Monday, February 22, 2010

Ako ska money !!

hahaha.. cehhh statement stelah lama nyelam menghilang.. Orang nak kaya, ako pn nak kaya gak... tp ngan duit ako sendiri lah..Hmmm looking at my working friends achivements and imaginasi liar on their pay slip wat did some how pull me down..
haiihhh.. ~~
Frankly speaking, i'm not comfortable when its nearly the middle of the month where more than half of my salary vanished in to jerebu air.. Mula la ako nak bawa buku biru melawat pejabat pos or cimb berdekatan.. tp.. looking at the decending amount of the book mula membimbangkan ako..ishh something need to be done.. So i started loading myself with tuition class.. It's definately not an easy task to do.. in fact it started to feel like a burden to me.. I need to peruntukkan some big portion of my free time for few bucks in return (bnyk ga...heheh)...
Like today for instance, after lab, i had my taekwando training which i ran after the clock ticked at 7 (half way through..and shit..dumm dumm demm!!i left my belt, so cannot wear uniform..end up with only yellow body glove T yg ada kesan getah pokok langsat n maggis..cettt..n i was teased at begining n end of the class.. tak malu pn..cuma cam kureng skit semangat..)..
oohh then after TKD, i rushed back home.. within 1 hour, i ate, bath, clean n pray n like a bullet on the back of c klasik g tuition..(papa sent!!heheh).. my eye was half open time teaching.. luckily i've this naik hantu sindrom when i started teaching.. i get very semangat skit time ajar home tuition (keep on reminding myself.. depa ni org susah..make every of their penny worth.. i know how hard it is to earn...klau big tuition class during weekend yg ako wat tu la..ako leh gila,.cam nak pungai ja depa sekor2 yang dok wat cam argghhh very disrespect!!!)..
haihhh i did mengeluh banyak today.. Can i stand doing this for another few more months? i need to.. COzzz
  1. Some people sayang diri.. maka what they earn, they spent for themselve.. they'll end up with trunks of price-tag-still-on items.. Ahakzz..
  2. Some people sayang family.. maka they spent nearly everything to their family.. Alhamdulillah..for them as long as they are able to help their backbone..they are fine with this term.. but u get your self preety much in trouble since u gave too much!! hahaha
  3. Some people lak dia jenis cepat bersyukur.. maka.. they'll be very grateful to have and spend whatever available.. and they are well organize.. if more income, then spend more.. if less then sabor je lah~~
  4. People like me love ownself and family at the same time.. hahaha.. so.. u'll have double expences... luckily my parents wasnt relying fully on me.. so i'll allocate portion of my income to them.. and hahahah n beberapa for myself.. penat2 ako kerja.. sure la ako kena rasa.. expecially when u have perasan-kaya hobby.. not 1 but hobbies!!.. n u'll end up investing this and that to them.. that's why.. i'm living in kepenatan n battery is slowly blinking..

How could i stop then? I dont know where i heard this but each time i'm super tired with a few more tasks lining up, i'll have this phase cam mantera ja terngia-ngia in my mind "Each person is granted with 24 hours per day.. it depends on how u manage it.. if they can.. why not u..alaahh susah skit jer..?"..

hmm.. i did cover half of the crazy conversations,monolog,thinking i had in my mind for the past few days that caused my sleepless night.. Yeah.. I'm mentally tired but physically lazy due to the new year..cuti.. so i havent do any workout.. yesterday i did a round in PISA.. haaa~~ enjoy the run n the air.. n trigger my nerve and other tersumbat part of body.. so i function better today.. hehehe.. motif? get tired n sleep?hehehe
p/s: the example used are picked from my daily encounter with human. There's possibility admitted that i might interprated them worngly..I'll apologize in advance but heheh please treat it as some funny examples to be shared ya.. ^_^V.. no hard feeling..
I'm going to bed early today!!! Success rate? low!! heheh

Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY Cuti Summary

Yaeyyy… !! CNY just passed.. And yeayy I harvested quite a number of big n small angpau.. My pa increased his generosity to rasuah us stay longer at my ah ma house.. heheh layan ja~~Like hari raya, no nobel feeling about celebrating festive season from me.. hehehe the electricity was cut off on the eve of new year.. Then our household was entertained by the fireworks war between houses.. Too bad its not any normal mercun roket.. this is real blink2 fireworks.. cik camie was upstairs and I was few steps late so only manage to capture few terkejut tergempar scene.. everything resume nearly 2 in the morning.. ya after I shower myself to sleep with sweat.!!
The weather was extremely challenging with me.. and little red viva was blocked by another of my uncle’s car which he went out to waterfall with his car key!! So I ended up with camie walking down the hill for sightseeing.. I slipped out by only informing my pa.. heheh.. if the rest knew, I’ll be scolded until no face or will be grounded !! did I ever mentioned that there was murdering case on pair of well being husband n wife whom turn out to be my ah ma neighbor? They were murdered on the same night by a burglar (an addict) and they left all their fortune to their dog!!??.. I think the dog was traumatized!! And I started digging if there’s any unrest soul wondering around after the terrible night? My ah ma said no. ishhh hampa p nada.. the man was captured and this case is still hanging around in the court.. Biasa la.. kelembapan system kerajaan kita kan dah well known..!!..
Saw few monkeys fiercely showing faces to me while I was trying to snap their group photo.. mestila ako tak takot.. heheh.. Going up the hill I passed a house with long body dog.. it’s kind of short long body followed me nearly until the gate!! Gila..ako punya la cuak.. tak pasai2 nnt ako kena samak!! Hehehe… luckily it was mini in size.. so couldn’t beat my quick steps (Ha!!! My leg dah free from injury!!so walking speed resume~~~)..

Dudidada~~went back yesterday and taught tuition at night and spent my night preparing speech for tomorrow’s talk.. yeayyy I was invited to become the MC.. wahhh cuak sehh I have to speak proper English since the speaker is not local..!! camna nih!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


kentut..smalam ako try post guna cik ruby tapi tak berjaya!! maka resolusi ako failed!!!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Posto posto

Kononnya resolusi baru.. heheh 1 post per day.. ya right.. dunno how long I can stand. Ngehh.. What to write eh.. oohh ya.. About my training yesterday.. apa lagi.. tekwando training la.. started with physical training.. wahhhh.. lama dah tak buat.. so all limbs and joints yang dah sedia sakit bertambah la sakit.. (I couldn’t walk properly pass weekend!!) then buat juga la.. berpeluh2.. terlebey2 panas lak ngok nya p pkai singlet.. adehhh.. Then buat basic kick pn mau tak mou ja.. Btui nya I still couldn’t do hooking kick n reverse hooking kick (rasanya la nama dia.).. during the short break.. skali master came.. hehe kena la few advice pedas.. padan muka .. “You must out do ur self.. Although they are basic kicks.. during training.. u need to be all out.. this is to train your strength and speed..”.. toing toing ako hangguk.. hehehe.. Of coz la apa yang dia kata tu betul~~.. maka this morning ako wat la blk patern smalam..wlaupun hodoh!! Tp blasah ja la.. routine pagi ako berubah lagi..

6.45 – subuh

6.50 – tido balik aah!!

7.45 – bgn n baca 1 muka surat dari buku Don’t Be Sad…hehe

7.50 – 5 times raising kick for each leg.. followed by chopping kick .. 5 times gak..

7.52 – Sit up 30x sambil sembang ngan mak ako..

7.55 – Ion baju n take bath..

8.10 – Breakfast sambil sembang lagik!!

8.20 – Baru nak kemas barang2..hahaha sbb tu ska tertinggal barang2..

8.40 – slalunya kuar time ni slalu gak terlajak.. hehehe…


Women… a powerful force behind the fall and the rise of a phenomena.. As I read “Guilty Pleasures” recently, I came to this debatable conclusion.. Suddenly I filled myself with fashion labels!! Gla.. tetiba ako tau psal Hermes, Gucci, Donna Karan, Yves Saint Lauren, Alexander McQueen… practically introduce to these big names. And just found realize how fashion industry actually play big role in keeping the economy running.. Sorry to sat this but: previously I was wondering why on earth human willing to buy so super duper expensive accessories (handbags, jewellery, dress, make up)..if they can purchase them from imitated products which multiple times cheaper!! then.. I understand.. the desire!! (not totally agree.. but I understand..).. that’s what reading is kan.. the more u read. The more u’ll get connected with other world besides yours..

Ooh berbalik pada “women”.. of coz this book filled with how dirty the industry is.. How common models involved with drugs.. (lagu nickelback : rockstar.. sgt la sesuai~~)… “model and rockstar rotting together with drug are”.. ako perak gitu.. hehehe.. And how sex is so easily obtained and manipulated to achieve the dream of becoming success and famous. Adding to the list are betrayal, stabbed back, tricks.. Both gender play their own role in hiking up the mountain of success.. This book portrayed women to be strong powerful and manipulative at the same time.... One of the character: Cassandra.. She used her persona to turn the man’s life upside down.. Im bad in words.. You’ll realize how evil she was!! But.. she's is definitely an icon of vouge+elegence+success+high class bitch!! Ngehhhh ako dah merepek merata dah.. bottom line is.. u man out there.. The world of man rule dah mula n kian changing.. so watch out.. some people might be pulling string here and there behind u.. So beware.. Play clean n avoid any major lies.. !!

p/s: See.. if once u stop to blog.. mula la merepek ntah ke mana.. ceytt!!

The two fashion lover on the right!! apa significantnya pic ni pn ako tak tou..
Weh.. kangen sama meeting nih!!

Confession Basi

Fuhh.. Started with mengeluh… hekhek.. Dunno what to write.. Something came across my mind while I was on my way back from tuition.. my pa had to fetch me back n go (cam dulu-dulu blk tuition) coz again.. I stupidly left my wallet in the lab.. Arghhh when is this super bad habit is going to meet it’s turning point? Ishh ishh.. tp best gak dapat enjoy the angin malam.. hehehe.. of coz pa came with motor klasik dia tu la..hehehe..

Ya..ya.. im a glued daughter!! Definitely tightly glued by my mama.. ave to occasionally break some janji (soryyyyy.. ) of hanging out.. situation wasn’t that mengizinkan.. (Then my mother complain: 27 ako p cari calon kt hang!!pastu when I want to go ronda ka memana.. ada saja drama swasta yang dia wat….) now u know why I started with mengeluh.. haihhhh… (Guremmmmm).. tp nak wat camna.. Im the eldest and the only daughter lak.. next time.. if u plan to have kids.. make it 3 or more!! 1st n 2nd will leave to pursuit their dream.. so u'll be left with others to filled the aging emotional requirement.. kena lak husband putstation ja memanjangkan..tak pn..cooiiiiii g main kat luar lak kan.. coiiii.. coiii...lets pray for the best to all..

(I was about to post this yesterday…)