Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wink Wink

Hari ni ako puasa.. Today is going to be the last day of posa ganti that I need to ganti la..heheheh lega2..But counting the posa nazar yang tertunggak dekat 3 tahun nih..membuat me garu kepala..I need to at least reduce half of the amount of days yang tertunggak tu.. InsyaAllah..

Heard that most of the uni hav been closed due to the infectious flu H1N1. Even the engineering campus students are enjoying a week free off. The main campus still refuse to put on any notice although there’s a case reported internally. Ntah how true it is. Kalau week off betui2 lega.. G ronda lagi la jawap nya.. Yeah yeah..

Ako akan mula jadi mamarazi dgn mengupload pics2 kejadian..hehehe

below shows Kak Rai's car being block by tong sampah yang tak dikutip oleh encik2 lori..

Worth Of Watching : The Taking Of Pelham 123

We owe God’s death..(Ryder said) No!! We owe God’s life!!(Garber).. Seconds after that, the trigger pulled, and Ryder (played by John Travolta) fell with his last will “You are my hero man!!”.. This is from the movie The Taking of Pelham 123.. Out of 5 stars I gave 4.5.. This definitely a type of movie that don’t have good storyline but with all the A grade actors and the progress of the movie.. Bang.. It capture my heart and attention.. It was all about robbery and hijacking.. They don’t focus that much on the actions. The spotlight was on the deal between the plain guy (Denzel Washington) and the bad guy (John Travolta).. If I think again, this movie is really nothing.. But I was attached to it.. This time no good looking hot topless guy with showing off their six pack.. And I’m Ok with that.. ya..(Better than Blood : The last vampire.. No guy at all and it makes me sick!!!) No love story at all in this!! Just deal.. This might be the point where our film industry has to take note.. The lame storyline can be overcome with the correct choice of actors and the proper detail “perkembangan” of the story.. There’s no necessity to try to tell everything in the 2 hours show.. Go with the important and from there slowly we wave the magic wand.. Ewahh wat cm terror la..

The last time I saw John Travolta was him grooving on the dance floor in Grease. Then I lost track on him. I even missed out Hairspray that my friend said was a worth of watching movie. With the departure of his son from this world, he still manages to present a good act. And his charm after all the aging.. still there.. While Denzel Washington? Man..he is a real hell a good actor.. No wonder he was in the A list actor despite of the lack of look.. He act nerd and skema this time.. Can’t even grab the gun properly. As far as I’m concern he’s been involving a lot in action movies. Hmm probably a good actor can act blank in what they are best at.

Monday, July 27, 2009

It was last weekend.. First time lak ako g rombongan meminang without my parents.. Bertunang ja..Tapi 5 biji keta join the convoy.. Adik beradik ngan kawan ramai la katakan.. Everything went smoothly..Ako patut jadi jurugambo..tapi cam biasa..hasil hehehe biggest disappointment.. Just in case anyone hosting any majlis meminang, the thing that need to be in mind are:
1. Drinks need to be served upon the arrival of the guest.
the future pengantin (abg ako ngan reben poyo dia)
2. Get someone to baca doa or open the discussion..
Bakal sista-in-law to be bullied..yeahh
3. The future bride please be near the discussion hall.
One of the wajib bekalan
4. After the discussion ended, best is we have someone baca doa selamat..
Baju Cik dah..
5. Food for the guest should be ready once the doa end.

Adik hitamku bila bewak!!

6. Sudu or other necessary cutleries on the plate for scooping up the kuah..

. Tu dia..Geng abg ako..Malu makcik nak snap pic ni..
Susah sgat budak cam belut..gerak merata..skali ako guna auto mode..haaa putih suma.. Gambo kelas makcik2 overtime..Penuh Frame ja yang baju merah tu..

7. Alhamdulillah..kenyang..hehehe with ikan kedera masin and sambal belacan and sup tulang.. Pecah liur beb..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

+ - = (@_@)v

The tiang

Shy shy sweet

Nak celup ayat Lat "tetiba lama dah rasa tak upload gambo"..camie not yet bersara ok..cuma lazy nak transfer ja..hehehe.. Today..something odd happen..
Kecheeehh kecheehh.. The small little machine is trying his best to accelerate.. Jenuh ako pulas kunci tu try to start the car.. Last2, I took Ruby and dial “ cannot start la..”.. Then my pa who is just back from his morning jog, try his hand on d car.. “we need to jump start the car”.. I was like “Ohh..How?”..He taught me the theory behind.. Then I, 2 pushed (he’s pushing of coz..!).. “Put in the second gear” he shouted from the back.. Failed!! (I stopped the car..bongok btui ako ni).. Second time.. Engine on, the speed from the pushing and second gear in..the car pn Berjaya gerak..wahh thanks to my pa..He was breathing heavily..Bukan senang nak tolak keta..penat oohh.. especially for 57yearsold man like I was asked to speed on the road to recharge the battery.. Ok guys..the lesson of the day:

1. Engine On

2. Free gear

3. Hand break down

4. Push the car (until there’s some speed)

5. 2nd gear in

6. Don’t touch anything..

7. Just let the move and start itself..

Rollerblade tu rm300 tuh..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ako dan Tgh Hari Ku..

I wasn’t on myself lately.. Went to Qbay but didn’t watch movie pn.. I was hanging around in Borders..From one shelve to another.. Glancing through what to buy.. what to admire but not affordable to buy.. Then I parked at one of the section.. and sat there..Flipping each book from that rack… The music were ear soothing.. (but I’ll never put that on my personal playlist..)..heheheh..I took sometime to realize that it was forbidden to sit on the floor and read..Jakun btui ako..hehehe)..the guard came and “kak..tak boleh duduk sini”..highlight sat “KaK”! ya..ako sudah tua rupanya..damn..I shifted from the book corner to the magazine’s.. Of course anything with New Moon and Rob Pat on the title will be my choice to flip….Then bought bread and some and glancing through the glass mirror separating me and the counter!!..Drove slowly enjoying the sightseeing.. the my mail..and saw some motivation emails sent to me by some of my friends..Domo Arigato Gazaimas.. The end…

Sunday, July 19, 2009

* Signing *

The extended soap opera of life from different series have been bugging me lately..
The sad and the happy.. the rush and the blankness..
I’ve started to questioned my existence in this world..
What do I want to do? Or what am I trying to do..
With this two tengkorak hand, I tried and tried to do everything..
And none was completely done..
I’ve lost the focused that I never had..
drifting and sinking in the ocean of uncertainties..
I used to enjoy living in not knowing what to come next.. Horayy for the thrill..
Not sure if I felt the same now..
What I really feel like doing is to pack all my stuff and get away from all the mess..
ya.. I need an escape where I can tune the correct frequency and rethink back my next move.. Hopefully the day will come.. Where I’m able to breath and look at the world from different perspective..
InsyaAllah.. I pray for the day.. Amin..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Workshop Drama

I was so interested in a workshop organized in USM. So I went. As usual alone.. I thought everything will go smoothly like it used to be.. Then I realized.. Some occasion, being alone is not the effective way… Having companion will make up our day. So ya.. I wasn’t enjoying it.. Don’t really like it either.. But I’ve came all the way. Might as well finished it.. Then I can come into conclusion after some occasion.. Some typical guy just couldn’t take it when their opposite gender tend to be able to do alittle bit better than them. What an ego.. To start a conversation asking for advice and guidance is never been their first option. How are they going to maju with this attitude.. we are supposed to share and upgrade our self.. My mistake as well for being such a poker face.. It was not my nature to sengeh sana sini nak tanya “ada apa leh tolong ka?”..Bukan nya I don’t want to help..and now.. I’m sort of being isolated in the class.. why?coz I know a bit more ja..bukan blagak..ishhhh.. wrong approach and impression to people again...!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How Far??

How far will u go to after the heart of the person that u fancied so much? How willing are u to sacrifise your dignity and your pride to have him/her? That was what being portrayed in Obsessed. A married man, Derek happily married to his beautiful wife, Sharon was seduced badly by the hot and attractive temporary worker at his working place, Lisa. At the young age, Derek is an executive vice president of an established firm. Everything evolves around him is a bless and moving smoothly. Ali larter who played Lisa is damn a super bitch seducer tried again and again to seduce Derek. I have to give Derek thumb up with the strength to discourage her after he found out that this sick bitch is going too far. That thumbs up is for saying NO and GET OUT when she popped out of no where with 3 quarter naked in his car. Siao!!..The movie ended with tragic…

I’m not really good in putting all the scenes in to words.. Better watch it for ur self.. What I’m wondering is that how can an attractive girl with full package will have the heart to destroy other’s family just for the sake of love. True.. Finding the right companion is what we human is after. No doubt about that. People loose control when they are in love. That is statement claimed by the world. Putting these 2 statements together, to be together, they’ll do anything and put aside all the bad consequences that might emerge. What is that for? To complete each other by tearing apart others? I just couldn’t accept that dengan sepenuh hati.. We come into contact with man and women through out our life.. To the massive decision that we made, we gonna give huge impact to others.. bad one!!!! What I’m trying to said is that.. Damn it..!! Make wise decision before you plan to tear your family apart to be with your self claimed love one.. I’m super pissed to who ever acting like this bitch luring man for the sake of obsessive disorder.. And u all man out there, be honest to your spouse. Stop dragging unsure relationship level after level.. U’ll end up hurting your loves one..I’m Sick!!! Coz of the movie.. so apologize to any hard time reading this..

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Reunion Party~~

Let's get the party Started!!!!!!!at mamak stall..jeng jeng..
Dah lama dah our previous class nak organize the so call reunion..hehehe skali Jin Wei (the tallest and funny guy from our calss) came out with the invitation sent through frenster, facebook and of coz sms.. When I received the invitation, I immedietly contact our kaki..heheheh to my surprise everyone pn “BERES”..hehehe sronok suit..mula2 dekat old town..then changed to pelita sbb old town couldn’t afford the capacity of the crowd..our crowd..nearly 20 of us..or more?ntah..tak ingat…
Aktiviti tayang cencen..Aziela's

Is that smilling?

Melissa ngan cencen gedeguak dia..

Tension..Muka depa dua lincin!! Madam..I missed out on your time!!

Sorang lagi muka lincin..mental dah ako..

She use to be cute.. But now: preety

The most frustrated manusia bila tukar venue ke nasi kandar..

The crowd..4 table tuh..

Everyone that was expected to come did so..Even Sandra who is on holiday (dari Ukraine tu,,) came.. Awal lak..hehehe suma bermula dgn senyum sengih n we sat far apart from each other…scatter…after that..sorang2 usung kerusi, we gather at the end corner of the table and started all the fun and laughter..Jenuh gak la pipi tahan gelak n senyum.. PAstu kul 10 cabut…hehehe till the next round guys.. Enjoy the memory of the pics..not the quality!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Baru timbul dari tenggelam..

~ako lahir on tahun lembu~

Persis lama benar ya ako menyepi dari real blogging life.. I’m definitely not so hectically busy until no time to blog.. Ntah..the feel and mood wasn’t there la.. But lots of things happen lately.. The best is I’m able to slowly get along well with all the lab members and staffs.. Everything needs time.. And Alhamdulillah the positive progress is a big relieve.. We hang out during lunch, sports every Wednesday and banyak la lagi..i even gain a lot of new knowledge during my time in lab (it’s nearly been 2 months I’m here)..Although my project still haven’t start, I am messing around with others sample and experiment.. At least that could keep me occupied..

Ahhh even my tuition student making some extra efforts (that I really hope going to last long!! Not hot hot chicken shit !!heheheh) to do the homework that I gave.. We play and learn at the same time..hehehe..For me being a teacher is about making your student understand what u r teaching and they enjoy your class and felt no pressure..
Buku eclips that was given by my office mates pn I haven’t finish yet..wahhh sbb I am trying to read the post-mortem toxicology review. How I wish I’m a bit more rajin..i might end up in crime lab now..wawawaw.. But everything happen for a least I’m enjoying my time here..

p/s: When I read story book less, this is the result.. Nothing to say and repetitive sentences as well as words..sorry guys..

p/s again : By the way.. I’ve given a name to my hp.. Cik ruby!!.. heheh sbb dia ruby I’ll call her ruby.. Most of my stuff I “female” them..Bukan sbb ako tak ska laki.. ako ska la..just to limit the space for men in my life..hehehehe…

p/s lagi skali : i went for ice age yesterday..sneaking out as usual..heheh until my lec know that wednesday is hehehehe senang lenang day..heheh.. Frankly speaking..i prefer madagascar by 10x. I dont really enjoy this movie..Donno is funny but it manage to ticke me a few times ja..Best cartoon that i like the most: Anastasia

Monday, July 06, 2009

hp freak

i'm sort of perak@jakun..hehehe with the free wifi at Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar,ako pn tekan menekan la keypad lawak yg ako agak janggal nak guna...hehehe we've waited for nearly 20min 4 food to arrive.hmmmmm...maybe the reservation should be made for large crowd like us..12 of ala2 twitter la..hehehe will update more post soon..lapar2!