Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's been 10 years...

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ako Dah Nak Farewell Gak..

You all will be missed!!
Kli pop Kli Pop.. I worked at my current work place for nearly six months..We've been together during the ups and downs.. This is the first time, i've been seriously around "Org Ekonomi".. Hehehe not all has economy background..Some in computer and even one is in Biotech (sama with me..dunno la how she sesat..same kot with how i sesat).. Yet few years of experience made them well verse in this field..They talked about current economic issue which i'll be quite during this session unless to make stupid joke to lighten up the atmosphere..these talks sometimes lead to tense situation when everyone projecting diffrent opinion..yet sharing is a way of gaining knowledge..hehehe i dun really the latest world news gurl.. I love gossip more than i like about facts..hehehe..So as they talked, i digested and slowly adapt to the environment. Now? I can watch bloomberg and understand bit about what the presenter deliver.. Dulu? Haram.. tak paham n tak mo tgk..
King's American Choc life starting to go into new capter.. I am accepted to one of the research program in USM in the field that i like.. dengan berat hatinya...I passed the resignation letter to my boss. Previously i posted about me and some of my friends forced to resign and i was accepted back..Alhamdulillah.. Praise to the God..With the decrease head counts in the department, i think my depature is going to burden the rest..As they need to restructure back everything and indirectly some are forced to do my work..Sorry guys..Truly sorry...
I celebrated last birthday in the office on Friday morning (our tradition to cleleb birthday n farewell)..Wahhh..sad leh..Bought american chocolate cake..I don't know what else i can do to them before i leave.. Not much..What i can do is add smile to their faces.. Life solute at u when u make people smile(posted in the toilet!!).. Heheheh..They gave me the farewell gifts.. 2 cards.. and Eclipse!!!!3rd Stephanie Meyer's Twilight saga..Hehehe so..anyone else nak bagi ako hadiah, ako mau 4th book - breaking down!! heheheh tak malu..Syok gila when i received them.. Thanks to all!! ur presence and friendship mean more than everything.. Boss!! As planned, saya seludup masuk every Friday!!hehehe..
My cards!!Million Thankxxx

Ronda Lagi..

Last week i was in Kuala Sepetang. This week i was in Taiping lak..heheheh..Went yesterday night after dinner then came back before lunch today..
I was sitting at the behind seat. My fav position. In the middle. Then i set up my tripod in the dark. Trying hard ot make no noise. Tapi my mother especially very pro in sensing my movement. Kata org, a mother usually "sekilas ikan di air dah tau jantan betina dia."..heheheh then kechak here and there.. Trying to get the clean light trail..Ahakzz.. Of coz failed..WHat a mess...I was having hard time positioning the tripod on the car's floor that was uneven..So the tripod fell here and there. Not my camie ok!! I guraded it like an 80%devil and 20% angle (Vin Diesel quoted on 2fast and 2furious..Admire him since XXX)..^0^..Patutnya alo static then only can get what light trail is about..Ni aku gerak, lampu pn gerak..hilang akal apa ka..

Nothing much we did in the morning..Went to breakfast in the heart of Taiping town. Small and quite town which is very suitable for retiree. They built the new Taiping centre situated near the Tesco Taiping.. For the past few years, no cinema for Taipingite. Now there is. One achievement tuh..!!Pastu camie in action heer and there..Enjoy the wild ride..

Aku bersenang lenang di belakangHahaha Kotak PsykoPenjara Taiping Yang Femes.. Ya ka?
Papa yang garang n ska bebel
Dah lama ako tak guna photoshop..Dkt stahun..yang ni ja yang sempat..punya kalut nak upload..will do better one next time..ada buku pinjam tuh.. (-_o)

Pastu i totally blacked out on the way back..Ako mabuk keta la weh..\(^0-)..and ako ska meronda!!Lupa..My mother malu muka dia diupload..heheh tu yang posa pic dia.. Bila orang kutuk ako asyik usung camie here n there..Ako slalu kata: Saya budak baru blajar..Saya kena la rajin wat experiment. Heheheh..Walaupn xperimen aku ntah apa2..Tapi ako akan berusaha!! heheh sbb ako ska benda ni!! heheheh

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sepetang at Kuala Sepetang..

Aku and Mereka (kena paksa nih bergambo)
Last Saturday syok leh!! hehehe i went to Kuala Sepetang with papa,mama,maklong,adik hitamku.. The night before was my night shift and i planned to go back early since i need to travel down to Taiping aroung 10. yet, An urgent order needs to be process and sent. I arrived home around 8. After short warm bath, i slept and was awake around 10.30 by my mama.. Imagine, i was with my pyjama, camera bag and belang-belang (selimut busukku..T_T) went into the car. Heheh some people said i mabuk kereta coz i tend to sleep once the car moved. Yet, it's a bad habit that couldn't get away. I will fall asleep easily despite of any position i am. With seat belt and small pillow, i slept the moment the tyre spin until the car stopped (arrived la tu). After salam with my mak long, i slept again.. hehehe the house was burnig hot (tambah dosa ku yang byk ni.. Astarfirullahalzim..) yet i still manage to sleep but not long.. 3 hours..hehehe then cannot tahan any more. I woke up for long refreshing bath and solat. Then went out...
Kuala Sepetang or known as Port Weld took around 30 minutes from Taiping. Along the road, there were stalls and stalls of Mee Udang. Kiri kanan.. The names mainly start with pak..or if so many pak n mak there.. hehehehe..The most seekable is Mee Udang Mak Teh.. Pergghhh orang beratur panjang tu babe..This is more or less similiar tu Laksa Janggus in Balik Pulau. But the crowd here was heavier. With buses and passer-by. We stopped and planned to settle here. With the amount of crowd, the makcik in the group (u know who) decided to call it off. Kedai lain!!..hehehe..
pas snap gambo ni, ada sekumpulan mamat bawa slr..malu dohh..simpan cepat2 dalam beg..
At last, we tried at this Mak Jang Mee Udang which less crowded. I'm no big fan of mee. So couldnt comment much on the Mee Udang. What i can say is boleh tahan la.. The mee texture is slightly diffrent than here. The mee is wider. No strong boric acid smell. The gravy not bad oso. can taste the sweetnest of the prawn..The prawn were deep sea prawn. My mama said that.. So the flesh is nicer of coz.. over all 3 stars.. The best is.. There are around 8 big prawns per plate and it costs only rm11. Mmg la rm11 is not cheap but if u compare the amont of bahan inside and the price, it's very reasonable d..
the prawn nicer outside than in here..hehehe
nama pn kedai..tak leh lari ngan sampah!!
So after makan2.. we dropped at Kuala Sepetang.. It's a small fishing village.. Not much diffrent from my kampung area (kuala Kurau and Tanjung Piandang).. So i snapped few unART photos... Hehehe.. with these, baik guna camera kenit tu lagi bagus.. wat malu jer..heheheh..
Yaya.. Overexposure...


Monday, April 13, 2009

Camie Back In action

Looking back, not many pics i post. All filled with stories and me crapping. But it doesnt mean i gave up on my camie..NO..I still constantly bring it around, and will try to improve my skill. After all practice make perfect.. And both my parents have been very supportive..ahakzz despite of one nag : Why u bring here and there, after people snatch then only u know!! another: gila tak abih-abih ngan camera. hehehheh.. I tried few human pics..(taking advice seriously nih..hehehehe) end up..hahaha failed attempts..But blasah ja la..

one of the cutest of his age
the iron women i grew up with
mak ako

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aku Mimpi Dia

Aku mimpi dia..
Pernah aku mimpi dia?

Dia di kananku..
Di mana? Aku tak tahu..

Dia senyum padaku..
Aku hanya melihat..

Aku berjenaka..
Dia ketawa..
Dia pandang aku..
Kosong saja pandangan nya..

Lepas itu..
Dia tidak berkata-kata..
Aku juga begitu..

Sekejap-sekejap dia menoleh padaku..
Aku? Kaku dan keliru..

Aku ingat..
Aku rasa sangat damai ketika itu..
dan sayu juga..

Dan..Aku mimpi dia..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Aku Xcident !

Friday 10/4/2009 is a date where another chapter of my life has begun. With my fav baju kurung and heels! i drove SLK to work as usual. Nothing out of ordinary that happen.. I drove using the same old trail. Relau to Sg Ara to Jalan Tengah to Spansion. the trail wasn't complete yesterday. From far, i saw the yellow light was blinking (rosak la tu), then i decrease the acceleration, so the car speed was constant and slow.
The moment i passed the taffic light from my side, out of no where, i felt a hard crush in front of me and my car turn 90 degrees to the right. I felt sudden pain on my stomach and my right hand hurt as i guess it bang the door. Then the engine went dead and i went blank for second. After istifar, i searched for my hp and call my mother immediately requested my father to come asap. I believe the other car did the same as well.
This is the first time i met a major accident. Not knowing how and what to do, i moved my car after the other car gave the signal to do so. My leg was shaking vigorously while it pushed the clutch. I stopped at the stalls nearby the corner. While the other car moved to the other end of the road. Which i still couldn't figured out why.
Then a few uncles came to comfort me. while waiting, i called my boss to inform that i might be late and told him about the accident. He and Salwa came right after that followed by my father. The situation was a chaos. I can see runners everywhere offering their cards. I kept myself quite at that time, digesting and analyzing the situation. After short explanation and negotiation i was brought over to Bayan Lepas Polis Station to lodge a report. My car was towed by a workshop agent to Sg Pinang. The front part crushed to pieces and half of the radiator gone and the water pouring out from there.
After short report, i was sent to another room for soal siasat. Which i don't know for what reason. And the agent was there in the room. For what purposes? i don't know. The police man sort of blaming me as he said the main road is jalan Tun Dr Awang to Bayan Lepas. My road consider the minor road. So i have to stop and give way to the other main road. It's a cross road with traffic lights. No signboard saying that the other road is a main road. And he said i might need to be fined since i'm the one that hit the car. What? I go slow. And the car flew out of no where on a speed that he shouldn't be with the yellow light blinking like that. Fine.. I don't mind if i have to pay the driver coz i hit him, but now, i was asked to pay the police department coz i violated the traffic rule which because of the traffic light not functioning and no action was taken. Or as usual, Lambat..
One more advice to all : Next time before agreeing on sending your car to the workshop, make sure u asked clearly to them that their workshop is your insurans panel. Or not, u'll end up like me paying rm250 for the stupid mistake that they made. They towed my car to their workshop, then they said they wasn't my panel. And i have to pay if i need to moved the car out to other workshop. What is the mone for? Rasuah the involved people, tips for the agents. Hahaha.. I started to think. Don't they ever fear that all the cursed from the customers for the dirty tricks that they played, one day is going to be true. Ya.. I did cursed them. They'll get the proper repay for the dirty play. They will!!.. Damn..

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wat the Heck Am I thinking??

Ahakz.. This might sound stupid and hilarious.. I've been an active follower to my bestie blog. The blog dedicated to her first child and daughter plak tu. She's going to turn same age as me next month. At this age, she's sort of have everything under her palm. Husband, carrier, and best of all a daughter!! Bad me for not visiting when she delivered. Sorry..
My mama frequently mentioned that, no matter what happen in the future, she has her children. The treasure of her life. It's like that little creature grow and born from the belly, carrying them for nearly 9 months (both me n my bro overdue..makan sedap dalam tu..heheh).. It's part of her and i think that is how all mother felt. Macam early mother's day dedication plak.
So suddenly something stupid came across my mind. Syoknya having a child. But husband? Hahaha..I'm not into marriage. So that one can be dropped from the list.. I mean everyone seems to be happy with the presence of little baby in the house.. Hahah but thinking of raising the little kiddo, this wish blocked immediately. Wahhh.. Wat the heck!!
I think forever i'm going to bear the identity of becoming my mama's dayang then being one myself.. Euuu.. But if i have, i want to name him/her Iman Shah!! hahahaha gila..

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spice Up Your Own Day If U Felt That Urs' is Boring

Out of my conscious judgement, i grab my camie along with me to the aerobic session. Taking seriously the pro's advice, i try to capture human pics. To my disappointment. None of the pics work. All are so dull and monotonous. I don't know where to point the camera to. With the camie's limited zoom and afraid of the makcik n aunty2 going to curse me for taking their photo, i took from far. Pretty embarrassing that time. If there's a direct projector, people might see how ugly the pics turn out. Eeeuuu..

Something popped out of no where. Go market snap pics.. The best place with different character of human being can be easily spotted there. Alas.. By the time i reach home, my father came back from his daily ikan udang shopping. He said, some people hate to be photograph. I might get scolded if i just simply snap their pics. Isss susah betul.. Want to practice also hard.

Heheh late morning, my papa n me went town to hunt down some photography book in the second hand bookstore at chorosta market. Naik moto!!!I couldn't recall the last time i went out jalan2 with him. It's been a while.. We parked our moto at penang street and walked passed buildings, shops and all the short cuts which i definitely couldn't remember. Under the hot sun!! and he walked like bullet train!! Until my appendix gave a short buzz pain. Hehehe we went to Nasi Kandar Sultaniah. Planned for Tajuddin Hussin.

The price there is quite reasonable with good curry. Not overcook nor too spicy. Today my treat. Sort of proud, since this is the first time i treat him. Hehehe he's been raising me up for nearly 23 years. Stuffed me with thousand packs of nasi kandar n roti canai..It's time to repay bit by bit. Heheh..Still long journey to go..Then we move on to Batu Lancang market. Again short cut here and there. Pening pening..

We bought 600 gram of long clamps for rm9!!!hehehe skali skala. He intended to cook with asparagus. Goreng bercili is what i suggested. Heheh purposed that clams coz ate before in port klang with Faiz n Shukor. Ingat tak weh? gila sedap..gila mahal..heheheh...

Lupa lupa.. One more story.. I washed all my bags. And not to my surprise, i have collected total of 12 bags...From sling to hand bag... And i used all ok!! All gara2 an article on the germs that are possibly be on your beg. Imagine, where we carry our beg. Where we put them. We washed the attire that we matched with our beg.. And not the beg. And we reused it over and over..hmmm..that is quite something..luckily most mine are non leather. hehehe.. So people.. At least put it under the hot sun.. Let the germ go for tanning session.hehehe..

Friday, April 03, 2009

Ronda Ronda n Kechak kechak..

I dragged my mama to our favourite park - Metropolitan Relau. We are regular there. Been visiting there for quite some time. Besides enjoying the aerobic session there, i'm the most loyal dayang to accompany my mother for 3 rounds of walk. What make it special today was i bring camie along. So can kechak here and there. It's a bit embarrassing at first, look so poyo.. Tapi blasah ja la.. First few shots were suck!! Then slowly i tune here and there.. Manage to get a few boleh tahan pics..

I don't know if my lens going to damage with this direct exposure

Very attracted heavily on water movement
Autumn in Malaysia?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Haa... Just sent some comments over to some of the link in frienster.. Only then i realize that it's been a while i haven't keep up on my friends track.. Some of them getting and got married. Some graduated.. Some doing well with their jobs, some still searching, others loyally observing at home. Time passed by so fast. Luckily with the current technology, keep in touch is as easy as pealing the peanut skin..hehehe..
Being a part time tutor and working at the same time are part of my daily routine. Tuesday and Wednesday are the tuition days. Monday is the preparation day. No more movie day.. I need to think of a way to reorganize my life back to the fullest. Do all the thing that i want do and drop the thinking on the tiredness that i might encounter. Yeah.. I'm going for movie, shopping, kechaking, aerobic and whatever. I warned you "TIREDNESS" don't mess with me.

Among the books that forcing myself to read

Before start tuition. Nearby my student's house

The camera with diffrent light exposure

Prefer this one
the game that i've always dream to be good at