Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ako dan PMS

Topic of the day: When PMS moody strike.. prepare for the worst!!! Hekhek.. I’m a science based student, so talking about this issue bring no super shy syndrome on me.. hehehe.. Hopefully its educating...

OK so yeah.. once a month or to be accurate 28 days, the unfertilized egg cell released by the ovary with the uterus wall wil collapse and formed what we known as menstruation or period. Some might suffer the pre and post syndrome of this.. Well, when it involve the lost of big amount of your tissue (blood are categorize as tissue), some might experienced terrible pain (senggugut) or may they get tired very fast or Mood swing!!!As the spectators, forgive ur dear friends for acting weird and not centered.. Can't help~~

Hahaha.. I’m super lucky to not being selected to taste the pain.. (damn I heard its super damn pain..).. But I do experienced the mood swing syndrome.. How it felt? U wake up and don’t feel like doing anything but u have plenty of things to land your hand on. Then you cant concentrate what you are doing.. So I asked my labmates: if we don’t have mood to do experiments, we are not guilty for not doing that right? Hahahaha…

Jeng was a relax day after so long.. Then.. ahakkkzzzz.. out of the blue moon, I checked the GSC website and found 1 story that caught my eye.. So bought lunch and grab my bag and.. Headed towards queensbay.. hehehe.. Did my usual calm my mind therapy.. watching movie in a cinema with only 4 ticket purchaser.. Heheheh so ate inside, drank inside, laugh inside.. blab la bla… The Tao Fighter: Woochi.. best!!! Korean usually made good drama but not good movie.. but this time mmg best!! Hehehe for me I enjoyed watching.. Maybe caused its been ages since the last time I watch.. so preety much enjoying the feel (hero dia pn not bad~)kuang kuang kuang.. Hehehe.. came back with half of my burden released..

until half way baru ako tringat: suit!!! Lupa singah Forever 21..Sory babe!!! Lupa gila… sok ako rajin ako singgah.. hehehe..

I’m very grateful that I have a vehicle to transport me wherever I want to go.. Alhamdulillah for that… Honestly, my SLK (small little kancil) did plenty of super helpful things through out my life..if I can award any of non living thing as the hero award, without doubt I’ll award SLK.. hehehe… Thus I do realize how important a transport is.. No matter how small it is, or just 2 wheels (bicycle or motor) still, u are mobile!!! U can go anywhere u want!! Anytime.. grab a key and blah.. relax urself.. at least u don’t let go the anger or frustration to others and effect others!!! So guys!!!! Save some money and start to plan for one if u don’t have.. if u do.. than be thankful to the person behind the precious gift.. ^_^

Monday, March 29, 2010

1 2 3 Things!!!

3 things brighten my day today.. The first one was I saw an old chinses couple on the Honda c70 motor with both wearing decaying helmet (one blow from the strong wind sure the helmet tamat riwayat..hehe).. This auntie was waving her hand vigorously signaling behind car to give way to them to get to the right… What really left an impression to me was them (at that age) being able to be on a bike together.. go market, go sightseeing, go visit their children or grandchildren maybe… How sweet it is.. to have someone by your side till the end of your journey.. Supporting u. accompanying u, sharing stories, jokes, gossip, quarrel with u.. These are the dreams that I believe everyone hope for.. Let’s hope for the best then…

The second incident was me being able to enjoy Laksa!! Ahahaha.. Cuma kurang pedas skit yg mengurangkan keummmpphh-an nya..hehehe a good cook will always cooks good food although probably some discounts here and there.. nyum nyum..

The third n should be ahead the list was, I like today’s training.. I arrived late assuming that I’m not joining the training anymore until a good friend of mine from the team contacted me.. aahhh.. some enthusiast with the same hobby contacted u to do things that u love the most..hahaha so I was there around 6.20.. hahah luckily my senior gave me his partner since he has this deep skin cut/ injured injury.. And paling syiooookkk was that.. It was raining and windy… All our sweat were replace by refreshing breeze from the outside. It evaporated so fast that actually it reduce the tiredness of the muscle.. when it started to rain.. We kind of starting to shout louder.. No one in the building.. So what else.. shout till the top.. shouting does released the energy more and each kick is slightly better.. of coz it is a way of releasing ur mental and physical pressure.. I loikeee so muchhh. Heheh but damn have to rush back since I have tuition class tonight.. aishhhh~~~

Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Me To U

Today marked the end of my weekly class with the havoc, crazy and happening form 3 class in USM.. Yosshh I made the announcement nearly towards the end of the class.. Yeahhh heard a few syok statement.. “alaaa cikgu..nnt boring la….”heheheh I do wish the best to the teacher that is going to replace me.. Here are the tips that I think might be useful for those teachers that are facing students with hyper attitude..

To control them is to give them some space to have fun while u teach.. let them tease each other for a while.. Or maybe try to tease them yourself..

Be willing to be fooled by them occasionally.. They might throw some unease words or sometime harsh to us.. Just swallow it and treat it as their jokes..

Have fun while u teach.. Students are able to detect whether the teacher is interesting or not.. We do that right to our own teacher.. heheheh.. so while u teach, smile and make stupid jokes.. Or maybe do some quiz or sudden unprepared last chapter revision.. You’ll help them to remember..

Invite the students to participate in your teaching.. After u made ur own explanation, try to create the question which is similar to the statements that u made earlier..

Reduce the distance between u n the students by trying to think in their shoes.. How to teach so that u’ll like what ur teaching… If u like, the possibilities that they like of coz are higher.. When they are doing the exercise u can walk around the class.. Maybe sit at any empty space between them.. And checked on them regularly.. They are always lazy and just wait for ur answer..!!!

I’m definitely not a bright student or any super teacher.. But it’s was worthy experience to teach such a big class n psssttt.. I think they like me oso..!! hahaha

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Repay n Reflect

Do u believe in repay? (bahasa melayu nya Pembalasan?) I do!! and still will do.. Yesterday was not a so good day despite that i managed to fast!! horayyya.. 1 day down.. 6 more to go.. Then as usual gossiping is something sort of essential.. We dont always talk bad things ok.. its just some sharing of info between each other... The eventually something not so nice came up and it was the topic of discussion the whole day.. I did pass some of the story to my momi oso imagine!!!! (punya gila ska bergosip~~)

this morning when i wake up..danggg!! the first thing came across my mind which i totally forgot was: I left my sample outside the fridge!! DAMN!!!!! there were controlled samples.. so to obtain it is not easy.. I'm not even sure if there are stable or not in the room temp.. Worst of all i placed my sample in a cheap flask with ice cube inside.. I can imagine my sample goes swimming n turned upside down in the flask.. This definately trigger my nerve and i ended up refreshing myself there must be something that i've done in the past..

The wise always says: When things goes wrong, reflect yourself.. there must be reason why it happens.. most importantly, amend the mistake, apologize to the individual affected... then remind yourself never never never do that again..

OMG.. Call me superstitious or anything, i thing i'm going to do something not too obvious (hilang lak imej heroin ako nnt..hehehe) in the hope to lighten up my guilt..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Turning Points perhaps..perhaps..perhaps

I can put a wide smile in my face tonight.. Welcome anyone interested to join me party later in my dream.. hehehe.. I was grumbling from the teaching yesterday night that i felt so lazy n mood less to teach them today.. as usual, once arrived we chit chatted than i asked my student on her exam marks.. Ahakzzz... Alhamdulillah all turn out to be tremendous improvements.. One of them was nearly doubled the marks she had previously.. At least!!! It's all i wanted when i teach.. U understand n U remembered and U improved.. if possible, U scored.. It pays off... Hahahaha... (i might grumble again next maths class.. but for now.. I'm truly happy for them..)..

Mentioning about turning point.. I think maybe..perhaps.. that all started to make a turn.. if not big then a slide turn.. My project is started to kick off.. More obstacles coming of coz.. but for now.. progressing.. then i think i manage to adjust my weekly training with teaching schedules.. but i do realize that i spent less time at home.. If u want something.. others just need to be put aside for awhile.. The pace is starting to pick up.. i DON'T WANT any acceleration in any important matters.. constant will be my preference..

I'll keep up~~ I'm a fighter right (soft fighter..^_^)..

Fighter never quits, quitter never wins~~!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The End Of Tonight

Imagine folks.. I'm sewing.. and imagine as well the floor filled with scrap and threads with needles.. Ahhh.. I cant even sew a button properly until few years back where i went to a street art exhibition with few geng.. In Times Square if I'm not mistaken. I was amazed by range of handicraft.. There are simple yet so adorable and theoretically i think i'm able to do them.. Ahakz.. (Bang my head to the wall!! dusshhhh..).. i spent fortune there.. OMG.. i couldnt resist ok!! Then i started to imitate some of the simple ribbon key chain, badge.. Not to forget, i hunt down all the nearby buttons shops, fabric department for some lasted for 2 weeks.. all went down underneath the bed again.. so another wild imagination.. How underneath my bed will look like?hahaha.. dangg~~ bang my head again..

Until recently, where we purchased a small table to place the sewing machine.. (Table budak2 belajar tu..full of A,B,C,D to countries name..).. Then my mother was like catching a fit.. She started sewing 2 working bags for herself.. Heheh Ya.. she's a unqualified tailor.. Most of my baju kurung when im a kid (till 6 years old) were handmade by her.. 0_0.. While sewing, she'll passed down some tips over to me.. ha cam ni cam tu.. Kesian her for having only 1 and only not-so-useful-in-housework daughter.. Hehehe.. maka. i did some sewing today.. amending this and that.. And repairing this and that.. how time flew.. I kicked off at 11.15 and when i looked at the clock it showed 12.15!! giloss kentang.. When we are doing something we enjoy, time will never be a limiting factor..

I think, probably all due to the stress earlier due to teaching.. I was starting to wonder am i a fail teacher.. I teach again and again.. The simplest way possible fro them to understand.. yeah i know they are tired.. I am too.. They had their sports training.. I had my TKD training.. so we were equal..(nearly..they wake up at 6 to go to school..hahahha me 6.45!!and sleep back).. Ahh it was maths subject.. Fuhhh.. Imagine teaching someone to shoot the bull eye when they dont really know well how to lift up a bow and fix the arrow.. aishhh.. Guys.. When u have kids in the future.. Please do pay attention to their maths progress since very small.. Strengthen their foundation and u are going to give them a super big favor for the future..Please be willing to spend on books and tuition for maths and english.. this two subjects are not to be learn in 1 year.. Its a continuous knowledge to be applied daily and in future life.. We are not supermen that can speak fluently and count perfectly within short learning period. Ya.. some people manage to do it.. What if we compare the amount that can n cannot.. It's a huge number different..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm A Teacher?or an educator?

When i teach.. i teach with heart.. So i'm pretty reluctant with my current departure plan from one of the classes that i took.. Thought of telling them today "Semua.. Next Week Will be Cikgu nya last day".. They are so fun and crazy although sometimes they are out of control.. well most of the time actually until i made up my mind that if u dont want to learn then lantak kamu lah~~.. I do enjoyed some of their jokes.. like today.. i asked them "What is opposite sex?"..tetiba one of them answer.. "kaum sejenis cikgu".. The class with sudden burst of laughter.. aihhhhh~~

Letting go is so not easy especially when they occupied the small corner in ur heart.. A big number of them plak tu.. Up to this stage, money is not the matter for me anymore.. I dont really mind if i was paid less by the centre.. the matter that bother me a lot and caused me to make such decision is the time.. The timing is super disturbing.. 11 to 12.30!! decision made.. no turning back.. fuhhhhh

Friday, March 19, 2010

Drought From BLogging Ended

Refreshing the same tag line: I haven’t blogged for quite some time.. Not to say I’m back.. On and off is just my unofficial motto.. -_-..

Just watched 9 end 2 out.. A Korean drama I owned since 2 years back.. Of course I wont be watching them all the way from the start.. From the final episode to few episodes back.. This is definitely one of my fav despite of the non high popularity.. I think I like this more than Coffee Prince.. Why leh? Coz I like how they are able to retain their friendship well by caring to each other so much until they realize that.. jeng jeng jeng… Happy ending la of coz.. Hehehe..They were friends for years and knew each other so well that anyone around them can feel something is going on between them (of coz both of them super lampi!!).. Tthe way they care for each other is so effortlessly (this happen before the early stage of confession).. Then it started to turn up side down when their own opponent started to put pressure on them.. Then they felt unease when they started to realize the feeling existence.. aiseh… luckily it ended the way it should.. The hero went “ Lets get married”.. then I super like the answer of the girl “let’s better be in love”.. (kuikuikui..she sort of avoid answering the proposal and it ended that way..)..hehehe.. And they are in their early thirties.. hehehe.. muda lagi tuh~~

Some has their concept of bringing their relationship into next by rushing things up coz their couldn’t bare to stay apart from each other.. They want to stick together all the time and share everything together.. But don’t we know that feeling faded away.. The faster it is built the faster it blows away.. It should be able to sail the sea of obstacles and the still standing strong as the anchor released mark the time has arrived. Hmmm… Again.. theories of the self-think-she-knows-lots-of–things-girl..Yuckkksss!! hehehe till then..