will come flawlessly and effortlessly.. I might not achieve that stage yet, but i'm not giving up in trying to try to take the route!!!
UKM Tkd team participated on the event.. They emerge as the 1st runner up followed by USM as the 2nd runner up.. UPNM won the overall medal collection.. The TKD spirit of UKM team never melt.. The cheer and claps.. i missed them so much.. I was craving to join them (which i did a few times..tak tahan,heheh).. I did some silent cheer for them at my place.. Coz i know.. All of them here is for one reason: The Spirit Of TaekwanDo.. Sir planted the spirit well to every one of his students heart.... I still have it till this very moment..
They improved tremendously.. Their kicks are faster and accurate and strong.. That is what practice is all about.. Let the body familiar with all the movements.. Ishhh sadly i wasnt around during their training.. Ishhh if only i could... tak pe la.. I think Sir said before.. let the spirit of TKD lives wherever you go.. Wachaa!!

UKM team.. They had their own sweater..sob sob..
bak kata olah..: training partner baru ako..Tian..hehehe nice girl!!
Deligasi Olah datang melawat
Flo (back) killing machine!!
Lapar gila weh.. pas match trus ako makan..hehehe
Aisehh..Missed..I couldnt reach her face dgn tepatnya

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pagi Yang Mendung

Greetings and hello to the world!! been super busy lately.. eh tak tak.. i wasn't that busy, only most of my time been occupied with things.. (wu liao, poyo, n buang masa things are the most!!fb, baca blog org, email n nganga!!!)

This week routine kick off with the 1 round morning jog (yeahh ive been doing it for 4 days straight~~). I do have a super bad stamina, thanks to the low blood pressure and the insufficient hemoglobin in my body.. nasib ako tak pucat cam opera cina.. hehehe all for the sake of this Saturday's competition..

Ishhh why did i acted so determine? not because i wanted to win the cup.. It is purely because, all that participate are black belt.. yeah I'm the only blue belt with so ciput experience in sparing.. and i hate getting bitten.. sakit siut.. but since i put my mind to be serious in this, maka apa yang datang. ako redah ja la.. I

If couldnt win anyting, at least i'm able to give a good fight... if not pn, fair fight..!! hehehe the event will be held in USM Engineering Campus.. (I dont really know the exact location~~ shhhh.).. tomorow will be the weight in session.. nak bawa cik camie.. tp cam menyusahkan lak.. Sport spirit la katakan.. skali ako kena plangkung.. haaa rebah ke bumi... kudebummm.. K.O!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Karja Main Main

Masa time kalut-kalut menjadi photographer kepoh untuk cari kesalahan contractor dkt centre ako, tersnap plak pic nih.. again..i don know what happen but the pic came out colored?ishhh..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Pening Pening day

Macam Budi dalam citer blogger boy tu, ako pn cikgu tuition juga. Hari ni.. pas tgk kegigihan dia cuba tuk ngajar budak depress+emo, ako cam hmmm…

I never been through any of the super bad class before.. it’s either my student stared at me blankly not understanding a word that came out from my mulut keretapi.. or they were talking to themselve about the spelling mistakes or some ajaran sesat that I did.. eheheh..

Last year was toughest year in my teaching career.. Eh.. I left school for years dah.. So it’s preety tough to juggle O-Level (similar to SPM) syllabus, reread and redo back all the Chemistry and Add Maths questions.. Wahh tekanan gilos time tu.. heheheh..

But this year, I’ve set my mind.. I want only PMR student.. So I ended up taking Science, Maths, Eng, BM… It wasn’t that super tough.. Yet I do find it difficult to attract the student and to make my class interesting (Oh God.. I myself hate dull n boring class) so I am trying to redrill my mind on how to attract their attention in class.. Hmmm..

My pa said: U all are young and aggressive teacher, u’ll always want to see result of ur teaching.. That’s wat make u all different from the established tuition centre… Aha.. I do want to see if all the efforts that I put it worth.. If I couldn’t make them get an A, I’ll be greatful and happy if they can manage to get 1 or 2 grade better than what they had previously.. I

t’s the beginning of the year,. Plenty more time.. I’m not going to take things easily anymore on teaching and educate them.. At least im going to make their parents hard earn money worth.. Mari cheers to my teaching career.. Yoshhh!!

p/s: I had my first TaeKwanDo training just now.. batak.. My ibu jari kaki was blue black (ada kesan darah yang hamper setengah kuku).. then kulit di tapak kaki kanan lecur..1 big hole underneath… So I will be walking like a crab for few days.. and my left jari kaki all badly crush and couldn’t bend well.. What I get? Comment from my sir: Your leg are stiff!!! Hahahaha haiyo.. gelak sat..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bright and Sunny Day ~~

I cried myself to sleep yesterday due to the tiredness accumulated from house chores and tight schedule.. Haa!!! Poyo aah baru wat kerja skit dah nangis..cengengg aah.. hehehe..

Alhamdulillah this morning I begin my day with Al-fatihah and headed to lab with smile and hair down..hakhak.ako potong rambut dpn suit.. cam mangkuk sumbing..hekhek..

And msg from Chingu on the notification of scholarship status brighten my long ahead journey.. Hoyeahhhh my application approved.. Alhamdulillah.. So I’ll register by the end of this week and hopefully everything will go on well and better..

p/s: I cried when I was pissed, I cried when I’m sad, I cried when I’m disappointed, I cried when I let myself down, I cried when I misbehave.. all I did behind close door.. I don’t cry in the public.. That is my pride and I intend to keep it that way..

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Aizat Won!! Eh no.. Lagu fav ako : “Pergi” menang… Ako ni memang dah agak lama menjadi peminat haram lagu-lagu Aizat.. heheh smpai skarang lagu Hanya Kau Yang Mampu is a must in my playlist (besides I don’t Want To Miss A thing, You And Me, Iris, Low, Home, Kiss Kiss, Torn, 1 2 3 4, Photograph, cinta antara kita and bla blab la....) Ishhh dulu slalu ja cam kutuk orang they used to listen to the same song.. sama ja ako.. hehehehe.. Well updates on my recent life after menyepi from the being a 2days once blogger.. banyak.. I am a super duper busy tuition teacher.. I had 5 classes (klau tak 6.. tp 1 on hold..).. So every day will be filled with activities like I used to do during my uni life..i am trying to realisasikan my 2010 resolution.. and I’m putting my mind on to it..

Monday –
5 to 7 : TaeKwanDo training

8.30 to 10 : Math Tuition (Bayan Lepas)

Tuesday –
8.30 to 10.00 : Kelab Kegiatan Merepek

Wednesday –
8.30 to 10.00: Science Tuiton (Bayan Lepas)

Thursday –
5-7: TaeKwanDo training

Friday –
8.30 to 10.00: BM tuition (Sebelah Rumah jer)

Saturday – 9-11: Sparing training (Proposed)

Sunday –
11 am to 12.30 : Science Tuition (USM)
5pm to 6.30 pm: English Tuition (Bayan Lepas)

Wahh jadual ini akan berlarutan selama 1 thn? Wahh cam gila sgt penat.. tapi demi future expenses yang ako tak tou hujung pangkai harganya.. Mari.. year 2010.. Year of Fighting!!!!!Of working hard like a lembuuuuuuuuuuuu…

Friday, January 01, 2010

Another Year Approach

Hari ni first day of 2010.. most of us are talking about azam baru…hmm ako nya azam lama yang ingin diperbaharui.. heheh n ditambah-tambah ngan beberapa aktiviti yang ako tgh ushar.. hehehe antaranya adalah:

  1. Ako masih dalam proses pemulihan hati.. diharap segalanya berjalan lancar..
  2. Ako teringin nak.. malu nih..ishhh kuatkan tenaga n stamina ako.. I wanted to compete at the USM taekwando terbuka on 23rd January.. Ako masih baru n tak berpengalaman.. tapi.. yeahh ako teringin gitu.. tak pa la..kalau tak terpilih pn, at least I still want to be in the fighters crowd.. The first step to be a good old fighter is to be surrounded by the burning aura n spirit of the great fighters.. fuhh..
  3. .Ako..wawawaw.. ingin..wawawaw.. mendaftarkan diri n belajar tuk.. ehemmm malu lagik nih.. join Kelab Life Saving.. wahhh at the same time mengimprovekan ako nya swimming skill.. Fuhh hopefully kaki ku tak kejang..
  4. Ako.. dengan tekadnya.. ingin menjadi seorang diver yang committed.. diharap ako ada peluang tuk dive dengan murah!! In the future..hehehe..
  5. Ako ingin dengan ikhlasnya menjadi cikgu tuition yang lebih baik tuk pelajar2 ako.. sbelum ni kelam kabut suit..
  6. Ako.. juga ingin lebih banyak membaca n kurang menonton gossip!! (ako pengikut gila E! channel)..
  7. Ako turut mahu.. start lab work ako ngan jaya n diharap everything ok.. (minta2 la permohonan grant tu Berjaya..amin)
  8. Ako tak putus-putus nak bagitau.. ako miss kawan-kawanku tidak kira baru atau lama.. Heheheh yeahhh friendship remain and never can end / should end….
  9. Ako..agak teringin.. mahu stay di Negara orang untuk beberapa ketika sehingga kerinduan ako terhadap Negara n negeri ku kembali.. haiihhh itu Cuma teringin…

suma dimulakan dengan Ako Ingin...