Saturday, July 27, 2013

~Make some noise~

Just when we thought that we faced the worst test from Sang Pencipta, once we got through it, looking back.. eleh.. no biggie pun.. still standing unwaveringly cool and awesome as before ja.. Kentut still busuk. (that's me!)

As the saying goes: UjianNya itu adalah tarbiyah dan hadiah dariNya.

And for months of having crush on a human, just when i got the news that he is 'owned'. i chocked my maggi and surprisingly no hard feeling nor feeling sad. And nothing awkward between us. (Obvious sgt i theoretically leveled this crush too high). And the feeling washed off just like that. (ohh hati.. pandai ya kau merawat dan menampal kekosongan..)

One thing came across me: Thank you dear God for showing sign to me so that I'll stop being mushy.. (That is so ain't me!)

So peeps.. It's been awhile i've been living my crush-less life by occupying myself with newly picked up hobby: cooking. 

Why(s)? one of them is to stop my mind from wondering to the dreadful state of '' i am so boring that i don't know what to do". "Watch TV, surf net, sleep".. to do this cycle for years? or even months?? i can't even stand for days.. 

Another why is: As much as my parents brought me up with their food, i want to be capable enough to bring up my future little minions into appreciating 'home'. 

Looking back, there's no way 3 months ago i can force myself to cook main course everyday. And there's nooo a big nooo to admit that market is a comforting place to visit. There's no way i did not visit the Bazar ramadhan hunting for food (But i bet i'll do that once i'm back to Penang. Who can resist Penang's food oiiii~~ the spices themselves are the ultimate killer.. wehooooo).. But Yes. Filling up the fridge with cooking ingredients also means I'll make frequent trips to the market. And yes.. Best ooooo p market!!! 

ps: Though nothing oh-so-heaven-taste cooking from me. But one step at a time kan..  I think i'll improve...