Monday, May 31, 2010

Bell ringss

Rupanya ako bukan multi tasker.. coz.. i couldnt help my self to update FB and blog at the same time.. since i'm hooked to the FB sbb easier to view using Cik Ruby... Then ive neglected writting.. on the net.. i still pen down on papers whenever i'm bursting with instability that cannot be voiced out verbally... Aishhh..

Should we actually blamed the faith for putting us into where we belong today? We dont stand a right to blame but we are eligible to be blamed!! siutt apa ako merepek... Ako kadang2 marah sbb my life seems to be occupied by fulfilling others interest or activities.. While i dont have time for myself.. my friends.. then ako pikir balik.. ngokkkk apa ka marina ooiii... the activities that u did are those that u enjoyed as well.. g kamdar, g umah mak g gosip, g market, g sunshine, g gerai pak long... Tapi... i want to do wat i used to do dulu... i've been craving for ages..and nagging about this the moment i settled down in Penang.. tp dah dekat 2 tahun dah. apa yang ako capai dalam hidup ako? minor one banyak la... cam ako hilang 3 kg.. ako dh bli heels, ako dah ada handbag, even pampered myself with new sport shoe.. jaga kaki weh!! and yeahhhh participated in MASUM..!! hehehe... walaupun kalah first round.. at least ako masuk.. hehehe..

tapi major one?cam tak dak ja.. ako tak g conference mana.. ako masih blum siap tulis paper yang patut ako tulis.. Trip mana pn ako tak p lagi... Trip nak g balik pulau cari paih pn blum.. g rumah cikpah yang tak sampai 5 min tu pn blum nak g tgk keta baru dia.. Go to YN house to pass CD dkt dia.. ishhh...Wat is there to be proud of u fullish arragont girl!!! dushhh debikss... AKo bukan tak nak.. tp serius.. ako mmg busy yang tak hengat..!!wlaupn tiada apa yg ako buat pn...ahh time management ako mmg failed!!!

p/s: apa yg ako tulis pn tak tou sbb dah lama tak menari atas key board nihhh~~

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I am sial serious

if it takes to burn midnight oil
I’ll do it..
If it takes my weekend away..
I’ll still do it..
If it takes my fun away..
I’ll insist on doing it…
If it takes what it takes for me to SUCCESS..
I’ll face it!!!

p/s: kata kata semangat dari orang yang baru nak sedar bahawa..the clock is ticking and u havent produce any result for ur experiments!! Damn!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Suka Jogging?

Jogging. It’s a hobby enjoyed by many.. I never liked jogging.. never would.. huhh!! But since the selection date is approaching, I cant help to force myself on the gear one day once. Except when I was fasting.. ultimate rest for my feet but challenging task for my stomach.. Why would I work so hard if I don’t plan to win (actually hahaha couldn’t afford to win..hahah)? Coz I’m a fighter.. An improving fighter.. I’m neither experienced nor talented… That’s why I need to work harder than those gifted legs and endless stamina.. Would it pays off? I don’t know.. I just know I couldn’t just count the days..

I treated myself with different panorama and scenery on each of my workout.. I’ll change the venue everyday or alternately… Yesterday I was at the usm track… It’s been years since I pushed my both dumb legs on the track.. (I did came there few times for the aerobic sessions).. Used to be a self proud school runner until I gained some extra weight that decrease my acceleration rate that I know.. I’m not a gifted runner… (I tried and tried and tried… to think and think..what made me special? I’m moderately not gifted at all.. I’m gifted to be moderate.. hehehe ya that’s it!!!)

Back to the story.. I was surrounded by sportsmen who continuously made me felt so small and weak when they ran passed me.. One thing I hate about jogging is the passer-by. Coz they can hear me breath like a puncit cow.. I go like ho ha ho ha ho ha so loud that I have to stop breathing whenever i felt someone approaching.. There were runners, jumpers or even some leisure joggers releasing their muscle tensed on the track… After some short warm up.. embarrassedly I started my jog.. whoahhh.. it felt so different on the track and on the normal jogging pathway.. Some sort like bouncing feeling.. (probably due the tight jeans that I wore earlier.. after I was on the trackbottom, all the muscle and fat seems to be swinging back and forth enjoying their independent day from being squeeze for nearly 8 hours.. hahah fashion is a torture.. u want it.. then endure it.. hehhehe.. )
First round was ok for me.. the second started to exhaust my nearly flat energy.. So here come the lembu.. ho ha ho ha ho ha again… aihhhh~~~.. I finished 2 rounds of jog and 2 rounds of walk.. came back with tones of sweat.. not sure due to the heat from the sun (+the sins.. +_+) or the self claimed fat burnt.. aishh.. 2 round jer?? Oihhh gila apa ka!! Penat oihh… Know your body limit… Aihhhh~~~ hopefully I still have the determination to go through these 10 days with this not favorable sports..