Monday, December 28, 2009


dah ada:

1. Katil baru (single solid rubber wood!! dark color..i like..)

2. Bilik Air Baru (new tiles.. ok lah.)

3. Jamban duduk baru (lama dah pecah da..)

4. Bilik yang disusun baru (baru ako sedar.. patut la org cakap.. change the position of ur furniture once awhile.. it lights up the mood.. kecuali ako perlu think of a way to shorten curtain nih.. abih sabu meja ako..)

5. SEMANGAT BARU...(tiap2 malam before ako tido.. ako berdoa: Ya Allah.. jujurkan dan bersihkan hati ako.. dan kuatkan semangat ako untuk work harder.. Amin..maka.. ako dalam masih dalam sesi pemulihan hati..ahakz.. i'll never turn to alim.. but try not to be too poyos..hehehe)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Downside of the Ups

Most of the time we don’t know what lies in front of us.. what’s have been prepared for us.. That is why some of us was torn in the middle of the rough n tough journey.. Its very un “siok” when u know you deserve something but it turns out that you failed to achieve what seems to be easy to you.. deep down in you.. you realize that you are better than them.. but their pathway is far easier if compare to you.. rezeki, ajal, maut, jodoh suma di tangan tuhan.. yeah.. that is what I’ve been believing.. until recently..
I was a bit let down and start to questioned my capability and my ability.. I’ve been rejected and turn down again and again by jobs or application related to government agencies.. hey.. what is wrong with me? If last time.. I’ll cursed and will continue with “Sial!!! What is wrong with you guys not accepting me!!”.. Now I really need to reflect myself.. my cockiness..
my arrogance and my pride.. probably he was sending some sign over to me.. sign for me to keep my feet down to earth.. to lead a sincere life and to turn back and glance through all the possible cracks and shit I’ve done and I’m going to do..
I’m a fun, crazy, unpredictable girl.. No.. I used to.. I agreed.. I sued to…my close friends said so.. I’m all upside down now..yeah.. coz I live a sincere life in the past.. I don’t lead a double face life.. I do what I like to do.. i hate wh
en I need to.. then I’ll get over it fast.. coz I don’t keep things in heart.. now I’m more like a miniature trying to gather everything and keep them in my small narrow heart.. I think I’m no longer that cheerful and the fighter anymore.. I don’t fight for when I need too.. I grumbled.. damn..!!!
Not all people able to lead a successful life and still keep good grab and control in their life.. I might n
ot be one of that.. that probably be the reason he wants me to go through the hardlife, hardway… so that I will not forget and appreciate my root.. I’m not an intelligent person.. I’m just a normal girl that work slightly harder.. I need to not to rely on the luck that have been following me all these while.. I need to yeah.. work harder.. that’s is what I am going to do…. .
I want to believe that.. You’ll deserve what is yours!!
p/s: writing does able to reduce and answered the doubt that circling you.. I was upset before.. and I found my track back while my words flow.. I hope all of you did.. let’s work harder.. for the future, our love one and for ourselves.. may he be with us..

Friday, December 18, 2009

Closer.. Preparation?

Perut ako tgh keriukk keriukk lapar nih... memandangkan i had my heavy i mean super heavy lunch at my ma's friend house.. fuhhh ako dapat la laksa 2 mangkuk although the taste still not really there.. tp ok lah.. nak lepas tringin.. then 1 slice of moist (melelehnya tahap) choc cake.. gilos.. then 1 scope of mee (nak try ja.. no big fan of mee).. and some kuih muih.. menyebabkan kesedatan dia terasa smpai kul 10 mlm td.. then now. the euphoric effect of being full gone replaced by the craveness towards spicy food.. ishshh by the way.. my ma's is going to cook Hokien Mee tomorrow.. Hehehe again the modified version lah.. prediction will be : agak sedap..hehehe..
Before tu.. smalam marked the beginning of new islamic calender.. Wahh dulu.. ako tak tou pn apa benda awal muharam nih until the song : awal muharam detik permulaan, penghijrahan nabi dan umat islam.. dari kota mekah ke kota madinah... oh.. new year rupanya.. heheh cetek nya pengetahuan ako nih.. Ive asked someone before.. bukankah ajal maut tuh di tangan tuhan (dgn confient nya ako time tu cam ako tak takot mati...).. then i was waked by the statement "amal tak cukup lagi di dunia.."...wah.. pastu ako went blank.. ouww.. ya.. sekian..

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm trying to Be Normal

This morning i had that break down again!! That sudden urge of depression and need to do something to pleased myself and free myself from being miserable.. i thought after i had Rebung Masak Lemak dekat bakti and I’ll end up with acceleration of mood. Yukkss!! not true.. my anxiety disorder caused me to turn all the way back home and pick up my wallet (ako mmg suka lupa bw wallet g lab..n im driving??..Thank God.. I’m alive and still manage to prevent myself from continue cursing the police force for any tickets or attempting to bribe me!!!)..
So.. En Roy ngan Aziah (Without Jojo - tgh on xperimen n Lina - membuat cendol-cendol free dari salur pernafasannya..) pn join la my hunt for Church Street.. Turn punya turn punya turn.. last last.. ako mendial arkib negara : "Weh ako kt Bishop Street nih.. Mana aah Church street?"..sebelah n selari rupanya.. pusing la plak.. alamak.. no entry.. pusing lagik!! ishhh no 28 is the other side la.. corner lagik.. ahhh "aziah kanan, En Roy kiri!!".. malangnya.. no even sign of underwater creature existed along the street..
Last last.. in order to please myself n calm myself down, i went to Hobi - Sport n got myself my very very first 2 equiptments for the whole expensive set.. hehehe i bought pair of glove for RM 40.50 (ori price : RM 139.90)and Booties RM 40 (Ori price : 129.90).. (En Tayar 2, saya tidak akan menyesal kerana membeli nya!! no mirror confession akan dilakukan kali ini)..
hehehehe yeah yeah.. pastu p lak cari tin cat anti bacteria.. Nippon rupa-rupanya the only brand with this features.. The cat will be used for the cell culture room.. Suma need to be sterelize.. maka dinding pn kena!! heheheh so.. dengan gumbiranya ako balik... wahhh mood ako sgt baik hari ini.. ditambah lak ngan hehehe pa ako yg baik ati menanyakan adakah ako perlu meminjam duit dia tuk bli all the equipt.. wawawa...mesti la!!..heheheh opppss ako soon akan jd penghutang!! omg.. demi full gear~~~~~ sanggup ja..
aishhh adik hitamku akan balik dan menghantam kata-kata kesatnya memerli wat im doing n trying to do.. haiiihh~~~

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kenormalan Hujung Minggu

Sunday marks another end to the weekend that were filled with kenduri (omg.. thinking of the nasi minyak and to highlight the "minyak!!"..) minus the cancellation of aerobic session.. replaced by Starwalk.. yeah slightly similar to Penang Bridge run.. eh.. tak tak.. that crazy run keeps you running in the dark and in the wee hour!! .. i was thinking of participating with my pa next year..sure he's going to tinggal me metersss away.. did i ever mentioned that he walk like my mother run..hahahaha.. maybe faster..
My obsession syndrom attacking again.. this time is to survey and lay my wawawa ringgit to the diving shop.. Yesterday i made my pa ride me to the town and pusing all over the possible place in search of diving shop.. I jotted down the address of all the possible shop.. and with the estimated location.. we started our hunting. It was 3pm yo!!.. of coz on motor ex5 antik tu.. what do u expect, driving down to town during weekend.. we might not make it for dinner... so round n round.. from Hutton lane, to island plaza, along bagan jermal, up to tanjung tokong, then half way batu feringgi.. his getting impatient so we ended our search with gurney plaza then..heheheh last was paya terubong's permata complex...
And the result? sial!! satu pn tak dapat.. we cant even locate the shop!! the one in Gurney is freakingly expensive!!! 500 for pair of fin.. ako cirit kat salesgirl tu baru tau.. Heheheh.. My kepala batu tells me not to stop searching until im satisfied.. so i have this escape plan tomorrow during lunch hour if possible.. Found another address in the yellow pages..ya ya i learnt from the mistake la.. ill give them a call then get the nearby landmark and building..
p/s: when it comes to location, i'm dumber then a bimbo!! i dont even know that the road along the Nasi Kandar Line Clear is called Penang Road until early this year..hekhekhek..Faez.. if ako can keep hg in my pocket during my trip n hunting, i will!! heheheheh
another p/s: sial internet kat rumah ako seems to block any photo uploading..!!
last p/s: those with controlled temper (ako nya makin kurang kwalan..heheh) please feel free to join me in places n shop hunting next time..register yourself!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Small Blink Blink

Let us.. close our eye.. breath.. then think.. if any thing happen to you.. who will be the most badly effected? ...

A few days ago i was doing this crazy thinking on "what will happen after i left?".. then i started my own fairytale of moarning.. i was doing so time before ako tido.. so my eye widely blink in the dark here and by one images silih berganti.. then i remembered clearly.. i can see my mama's pale, expressionless glare..ya.. i cannot let anything happen to me.. coz she couldnt live without me around.. that's wat she claimed all the times.. again and again.. hekhek.. tak mo bagi ako p jauh nya ayat faveret.. haihhh.. ako pn tak tou kenapa perlu ako post pasal ni...heheh sbb ako tgk ramai ja post kosong..heheh maka horeyy to post kosong..

quiz for all: who do u think will be badly effected if u left this world?

p/s: ako dah dapar breaking down penyakit malas mula menjalar.. yoosshh!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ako dan Sekarang

Lama nya jari penuh parut ako tak menari di atas buttons nih.. wahh.. benda yang abis gempar yang ako buat will be baru balik dari singapore and i was on the stupid bodo nya bus dari KL ke Penang for 8 hours.. Bodo gila dia berenti merata.. and i was so weakly sick that time.. haihhh sila amik iktibar ini dan jgn sesekali naik bus yang disyorkan oleh ulat-ulat kat pudu tuh.. i should have just head to Transnational counter or Konsortium.. tp ako sgt la tak larat that time dgn barang2 yang bnyk.. now im getting better and resume to work..
USM is having pesta hoki skali lagi.. tetiba sayu ja ako tringat bdk2 hoki SMK Sungai Ara dulu.. We practices so hard and alhamdulillah bagi team yang baru ditubuhkan, we manage to be 2nd in Penang state.. Sepatutnya we won, but ako terlepas tahan the last ball.. ceh.. bukan rezeki sungguh..Skrang hampir suma budak hoki dah kawin and even beranak.. so its impossible for a reunion game dah.. haisshh kitaran hidup kita ni kejap ja.. today u are this and tomorow dah jadi lain.. Despite of who you turn out to be.. May the Force always be with you and may all of u find ur success.. Amin..

Monday, November 30, 2009

Inner Emptiness Refilled

I am an addict now!! Yoshh.. my craziness towards novel came again..skali lagi adik ako cakap : “aah hg mmg hot hot sgala shit yang ada kt dunia nih”..hehehe for the pass 5 days i’ve manage to filled my inner emptiness with 3 romantic story plots from Eclipse (wow what take me so long!!ahakz..), PS I love You and The notebook.. The last two were special contribution by Nadia.. Thanks ya!!.. At least i felt contented!! Ahakzz..

PS I Love You deliver a special message on gathering your strength to face the world after one of the major strength of your life collapse.. I was caught by the reading temptation the moment i set my eye on the first page.. Pages over pages made me realised that love wont vanished in the thin air just like that.. falling in love might be easy but falling out of love on the person that u felt so much is harder than anyone can imagine.. Yeah.. I cried across the sorrow plots, laugh with them over their silliness and their spontaneous joke and conversation.. With Gerald Butler on the cover..ahakzz lagi lah..~~ sempat lagi ako wat iklan..

The Notebook.. Cover depan dia akan menyebabkan my mama n pa curiga what type of book am i reading.. hello 23 ok.. pass all the adult section..ahahaha.. Tapi this book is definitely not to judge based on the cover.. Its a classic love story that captivate my heart.. I was so touched how can 2 person that was apart for 15 years managed to find themselves strongly attracted to each other again.. And how the love they carried along with their 49 years of marriage still burning although fate ripped off their last few years of the weak pounding of heart beats..
Apart from what i felt for Edward Cullen from the saga sensation, Eclipse still far behind in conveying the love message as other senior writers..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

sambungan kepada kekuciwaan

ako post nih dari cik kelam kabut skit..we shall start with the main actors n actresses, please bare in mind that suma ni my sarcastic opinion offends.. U may agree or disagree..up to u..hehehe

Bella - She knows very well that she loves edward like gila gila..then at d same time she flirt with jacob..i was like..what?ya.. life has to go on.. The way to cure d broken heart will be start dating again.. Tp.. Geramnya.. Com on girl.. U heart broke, at d same time u want to break others?what is it so great about needing a constant partner by your side for her to live?edward left n she was like mayat hidup.. jacob came to her life..dia ok blk..then jacob wat hal skit dia down blk..mcm la dlm hidup mati dia tuk ada partner ja..makcik marah nih dia curang kt edward!!

Edward - i was hell into this guy..he used to be weird,strong,charismatic,n charming in d first one..and manage to drive me partially insane to buy some magazines with his pics n stories..siap jd cm stalker pn ada..asyk browse through the net for his gossip update..lokkooo!!! Ahh percaya la..tidak akan ako buat dh.. Tp this one, ako rasa cm he was over reacted.. Faking pn ada gak.. As if he tried too hard..not natural anymore..his aura definately off my reach or sense.. Their eye contacts were less fire and passion..

Jacob - a 17 years old boy with d wow bravo body...fuhh..breath..this guy..he knows he's good loking n he tried to be good looking in most of d scene..gaya cover macho gitu..kali ni mmg platform yg bnyk tonjolkan his character.. Not as good as expected.. Still sedikit kaku...

they definately need to go to acting class more n rehearse more n more for d next one.. Ako goyang kpala ja time.. Dont put too high expecration on your interest..ull end up cursing them like me!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NEW MOON Disappointment!!

Yeah!! sgt sgt mendown kan ako!!
ako frust gila ngan muvie nih.. i just came back from the kononnya most-awaited-muvie.. wawawaw.. u know what? its not worth!! but memandangkan ako byr only student price..then sabar ja la..
What went wrong? why cant they just stick to the original director? nak bagi nafas baru? it's not syncronize anymore.. probably because the pressure n too high expectations.. the actors n actress were all stressed out.. I just couldn't feel them like i did with twilight.. the emotion conflicks wasnt quite there.. I couldnt feel.. wawawa.. Rob Pat.. U let me down~~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I bought the New Moon Ticket!!

Keobsessan ako terhadap twilight saga menyebabkan i landed in front of the ticket counter yesterday mornig.. ako cabut g ak seperti yang dijangka!! hahahah.. Yoshhhh i was the first one who bought the ticket for the movie priemere.. kosong lagi time ako bli..heheh sronok~~~~and.. ako dpt student price..heheh new moon for rm6!!! Please visit me at c18.. ako tak ska dok row tengah.. i'll stressed my eye to concentrate on the whole screen.. so i'll always choose the right side seating...Tak sabar ako nak tunggu tomorow.. sure kena sound ngan mak ako sbb time tu dia patut nya tgh balut ketupat..wawaawaw..and adik hitamku telah pulang..yeayyy~~

Monday, November 23, 2009

I hate I hate

Never come across me in my life I'm going to say this.. I hate being tall n i hate being thin..
Suma gara-gara 2 damn senarios yg menganggu judgemental ako yg mmg sedia senget..
I am crazy over a flat form sandal which is around 3 1/2 ".. and lama dah nih ako ska gila.. then dalam hujan n kpala bomb smalam, i went with me mama.. everything fits on well. when i started to stand up, i can see horror in my mother's pair of brown eye.. she said i look like a giant.. wawawawa.. ako rasa dia nak kata ako nampak cam nyah kot.. and said NO to buying that shoes.. sob sob.. bukan senang ako nak ska kat heels.. sampai ati.. how i wish that time my height is within the normal range.. aissshhh..
i hate being thin: all due to the fact that i catch cold easily when some beberapa titik hujan kena kepala ako (tau dah..sure ada org nak kata "tu la..pkai tudung kan tak kena"..hekhekhek..).. bukan la nak kata ako super thin or what, the penebat haba seems to be not as efficient as those gebu people (i'm trying to be very polite.. please dont get me wrong..).. So i'll achiuu whenever its cold, in the morning, kena air cond yg agak sejuk skit, kena hujan, kena debu..haiyoo tahi penyakit!!
p/s: I hate being both for only the two reasons above.. part of that, i wish i'm taller n thinner..heeheheh..
p/s: Ako nak cabut juga juga g bli tiket new moon pg nnt.. cehh..sure kena beratur ngan budak2 hingusan suma.. Rob Pat c how much i sacrifice to go n see u..ahakzz..sial otak sakit..
p/s: ya.. ako dalam keadaan unwell today..mentally n physically sick!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Afternoon Stretch

Hard Rock Hotel.. Nama yang gah gitu.. At last i had the opportunity to jejak kaki ke sana.. I like the concept implemented.. International la katakan..
We entered the lobby which is facing directly to the open sea.. (separated by the children water playground).. At the lobby itself, they prepare quite a number of sofa, seats, chair with tables and with free wifi i guess.. Saw few visitors were on laptop while eyeing on their little kiddo.. There's even a group of parents were on scrabble (ako baru ja tersebut psal game nih..heheh).. Bagus nih..sharpen ur mind and enhance your vocab at the same time.. The condition and environment give sense of relaxing and laid back.. So informal... I really like that.. There's pathway leading to different sections.. Gift shop, and cafe..
I think i saw an air conditioned room specialized for functions hosting.. Yeah.. those planning for a beach wedding this hotel definitely meet the requirement.. The space for the room might not be able to accommodate too many visitors.. (ya la kot..ako agak ja..)..
Kids were enjoying themselves at the water playground which look safe to me.. the water level is relevant and the the risk might be minimalize with the presence of the few life guard.. (ako nak amik lesen life guard la next sem..usm ada..heheh).. The only slack will be the toilet.. They should hire a standby cleaner to keep the toilet sparkling clean.. After all.. its the international outlet right..
the cafe? look cozy from outside.. Even the music played were ear soothing.. (tua nih..kureng ska yg bising sgt..).. Memandangkan age 21 and below not allowed to enter.. maka.. i cannot la enter..hekhekhek.. Drizzling rain chased me away.. (yeah.. sy telah achiuuu lg..)
p/s: Hard Rock London.. Yeah!!!
p/s: sial nya ternet kat rumah tak bley upload gambo..ako nk g kentut kt tmnet sok.. ceyytt podah..
p/s: Thanks for the ride..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Gone through some of my fren's blog, few of them started more or less with "It's been awhile since i blogged..."heheheh i was a bout to said that thou...hehehe.. for sure lots of thing to catch up with.. The tuition ended.. did i mentioned it earlier?hehehe so to keep my self occupied.. I did few D.I.Y stuff.. (do it your self la!!) ..

first segments of D.I.Y was to shalek my table.. Some weird ideas of wanting to uniform my room color.. Eh salah the furniture in my room.. Well i had this almari with dark wood color.. And i am so tak sedar diri that poket ako hampir kering, i wanted to get myself a very simple single wooden bed (cheap is included in the defination..ahakzz).. Maka, my table which was slightly clear brownish dishalek until all turn out to be black!! it was my pa la.. go n buy black color shalek.. aisehh... Not bad la.. for a first timer.. Maka belegam la meja ako..up n down.. n my room smells stink!! ueekk..

Another chapter of D.I.Y was preety embracing... Hahahaha gelak dulu sat.. With the help of Ja a (thanks!!) ako dapat la bday guitar chord.. In the hope to record the live version and send it over la..kononnya... hahaha ako record ja.. hahahah pengsan.. ako sendiri tak sampai hati nak dengar..last2..dalam 20 recordings that still tak work, fed up.. ako peluk guitar n felt asleep.. hahaha frust sampai lena...maka..peringatan pada semua.. sila D.I.Y ikut kemampuan anda..!! Jgn berangan ja lebey~~..

p/s: dinner dekat Gurney hotel skali lagi menampakkan ako memakai boot sakit kaki ku yang zip nya tersangkut!! hehehe..nasib dapat buka..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Heavy Stone and Cloudy Sky

Isshh susah sungguh jadi human being nih.. kita dikurniakan dengan satu anugerah: emosi.. This can be bad and can turn out to be a gift.. This is also the trait that differentiate us from other living organism.. With emotion, we are able to think and act.. High 5 if you agree with me that emotions caused people to react selfishly without the word “think” or “think less” or maybe “think too much”..

That’s not the point that I’m trying to deliver.. I hate the fact that sometimes in a few days in a month, i tend to be slightly emotion.. (slightly ker? Cam banyak jer...).. hehehe tu boleh potong time PMS la..time tu ako normal skit.. hehehe.. Like now...this very moment... The feeling of depression cam menyerang.. go through veins and arteries and the end to the brain..
My emotion state is below par i guess.. This thing happen without warning.. It was ok previously then it was not after few encounters with other emotions projected from other living organism.. They did nothing.. maybe my negative aura seems to be too dominant and others positive charge couldn’t seems to neutralize it..

Beware..its a disease!!

Wat a bad beginning for a day...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Luahan Dari Penelitian

Ada post yang ako nak siarkan tapi unfortunately nak upload gambar sial lambat ternet kat rumah nih..maka kena la bertapa lantas bersabar kejap menyimpan post tu tuk disiarkan sok di lab..hope hope en kat lab tu tak berebut ternet lagi la ngan ako..hehehe...
Post ni kira ulasan kepada post yang bakal ako tampalkan la..
Melalui pembabitan ako ngan budak sekolah menengah kebelakangan nih menyedarkan ako satu perkara penting... Cikgu sekalian: Pendekatan maki hamun, provokasi yang keterlaluan dah agak ketinggalan zaman.. dan perlu dengan serious nya memikirkan sesuatu cara yang lebih berkesan tuk laksanakan sesuatu task.
Selaku cikgu.. apa yang lebih penting? pelajar ikut cakap kita dengan bebai nya atau dengan senyuman..? Bukan susah dan bukan mudah juga untuk kita ambik hati mereka.. Budak-budak tidak suka dijerkah dengan kata-kata yang kesat.. (sesungguhnya tiada org yang ska!!).. mmg mereka nakal dan jika tidak dikawal dengan tegas, akan terpesong akhlak mereka.. tapi sentuh lah hati mereka ngan keihklasan kita... remaja boleh terima sekiranya dimarah berkena dengan tempatnya dan gayanya.. mereka bisa saja menerima kata-kata nasihat tegas yang diselang-selikan dengan lawak..
kita suma pernah melalui hidupan sebagai remaja sekolah.. mungkin situasi dan keadaan kita berbeza-beza.. namun cikgu yang sempoi sentiasa akan berbekas dan dikenang kita kan? definasi sempoi bagi ako lah: tak bising sgt, cool, lawak, bijak dalam apa yang dibuat, dedikasi, tegas dan murah dengan senyuman.. Ako tak teragak-agak tuk score dalam subject depa.. sbb ako ska cara depa ajar n keseluruhannya..
cikgu sememangnya memainkan peranan yang sangat besar dalam hidup kita suma.. sbb cikgu juga lah kita boleh benci sesuatu subjek sehingga merah saja stiap kali exam.. (instead of fikir: mampus la kat depa sbb tak belajar..apa kata think back: cara ako tak kena nih.kena guna style lain nih.).. bukan semua orang ada kegigihan untuk excel atau berjaya dalam hidup sbb dia mahukan begitu.. banyak bergantung kepada faktor sekeliling..
maka.. ako tak tou ako merepek apa kebenda dgn bahasa ako yang tungging langgang.. i sound stupid in watever language i used!! harap maaf pada yang terasa..
ako akhiri dengan: letak lah diri kita diatas kedudukan mereka.. suka kah kita sekiranya kita diperlakukan sedemikian rupa?
*treat people the way u want people to treat u*
eh ada lagi.. sial betui depa tak lulus kan exam KPLI ako..baru buh ayat-ayat pedas skit dah reject..ako nih cikgu yang agak baik tau.. yukkss.. your lost!!

Updated Delayed Post

Hola Bloggers.. Fuh.. cam busy siut kebelakangan ni ngan kerja selain kerja lab..
1. This week adalah week terakhir tuition ako.. Pasni.. lega.. No more comitment.. Saya telah free untuk dibook ke mana-mana pasni.. hekhek..

2. Berlangsungnya program-program anti-tobacco "BERTEKAD" dibawah naungan supervisor ku.. Puas n best!!
3. Sila lawat blog yang akan ako cuba usahakan agar berjaya!!hahaha drama.. kalau ako tak malas.. Tak pa..banyak lagi akak-akak fasi n abg fasi akan update..
4. Ako dah bertambah gelap gara-gara aktiviti outdoor ako bertambah..

5. Maaf to ajk-ajk program BERTEKAD yang tertempias penyakit n angin stuborn ako n tabiat "wanting to do things my way"....oppss.. will try my best to reduce n not to repeat them again!! Gomen..sincerely..

6.Ako tgh gunakan laptop adik hitamku selama 3 minggu.. yeahh!! dia tinggalkan tuk ako..maka ako berlagak ngan laptop ringan ini.!! ako nak beli yan gbaru next year!! Aminn..