Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hari Pertama Yang Sangat Bermakna

Today was the first time ako turun site.. Ya.. Collecting hair samples from the active heroin injectors. I was super freak put the day before.. Some advices and consolations from friends (not to forget some kata-kata gempar from some..ceyytt!!i was alhamdulillah fine..) manage to cool me down. I even asked my senior

Ako: how should i project my facial expression.. can i smile?or kena masam ja memanjang.. ? Seniors: Dun worry, just act normal and dont fake smile to them, they might feel offended..

Ooh.. I prepared my gear in the travelling pouch. Bought a new pair of special scissors, some plastic sealed bags, sticker for labelling purposes. Ako mmg super smangat + cuak.. My lec shot me with a phrase when i tried to conslut him to let me follow my seniors..

lec Ako : "If u r afraid then why u choose this topic? Please dont have too negative prespectives on the addicts. Some of them are kind and friendly." berbekalkan dengan kata-kata ini, ako nekad.. Im going to get involve in this.

The meetings went on very smoothly despite of the hot sun. Everyone was very coorperative. my hand was shaken and vibrating when i hands on the first head. Dah la..hahah mamat tu hensem lak..hahaha oppss.. sial tul..hahaha.. (ako pkai gloves ok!!). Every necessory information was recorded and labelled on the plastic packet. From the short survey conducted: ive gather some very informative facts:

1. They felt so grateful and happy when we make such efforts to go down and meet them. Even going to conduct counseling for them. At least it shows that they are people who are more fortunate than them still care about them.

2. Active heroin and morphine abusers are seldom actively invlove in active sexual activities. They get high with the drug. Some of them even not married till the end of their life. Both morphine n heroin (which is known as opiates) gave the high sensation that they are able to eliminate other was of getting high (sex for instance).. other stimulant drugs (shabu, ganja....) are the one yang selalu associate with crime (rape, ragut)..

3. The kids at the dark area are usually not interested in going to school. Some school even situated far-far away from their house. They hang around and waste their time thus pick up all the skills from their adult friends and even parents.

4. Inject kat highway means injection at the groin..yeah..tadi baru tau..

5. We were treated with mineral water from 7e each.. Ako selawat la skit..hehehe nak gelak sat before wat kenyataan nih.. kot-kot la dia jampi ako suruh tringat kat depa slalu..hehekhek..siao!!

Penat tapi berbaloi.. I was awaken from my comfort zone. How can my seniors are so sincere in helping them and try to improve the addicts life quality. They gave out counseling to the people labelled as - sampah masyarakat dengan hati yang sangat ikhlas.. U can see from the way they conducted the meetings earlier. If more people (fortunate like us) make more such moves and efforts in helping them, i strongly believe that at least they wont felt left out and might get back to the right track. knowing that the world out there wont look down on them, wont pandang hina on their past.

I promised myself..I'll try my best to tag along as often as i could during my seniors sessions. At least i might able to repeatedly remind myself that my life might be short, but i want to fill them with hope. Hoping that the world for the next generation is better, hope that everyone i know are in good condition, hope that those invlove will find back the correct path, hope that those who are still in the early stage to look back and stop now on what your are doing.. Hoping strongly that at least, another child will be born and raise up in the better quality of life.. Let us pray together for them.. Amin...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Out Of Connection

Story 1:

"Homeless to Harvard" aired in Hallmark again and again. And i watched it again and again.. and aspired again and again... Frankly speaking.. Im always into motivating stuff that were deliver in interesting ways.. movies, books, songs.. (shuhh me away from any conference that for sure im going to fall fast asleep).. Im fine with talk or ceramah as long as there's humour slipped in between.. In conclusion.. Less complicated facts the better.. waaaawaaa.. berani mati budak sains make such confession.

Story 2:

Friday was a hot sunny day like any other day.. until..

time: 2.45 pm
venue : In front of USM traffic light (Bukit Gambir Side)

when i was singging my heart out with Spice Girl song.. suddenly the engine just died.. I was like.. what??!!.. made few attempts in starting the car. the song still on.. so the battery was fine..last last.. I picked up Cik Ruby and dialed on-call-hero.. I started off the conversation with .. " (tgh takot cuak nih kena marah)..the car just stopped.. i couldnt start.. hehehe can u please come.. i think im out of petrol..".. my pa "Hmmm..hmm..".. Fuhh... luckily i found the emergency light.. pressed it and took out my bag, walked out, lock the car and waited at the guard post..hekhek.. the SLK was there.. kesian dia.. pa came.. with tong of petrol.. and i was tasted with some kata-kata pedas..wawawa...sekian..please make sure that your vehicle is filled with petrol constantly..

pic malas taken from PENANG BASE JUMP 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anything I'm Not

Days.. Weeks.. passed since my last update. There's been up and down moments that were not being able to express in words.. Up till this moment.. Lenka's Anything Im Not seems to fit the frame.

Anything I'm Not

Gimme a break, a little escape
I am so tired of being me
I wanna be free, I wanna be new and different
Anything I'm not
I'm not

I will never be, I will never be you, no
I will always be, I will always be me, that I know
But oh, even though I'm happy being me
I want to get away from all this harsh reality, oh

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ako Bersuka Suka Hari Ini

Jeng Jeng.. Pas ako terbaca blog mana ntah yg ako menapak, ako pn ngan kecohnya from morning till lunch wat ayat astro: jom la weh kita p test drive..Jom la..hehehe..
There is a Germany exhibition at the dataran near d stadium (pergghh ako tak tou nama apa tempat tu).. TO cut short the story, we had our kalut lunch.. then ai ya ya ya ya.. g la daftar..tup tup..keta auto!! mana ako reti bawa.. ceh.. dgn excitednya ako beg Roy (nama glam Rohaimi yg Jojo bg..heheh) tuk bawa.. dia punya la tak mo.. last2 minah kaunter tu cam jege tgk, dia pn ok la..heheh eh dpt bw keta plg mahal dlm hidup tuh..wlau 5 min..then we chose the car of interest..hmmm yeahhh n horey to the 4wd yg ako tak tou nama.. then sad news.. 1 car 3 passanger.. Aziah n Lina yg super baik tuh dgn baik gila nya.. kata tak pa..depa tunggu sementara km menggila.. ako ingat leh g laju..skali pusing rounds kt dataran tu ja..hehehe jadik la... then msk lak dewan periksa yg ako pernah amik test PTD gila tuh..maka berjumpa lah embassodor Jerman (he claimed he is)kt booth d ctu..hehehe ako dpt sweet yg berwarna pink(???) suma gara-gara ako ckp danke schon kt dia..hehehe.. pheweett..if only ako ingat lagi nak cnverse dalam Jerman.. silap2 dia bagi hug kt ako..pergghh ngeri~~kecehh keceehhh..

kami on kereta model nih..Smoothhhh gila enjin dia.. 10 airbags, air cond til the boot..
Tujuan gambo ini adalah.. Sila perhatikan sunglasses baruku..ahh tidak sedar hidungku penyet n muka berminyak..mahal takat mana pn..still it dont last long on where it supposed to be..ceytt!!
Jojo n ako jadi penumpang..oppss tlupa nak jual minyak jap: jojo n me bought the glasses on d same day..hehehe..And today is his Bday!!..heheh Happy bday ya!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lazy Sunday

First of all : alhamdulillah my presentation went on not that bad i thought its going to be.. Have few improvements need to be done..

This week has been a tiring and rush week for me.. I was on a lot of thing at the same time. Yesterday was the highest rated penat of all. Have 2 hours of crazy tekwando training. And my joints and muscle are suffering right now.. Then after short bath, rush for 2hours extra tuition class. So i was mentally and physically exhausted. Bought expensive n tak sedap nasi kandar dari kayu.. (if only i stayed dkt town, sure ako g carik Line Clear..lantak la on the hygyine issue)..then berkejar2 lak go fetch me frens for 3 hours shop at KBJ.. Sampai ja rumah, my mind couldnt seems to function anymore.. ako pn terlepak dpn tv.. Malam kuar lak g teman c adik hitamku makan bubur cha cha kt giant.. Slept sharply after i did my prayer.. smpai pagi nih ako nak g erobik pn tak larat..

today is a housewife day..heheheh treated myself with kim chi ramen.. My student gave me a tupperware of korean homemade kimchi and i kind of couldnt really like the taste that much.. but can eat la..the vege is supprisingly crunchy.. then i tried to cook maggi mee with the addition of kim chi in.. rinsed the vege a bit, then dumb it while the maggi soup was boiling. Then taranggg... sedap gak.. the soup taste slightly sour but they blended well.hehehe then i cleaned my tong sampah room followed by washing off all the bedsheet, slimut, pillow cover and bla bla.. Will continue with cleaning my SLK lak this evening.. kesian dia lama tak mandi..

p/s: tomorrow, my pa is going to try out to cook fried porridge..heheh saw it in the tv prog..
p/s kuasa 2 : my mp4 screen cam ada a small pool of distraction yg mengganggu aliran electrc and caused the screen to be ugly!!yukksss!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ako Bengang!!

Yeah.. Ako sememangnya BENGGANG sbb ako ada presentation tuk fellowship sok..heheheh my future expenses depend heavily on this.

Its been more than 1 year since i had presentation. And I'm sially nervous like hell with the unfinished slides. I did and each time i look, ill make stupid amendments here and there. And now dah 10++pm..the worst of all is im going to present them to the academicians. Nak kelentong apa nya..kena skali shoot..haaaa nganga..i do have the simpton on going blank + black + termencarut dalam hati bila kena shoot and i dont have no idea what i need to spit out.. time tu gilo!! memalukan..tin kosong ja lebey....wawawawa

Nasib baik..I'll have rehersal tomorow morning with fellow lab friends.. Hopefully they could provide critics and coments that going to help in my last few hours of preparation before i'll be sentenced to death!!! wahhhhh ako nak kerekkk dah... sekian.. Semua..tolong doakan ako please!!!!I need all the luck and bless in this world..
Ako tgh dengar lagu someday by sugar ray.. hehehe gua ska lagu nih!!!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Ceritera Mimpi Yg tak Berpenghujung

3 october.. the first time ako blajar main pool.. Best game nih.. Walaupun ako sampai sudah tak hebat.. Terasa cool bila sasaran mengena.. Aziah n Rohaimi yg baru main pn dah lagi hebat dari ako.. Salah kan kayu nih.. bukan tangan pengkang ako.. Check angle, aim, and danggg..

Klaulah ako kaya..ingin saja ako ada sebuah meja pool tuk ako improve skill.. Banyaknya ako tringin nak wat klau rumah ako bukan di atas angin cm skarang..ako nak beranda tuk ako bergosip ngan jiran2 time2 ptg smbil minum teh o cicah roti kering.. Leh ada dapur besar n slalu masak (mama ku lah yer) n wat open house tuk kwn2 datang melawat (minta ja menu chinese dishes mana yg nak..ako suruh papa experiment)...mama n papa leh menanam pokok2 or daun2 lalang yg they berkenan.. ngan toilet yg bnyk so ako tak yah rebut pagi2 nak wat business..hekhek...

haiihh...ako patut syukur.. at lease nih rumah titik peluh parents ako (walaupn depa tak berpeluh sbb air cond dlm kilang sejuk gilo).. Ako akan berusaha!! tuk miliki sebuah rumah yg lebih selesa tuk org-org rumahku..supaya papa n mama ku dapat sama2 berlatih main pool..hekhek..

Shot by Me. Edited by Him