Monday, May 14, 2007


Read one of the comic by malaysian writer (the watak wear the same school uniform worn in malaysia..White shirt and dark greenish trousers...Zint..If i'm not mistaken..He's the author for Under 18 as well..Nice one..Pretty much impressed by the way the story being told..It's about troublesome kid name Api..This api is a street fighter..U know..Those kids that can fight bare hand and their body will be filled with scars due to all the injuries..He was recruted by a teacher to solve the discipline problem in her school..It's true then..To overcome problem u hav to be part of the problem..Think like them and analyzed the reason they become like that..Just don't get drift too far..
Lot's of fighting scene in that comic..I always luv action movies and martial arts..This api is not really a bad guy after all..He just enjoy martial art..And want to increase his fighting skill..That's why he fight..But that's not a good reason to fight also..Isshh..Baca la buku tu if want to know more..
Of course the story end with him gaining new friend and manage to stop the largest drug dealer in the school..The drug dealer fight with weapons..While he's bare hand (He's ugly but cool)..Not really remember the story well..Maybe next post i'll put on more about the info of the story..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tick Tock!!!

I took nearly minutes to figure out what tittle should i use as the title for my blog which is abonden for years..Tick tock is one of the song title by the Ahli Fikir..Which was the title song for one of the game or sorts of quiz in flyfm..And the girl who answer it right manage to get away with rm18ooo..Crazy man..It was such a chaos and havoc...I was at my practical place at that time and listening to my batery exhausted mp4 palyer..I nearly scream on the top of my lung when they announced that she won the game..I gueass she's just one of the college student..As she mention something about her hostel..Well congrats her..

Try hard to figure out what password that i use and to trace it took sometmes for com dummies like me..It's been years since i last excess to this blog..Many things has change..But still strongly admit that i haven't change a lot..A bit here and there..But still the girl next door..Seeing images and photos of my friends from primary to secondary to matrix, make me wonder...How beutiful and good looking they have become..Some of them look totally diffrent and even unrecognizable..How they grew from seed to well developt tree..Through all those processes, they might have encounter lots of obstacles and difficullties..

I start to sound like someone who is trying to tell everybody that my life have less obstacles that make me less good looking than them..Haahaha indeed that's the reality..I live an easy and peaceful life..Alhamdulillah..being able to do things that i like without much problem on the financial or any social problems..Although i'm not born to be the so call golden rich girl, yet my parents manage to make us live a life that..i don't know the word...Probably not the hard life..Through all the trust that were given by my both my parents i manage to stay away from trouble...

Coming from normal daily school given me the opportunity to interact with weaker student or problematic students..Back at my school, u can have free fighting live movies by the student's..Even the girls involve in such act..As one of the hockey player myself, i do have friends that u know..Hmmm i would say they are not wild.. but they seems like they don't care about their study, what they want is the hunt for love love popularity...With the good look that was anugerah by the god, they manage to make any passer by male turn twice..While me..With big nose and pimples all over my face, i'm hardly noticeble..I do mind at that time..Seing guy that i admire turn to be asking for their phone numbers..hehehe how silly i am at that time...I even hate looking at myself on the mirror expecially when they are beside me...But i would always convince myself..Maybe God love me and although i might not able to attract any of their intention, at least i'm not drunk in the sea of love which in the end will drown me..At least..I still keep those thing that i should keep well..Insyallah...I dislike who i am..But i do admire myself..Quoted from House the md..That is not an act of perasan la..As usuall..It's an act of convincing myself of my weakness..Siti Sarah Raisuddin was asked about her nose..Well she said that It's God creation..If u have doubt about it..Than u r questioning about the God creation..It's true than..Normal human being mana pernah rasa puas...