Saturday, November 27, 2010

The list goes on and on and on...

I was thinking of what to write then came out with this idea.. Heheh senarai celeb that i like from last time to now.. cm best.. Blog ako kan..ska hati la..>_<

backstreet boys was the first boy group that was introduce to me.. And Nick instantly became my fav with his innocent look and character.. (that was before he turn huge and fell for Paris and i was like: Why the hell i fell for him????) He barely took off his shirt on the first album.. maybe because he lack of those packs.. After that?? huhhh always showing off the not successful attempts... simpan la weh!!!

Then Leo came to picture with the huge hit from Titanic. I gathered all his pics and stickers (or any merchandise that i can buy or steal!! hehehe..).. But till this moment i have yet to watch full version of titanic!! just the front part and the end... that movie was rated NOT ALLOWED by my pa at that time.. c Kate Winslet g half naked nya psal la nih!! So i stick my pencil box (which was made from the box of the video tape) with all his pics and carried proudly everywhere..

I laid my hand on his first compilation album and instantly hooked... A very talented man with the ability to goreng any music instruments u can think off.. And of coz the first time heard him converse in English, i went like: perghhhh !!!! and he is academically smart with the acceptance to yale and Princeton but chose music college instead... ^_^..the craze lasted for 2 albums.. until Wei Yi then the craziness slightly went off....

Jericho Rosales!! hahahaha Man.. whenever i looked at him, the images of him as Christian in Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas and Angelo in Pangako Sa 'Y0 butterflies everywhere in my... At that moment if my frens asked me how is ur dream guy looks like? Instantly He'll be the answer... So basically i was the loyal fan watching nearly 200++ episodes because of him (and the entire cast of coz..those two were good drama).. This guy lasted for years during my adolescent year... (God.. felt so old now..wawawaw)During uni life.. i wasnt that into celeb.. was busy with activities.. But i think Hyun Bin was the wallpaper in my laptop for quite sometime.. Get to know him in My lovely SamSon.. He is a good actor!! what add to it is.. he got this long back that whenever he put on kemeja, he looks good from back... ^0^.. that time the slim cut man office wear just started to hit malaysia.. So he looks the best in it that time!! hehehehe

Rob pat!! waaaa... He hit my dream countless time during the airing of Twilight in the cinema.. watched that in the cinema.. and i was alll crazy about him... super crazy.. bought all other twilight saga collections. Cut all news paper with his face.. even spent my money on imported magazine for like small sections of him.. peiiii!!! apa punya budak.. hehehe... Why i like him? i actually like Edward Cullen more than him.. Like it when he tense his jaw muscle.. when he looks at bella from far.. protecting her in silent.. and like it when he looks at bella with those pair of mysterious eye... wow.. but after watched new moon.. i fell OUT of affection on him... Terlalu control tak tentu hala!!!

Now.. Latest craze and i think will last for few omore years... is... T.O.P!! hahahaha.. from Big Bang.. First got to know his existance is through I am Sam. He acted as Moo shin.. And after some digging then bla bla bla.. i had his pic in my hp as my wallpaper!! hahaha.. Why i like him? at the first place.. he is charismatic + very hehehe nan ren wei!!! whoaaaa... Well couldnt help... BSB song's If U Want to Be A Good Girl, Get Yourself A Bad Boy.. hehehe.. I am already a good girl.. doesnt hurt to admire a bad-boy-look with good attitude... smart+charismatic+bad boy look+deep voice will suffocate me!!!! gluupp glupp... hehehe.. if i am to be asked why i want to be an actress (if i be one) my answer is:: coz i want to go to Pusan International Film Fes.. and meet him and snap pic with him!!! waaaaaa in my dream la~~!!

p/s: i was often said to have bad taste in defining good looking.. ngehhh!! it doesnt take only good looking face to caught people's eye ler... the package~~ the X on the very moment you see him.. TOP!!! Sarang Hae.. ^0^

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Dont Lose it..

Writing mode strike::::!!! oh yeah!!

I think some of u might be aware that i just came back from Cambodia. An annual reward to myself at least once a year im out of the country. The trip was great!!! With good traveling mates.. what else do u ask for..?? But orang tua-tua always cakap.. kita buat apa jangan seronok sangat.. jangan lupa beringat and berjaga-jaga..

I WAS literally ROBBED!!

this was exactly before i enter the night market.

To cut the story short. The beg that i was clinging on was cut from the back and the thief took my clutch with 100 USD (RM 300++), passport, cards... IC was in another wallet.. luckily!!

So here are the tips before going to any of the night market..
1. Do not bring along any beg. Put the money or any documentation in ur pocket.
2. Photocopy ur passport. Leave the original in the hotel. Never carry them out!!
3. Always prepare back up money in your hotel just in case any bad events like this happen again.

And what need to be done when you lost your passport:
1. Go to the nearest police station. Some country required tourist to report unfortunate event to the Tourist Police Centre (not the normal police station). So ask the nearest law enforcement officer where should u head to.
2. With the official police report (make sure there's always an english copy attached with the report that u made. can be ur own handwritten report), go direct to your country's embassy.
3. Prepare small sum amount of money for the emergency exit visa processing money. (not bribing!! normal fees)
4. With the letters from the embassy and temporary passport, go to the imegrsen office (usually situated near the airport).
5. Pass all the letters from the embassy to the imegresen office. (keep the original one!!)
6. The office will arrange a special officer from the tower to fetch you all lead you all the way through all the check points in the airport. ( u either are criminal or hot glam celeb.. i felt like a celeb instead... hahahaha)
7. With all the original documents, do la new passport!!! in ur own country la of coz..

The left is the normal passport. Right is the exit visa

p/s: please be careful. the whole process of redoing your passport is not easy!!! it takes lots of patience and luck.. but hey!! if it happens.. stay cool and be humble when u communicate with all the personnel. Do not rush them too obviously... !! and dont forget to thank them million times...!!