Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let's Share

This is something that i must share with all of u.. I went for the aerobic session like usual at PISA and was informed on the blood donation campaign going on today. So I rushed both my parents to the venue. It was held in Dewan at the Lorong Mahsuri 10.

With full of courage and trying to do something meaningful on the day i was born 23 years ago, i stepped into the room. Some minor checkup was held since i brought along the red book(the book that was given to the blood donors by Pusat Darah Negara). My hand was pluck with tiny needle to release some blood and dropped into i think is Copper(II) Sulfate(since the solution is blue and Cu2+ in aqueous is blue) test was conducted.

According to my reading, if blood sink rapidly it shows the hemoglobin sufficiency. While my case is the blood float and and sink very slowly indicates the lack of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells of vertebrates(Wikipedia). So i was given some packets of tablets ranging from folic acid to Vit B. And told to eat every morning. The bottom line is. I cannot donate my blood coz iron insufficiency. Cehhhh.. Punya smangat..

While my father's case is he's 57 this year and last date he donated blood was back in 2005. The personnel said NO to him also. She said that, for people age 50 and above, they have to do annual blood donation. Once they skipped, they are not allowed to donate their whole life. I couldn't find any explanation to that besides my own theory where the ability of the red blood cell to carry oxygen decreased and the quality of the RBC decreased as well. Dunno.. I left my books more than half year. So both of us went back disappointingly. I thought we can have the KFC voucher which will be given to the donors as our dinner.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Money Withdrawal..Finished!!...Just Like that

Just robbed some money from the ATM machine before proceeding with minor grocery shopping with none other than my mama. This is wat people always mentioned about makan gaji. The begining of the month (or some twice a month), the employee will que at the machine and tittt tottt tiitt tottt..Then those that well organize will draft some of their monthly expences and budget(i did, but never follow). And it seems like the current pay is never enough for anyone. If the amount is more then the desire of spending is more. if the other way round, is worst, desire is something very hard to be controlled. It require some highly disciplin training which i think girls might resist when it come to bags, clothes, jewellery.

My father is a good example of the years of this lifestyle. He only spend when it is necessary, which might reflect that he is a bit hehehe stingy. There's no way to talk father to buy wasting money-cute-adorable-non productive things. It might not be good for short term view as it felt suffocated when u want something so badly, then the appeal result is NO. Why? coz it's wasting money. I dislike that.

Yet, as I started to earn money, i do realize that sometimes when i spend, it hurt as each penny is the result of my 9 hours of working everyday. So i learnt the lesson although not fully apply it (my mama Principe: selagi ada duit, rasa nak beli apa yang teringin n tak melampau beli, kalau mati, duit bukan boleh bawa masuk kubur pn. Tak yah nak teruk teruk jimat). So 2 diff principe.. I think Jordin Spark's song - One step at a time might be helpful.

Spend Wise and Live Life to the fullest.

Finished Iris Johansen's FireStorm last night. Bought Cleo Feb 2009 today at the market.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

No repay (Corrupt translation for tiada balasan)

Previously I've gone through some famous blogs which have many followers and i intended to have follower on my own. Later i clicked across some blogs where the author just write his/her piece of mind and not hoping for return (0 comment). So i kept thinking, why do i need people to view my blog? or why i need people to comment on my blog if what I'm writing are just simple daily life events?

The purpose of me writing is to release the inner side of me. I want the words to do my inner talking. Sometimes, i don't feel like talking at all, then i write. On the other time, i felt like i want to pen down every idea that are running across my mind at the particular moment. I might not poses the quality of a writer. But who cares.. It's my blog and I'm free to coretkan anything that i want.

So those who share the same thought with me, stand with me, let's just keep on blogging without asking for repay. Bring out the writer in us. We might not be good. But we are better that before. Yeaaahhhh...

I just watched: Maut in cinema with my mother. Not bad. Bade Azmi trying to create something new as usual by combining 3 diff plots to 1. My mother seems to enjoy it. It's her first movie after more than 15 years. And I'm happy to be the one that brought her.

Go Green


Green is definitely not my fav color. It's the least likable color on my pick up.

Green represented the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. While red associate with energy, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion. And both color is opposite to each other. I love red and can be link to some of the perasan characteristics of it.
Nevertheless, it's important to go green. We might not be able to be like Kimora in one of her reality series where she decided to go green and she went to the environment clinic or institution to get clearer view of the concept to go green. And she eventually bought a hybrid car in order to support the campaign. As for us that are not living an easy swapping card life, we can take some minor action to go green.

I've listed a few ideas:

1. Stop buying bottled water. Hello people out there, please buy a good quality container to fill your drinks. Carrying tumbler won't make u look lee fashionable la. Try Bros brand tumbler. the design are quite cool. U can purchase it at the Jusco outlets.
2.Keep electronics out of trash. With the cheap cell phone price, the old cell phone shouldn't go to bins or trash cans. Donate them or recycle them. The electronics component contain mercury and other toxic that are very harmful to our environment. If I'm not mistaken, i saw few recycle bins for electronic gadget at Sunshine Square, Penang.

Gaetan Lee/flickr
3. Stop throwing tissue papers and waste out of your car window. Civilized la people.
Already 2009 !! Don't la act like in stone age. Put a plastic bag in you car, any waste dumb in side, then bring the bag down and throw in the bin. As simple as that. Hate it so much when i passed by a car which unwind their window a bit, then flewwwwww the waste out of the window. Have u think of the motorcyclist who pass by? If the tissue contained your Bogey (hingus!!), it's definitely non-humanity if the waste goes to the passer-by.
So..At lease..Let's do our part ok..I sacrifice my jiwa to like green, and i believe u can do so!!

Love, Help and Protect the Environment.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back In Action

View from My Grandparent's house

Maxwell Hill - Rain every evening

After 3 days of clebrating CNY, I'm back to the crowded bumber to bumber island. This CNY seems to be no diffrent to me. Actually any other celebration give no impact to me. What make them diffrent is the preparation before the big day. For instance, Hari Raya-Kuih Preparation, CNY-New Attire. Of coz the similiarity on both will be the packet money(Duit Raya and Ang Pow).
We didn't actually put on any raya or CNY song during the day.When others busy decorating their house, we just do some minor cleaning here and there. Not to blame my parents on not creating the atmosphere, it just that none of us felt like doing so. Probably becoz we never celebrate the big day at our house. We'll spend time at late my grandma's house in Kuala Kurau during hari raya. And in my grandparents' house in Taiping during CNY.
Meeting relatives is another challange during these days. you'll be asked on the current job position. How come i didn't get better job, have I applied for the gonverment job, and what is my current pay. Man..those wuestion suffocate me. Dah la I failed in the PTD's acessment program which suprisingly surprised some elders. What to do. All these politics issue is just not my thing. My mind couldn't click well on debating the current issue. Just don't like it and failed to perform well in it. And I'm really enjoying the current job (push aside the shut down days-Hate it!!). I'm slowly adapting to it and felt as if it's part of me. If only money is not the matter...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Incoming Movies

Incoming Movies that I want to watch and I think you should watch as well:

Movie Title:
Ong Bak 2 - 5 February 2009

The Plot:
“A young Thai boxer learns the skills and inner meaning of martial arts.”(Source: IMDb).
Despite its title this new Ong Bak film is no sequel to the first movie. Anyway, looks entertaining. A nice cocktail of fantasy and martial arts, besides with some humor: that’s Ong Bak 2!
Movie Title:
Geng: Pengambaran Bermula (Upin & Ipin) - 12 February 2009

The Plot:

Ada sesuatu yang mengganggu ketenteraman Kampung Durian Runtuh. Penduduk kampung menyebarkan cerita tentang kewujudan suatu makhluk yang menggerunkan menjelang waktu malam, namun tiada siapa yang berani mencari kebenaran disebaliknya...
Sehinggalah Badrol dan Lim, serta rakan-rakan baru mereka terjerumus ke dalam misteri tersebut tanpa disengajakan. Seekor haiwan aneh yang tidak diketahui asalnya, menjalin persahabatan dengan Rajoo dan membawa mereka semua ke suatu pengembaraan, jauh ke dalam hutan hujan Malaysia yang penuh dengan hidupan liar, termasuk seekor ular gergasi yang mistik. Sertai mereka, dalam mengungkap misteri dan merentasi cabaran di sekitar keindahan panorama flora dan fauna Malaysia. (Source:
Movie Title:
Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li - 26 February 2009

The Plot:

Ryu, Chun-Li, Sagat, and other combatants from the popular video game “Street Fighter II” come to life in all their kickboxing glory. Gen. M. Bison, the villainous ruler of Shadaloo, is holding…
Ryu, Chun-Li, Sagat, and other combatants from the popular video game “Street Fighter II” come to life in all their kickboxing glory. Gen. M. Bison, the villainous ruler of Shadaloo, is holding over 60 relief workers hostage. When the Allied Nations forces, led by handsome redhead Col. Guile, decide to pay Bison a ransom instead of overthrowing him, Guile objects, and is fired. Never one to take things lightly, Guile rounds up a multi-cultural band of expert “street fighters”, and sets out to defeat the nefarious Bison. (Source:

Friday, January 23, 2009

CNY Advance "Tuan Yuan Fan"

I dream for soooo long to eat steamboat at my working place. Used to suggest to held it in Secret Recipe (My previous Employer) but it's against the Halal Procedure. Well is a restaurant apply for Malaysian Halal Certification, they have to obey some important procedure. Such as the preparation and handling of the food. And all the staff is not allowed to bring any food to the outlet. There are staff drinks provided (Cheap 3 in 1 drinks!!). But still.. Secret Recipe Rocks!! Me miss everyone there oso..
So when i suggested to organize a steamboat in conjunction with the CNY, some volunteer step in. Salwa and Zamirah brought along their "celup-celup" ingredient. There were crab sticks, hot dogs, fish balls, mushrooms, bihun.. Abg Nyak with 2 bottle of Pepsi (Ahakz..Trying not to buy Coca-Cola sempena Boikot Barangan USA). I prepared the soup.

The Members + Ang Nyak with the camera

Everything went well, we started around 11am or 10.40am if I'm not mistaken. Camera kechakkk here and there..Not to mention, we broke into the cafe's kitchen, to steal some plates and bowls. I'm scared with Salwa lead the way. We go until the 3 rounds. And all tersandar kenyang. Really really kenyang..

The Yam Pepsi + Plain Water Seng??

After the clean up, we walked towards the office. As we passed by Kaizen's room, suddenly there's sound of baby crying.. Imagine, it's 12 at night. All of us ignored the first crying voice. The second followed seconds after the first. That time my hair started to stand. and no joke, I'm terrified, scared and feel like screaming. I jumped behind Yen Nee, Followed by Salwa behind me, and Zamirah behind her. Luckily Yen Nee was brave enough to lead the way. Salwa convince us by saying that it's Ang Nyak. And I saw the office door just about to close. So the possibility that he's the one who frighten us is high. He denied on the voice over but admit it after awhile. Padan muka, dah kena cubit n tampar. And i drove back around 12.30. And cited Ayat-Kursi when i passed the Kastam Hill. Gila aah takot. At one point, i've decided to stay at the office but against by my mother. So terpaksa balik la..Takot gila.. But Alhamdulillah sampai dengan selamatnya..

Movies that I watched this week: Outlander & They Wait. Both not bad..

The Office Life

This is why i don't want to start blogging.. One will follow by 2 and...Then I'll stop for a year..then resume back again..So hot hot chicken shit!! This is the second for today..This time, i would like to talk about my office life..
For the past few months, the life and environment of the office has improve..And still improving..We spend time every morning having breakfast at 8 am, followed by movie day on every Wednesday..And once a while we went out for sun tanning..All the activities held eventually make the bond between us closer.. Honestly the first month i was there, there is a gap between the seniors and the newbies.. Of course wherever you go, respecting the senior is a must!! So I make less noise and control my posture I'll stand straight and do not make any sotong posture.. As time pass by, everything changed..slowly changed..We have united..

During Our Presentation and Yen Nee is Missing!!
Then the shut down period started as the economic condition is worsen. It started from 20 December 2009 until this very moment. We hardly work through out these period. Luckily Abg Nyak-our department head fight for us. So within that period of time, we rotate to work for one week. For 1 and a half month, we work for one week..Can u imagine that? The condition is so bad. That at one stage, we were advice to find other job as a backup. Just in case..

Pose of the Semi-Jobless at my table
Believe it or not, all these shutdown period manage to tie us closer together. For me and Salwa who work on the first week, we still hang around at the office while we are not working. U can't help to go there when there's not much things to do at home and when the internet speed is trippled there. So now, I have most of the latest songs in the chart. Yeah...
Recomended Must Listen Song : Nickelback - Gotta Be Somebody

The New Year Resolution

I'm Back!!

With the new spirit energy and spirit (Sounded like the revive ad)..Well let's start with new year resolution. My so called new year resolution this year will be..I want to smell nice.. Or i want to bau wangi!! hehehe..Semua ni gara-gara my colleague- Cik Zamirah..Ahakzz..When i'm working night shift and she came in at 4am..That instant i can immedietly know that she's here. And for someone that took bath 5 hours ago (before coming to work), more or less i'm charged..Grrrrr.. Me eye will go like (0_0) instead of (-_-).. So i decided..Marina..It's time..Time for you to smell nice like others.. And at the same time.. I received a present- Neroli Jasmine Body Shop Chrismas christmas gift as my graduation gift. Thank You so much Yen.. And here we go..

The never used perfume girl received perfume (I do have 2 bottle of TBS- Dewberry and Indiana Gardenia..Bought it on 2006 and used not even 1/4 of the bottle..So i gave it away..I have new one what..hehehe). I stated to pssst here, psssst there..Even pssst when i want to go to market..Ahakzz the smell is very sensual, warm and feminine fragrance that comes with a little twist as it has strong underlying spicyness in it. Or in other words i feel so feminine..LOL..So to the world out there.. I smell nice!!No longer the protex powder smell which my father said smell like the dead. Besides he said my face no color at all.. Look very much like org mati.. (T_T)..