Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ako. Langit. Laut. Bumi (Part 1)

Along the way to kl I was accompanied by the full moon lighting up the whole journey keeping me AWAKE!! Even zikr could drive me to sleep.. I was blinking the whole way paying attention to the diver who drive slower than my EX5.. Cermat maybe.. my route to LCCT was:
Penang (Plusliner-RM 35.20) [8.00pm] --> Old KTM station (supir diraja fetched.. ^^) [1.00 am]--> KL central (Star Shuttle – RM 9) [3.15 am] -->LCCT [4.30am]

While the bus was stopping at Simpang Pulai's rest house, I was scanning the whole area from the upper level of Plusliner bus, the movement of living and non living objects are somehow in rhythmic order.. Cars, lorries, bikes, human from different gender and races and even counties were moving in such a way that they don't collide with each other but been full filling own and each other's needs.

Fiza came and fetched me and actually saved me from being tormented when I was at the mamak stall nearby the bus station. Despite of being scared as i was feeded by pairs of eye from every corner of the restaurant… cant blame them.. what was this girl doing at 2 am in the morning with huge backpack and only asking for a cup of milo and refuse to eat anything (helloooo!! pass eating time ler~~)

Hanging out at McD Kl Central at wee hour has long been forgotten.. Remembered during my younger days, hanging out with the geng around Bukit Bintang area and the McD was the pit stop before we catch the first train back to uni. mengimbau lagik~~ As usual, nothing from mcD that stir my appetite.. (again.. it was passed eating time!!) So we chatted and keeping up with each other's life... It's me actually been keeping with their life.. There's nothing much to keep with me pn...~_~

Bus ticket to LCCT can be purchased at the lower floor of kl central but we have to board the bus at the first floor.. The first bus to depart after the last bus (12 am) is at 2.45 am.. Cm poyo jer.. The place was under construction kot... And to my surprise.. It's Thursday morning and the bus is nearly full house!! What a crowd to board the so-called cheap flight. 3.15am sharp and the bus moved towards the airport.

There are few bus services from KL central to LCCT: SkyBus (Red Colored), Star Shuttle (Yellow).. Try to avoid star shuttle.. the whole bus was shuttling the whole journey!!! Hadoii~~~
Sky Bus & Star Shuttle (similar schedule)

Besides KL central --> LCCT, Star Shuttle provides:

1) Ipoh --> LCCT

2) Batu 3 --> LCCT

3) Puduraya --> LCCT (recommended. So u don’t need to wake your whole phone list to send you to KL central)

4) Setiawan --> LCCT

Or to save up some time, try KLIA Express (28 minute only) but with limited operational hour (5.30 am – 12.30am) and… u need to carry your bag into the transit bus that will drive u to the komuter station.. then again.. carry the heavy bag board the train.. and again.. out of the train.. save some energy and hassle basle thingy folks!!! unless there’s some time restrain and light luggage, other than that.. (thought there's a potter to help you with the bag.. but.. ishhh) Those buses will be sufficient.. U don’t want to start your journey grumbling kan..~~

Sunday, November 06, 2011

High and Low in Borneo

Yeayyyy... Big Bang representing the Asia Pacific region won the Best Worldwide Act on MTV EMA beating other well known artists including Britney Spears!!!!! Jerit... which also means... another millions of screaming fans will be sharing TOP with me.. Haiihhh~~~~ 싫어!!! 남자 내꺼!!! (^0^)V

빅뱅!!!!! 축하해!!

Too early to decide whether this a trash holiday or its an event that i am going to annually attend it.. So.. bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. any info about the event, view here Laili Basir . Just in case suddenly i am MIA, call him!!!!! ^^

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Karang Karangan

If i were to categorize which generation possessed the highest confident level, the honor will definitely goes to BABY. They will fearlessly cry their lung out without keeping track on the time and place. And due to this fearless attitude, they will always getaway with whatever their want.. See… how confidence they are in expressing their thought although one might require some skill to do the interpretation. Like the lyric goes: You said it best when you said nothing at all

Time and life changed us differently. Some of these babies are the hot shot in a corporate company and some are unfortunately ill with social disease and stuff. But all of our life started as a cute little confident baby.. cliché huh..

Those who knows me will agree i am not plain.. not that plain.. but i am more to moderate.. moderate both physically and mentally.. i just happened to know this and that.. and being recognized sometimes by who and who… and ive been like this ever since i hit whoever that was blocking my way (that was so during my jahiliah time!!) So i don’t have this huge turning point in my life when suddenly i am from this person changed to the other multi-fold improved individual.

Confidence has been nurtured in us from our surrounding. My pa made me stand by the Penang Bridge and snap photo when i can still clearly remember how gila babi scared i am. So i constantly challenge myself from time to time and confidence has tag along piece by piece. I may not being able to shot editorial pic or walk on the runaway (Hanis Zalikha!! U know how jealous the female and shemale are on your achievements!!!! TT_TT).. but then...we the moderate people still have some moments in our life where we accidently took good picture and are occasionally confident tak tentu hala walking on our flat/heels on the street (p market pn kira hokey!!!)..

In my case.. Confidence does not really change me but it shapes/molds me into who i am today. Confidence makes you see world differently and have your own perspective view without being too intimidated by people’s possible criticizes on you. Because you know that if they don’t accept your thoughts/idea, at least you burppp them out and you are heard rather than sitting around the corner and not doing anything because you are too shy or quite. I always believe it’s better something than nothing at all.

I’ve read on one of the blogger story on this title. I don’t feel sorry for her.. yet i feel proud of her.. she found it and her life has changed ever since.. Her past is just a stepping stone for her before she’s out of the cocoon. So those out there.. don’t wait for the cocoon to break.. Tear it!! No shield is needed as long as you believe.. God is with you.. ALWAYS.. If you think that you are doing something right.. Go ahead and accomplish your goal.. You just have to believe in your self..

That you CAN.. you WILL and you WANT