Monday, August 09, 2010

Back On Track

Geezz... I just came back from an anger trigger class. Fuhh.. ill be in peace if i teach only English and Science.. I'll be burnt to the max when the Maths class turn... Biarlah...

With the unstoppable tickling of clock indicating the approaching of many big events: the Ramadhan, Raya, Diving trip.. worst of all the date line for paper submission.. Arghhh... by hook or by crook i need a paper to be published.. What if i dont publish my paper? Half of the elaun will be cut.. (by the time the new year start.. i wish that i wont be involve in any of the tuition class anymore...not home tuition at least...).. then no more trips.. pay own master bills.. fuhhh cant u see how tough it sounds if i dont start to work like a bull? So here's the plan..

1. Sample extraction every morning... Although that particular day i don't plan to run any sample..
2. Each day ill change the manipulative variable...
3. Sample drying took quite some time.. so while extracting all the sample.. ill proceed with the sample's drying..
4. Prepare stock solution for all the solvent.. Pour the solvent of interest to the small beaker for each round.. do not pipette out directly from the reagent bottle.. to avoid any contamination (found few ghost peak on my chromatogram ..hmmm)
5. By the end of the week, do the bulk amount of injection into the machine..
6. Leisure activity need to be reduced.. which means TKD training might need to escape.. yes i love to train.. but things is serious now.. piakk piakk... I'm wide awake now..(force to)
7. I'll still go short jog during the puasa month.. in the evening.. at least to maintain my stamina and blood pressure.. am hoping that the reading doesnt drop to dangerous level.. hmmm.. that's all..

p/s: Have 4 hours of incubation time.. in between that time, ill jog and prepare new all the solvents~~!! got lots to do !! Wachaaa fighting~~~!!!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mereka Cakap

Mama cakap: hati ako tak cukup baik...Cuba la bagi bersih skit hati tu...
Mama juga cakap: Ako tak cantik..Ako tak semanis adik ako.. harap ke putih ja..
Papa cakap: ako berangin...
Adikku cakap : Semua hg kata betui... Hg ni period memanjang...

Ishhh.. Reflect reflect~~

Sunday, August 01, 2010


Tension siut nih.. ako wat la injection pada mesin dengan harapan besar ada peak... maka.. akopn blah for lunch.. siap balik tido lagik.. hehehe ingat balik nih boley aah tgk hasilnya..skali ceyttt... dengan bongoknya rupanya... ako lupa nak tukar sequence no of the sample!! kentut btui. maka.. kembali lah ako menunggu benda yang sepatutnya ako dah siap n boley blah balik ke memana~~~!!!.. ni mesti gara-gara iriver mp4 yg menjadi anaguan ako.. serious agak keagauan... urghhhh tapi tak boley lah kot memandangkan kedudukan ekonomi ako masih belum ditahap full recovery... hmmmm so decided.. Not buying.. even an external hard disk.. or a pendrive.. nothing.. just bought a printer.. fully under my pa's loan.. heheh pay everymonth la skali..tak la terasa sgt...

hmmm tindakan tidak mencatatkan what i want to do seems to be killing my time unwisely.. Ok.. i have few more hours to go before the day end...

Let's start with:
1. Printing all the results using the recycle paper!!
2. Prepare phosphate buffer baru .. Use other pH meter..
3. Weight some set of sample.. so that kerja senang skit next time if want to do.. blasah ja wat..
4. Discard some of the unwanted samples.. wat nyemak ja kot..
5. Evening jog.. hehehehe 3 hari kot dah tak sweat..

p/s: plan plan plan... next time plan plan plan plan...