Friday, June 19, 2009

Bad Weekend Start..

I was browsing through the internet not knowing wat am I supposed to browse or see. Email? Blank..FS.. blank..Blog..Blank.. Last I ended up typing “Robert Pattinson accident”. Ahakz.. I heard over the that he met a minor accident and was doing fine.. Fuhh… And just found out that he’s acting in “Remember Me” along with Emilie de Ravin (Lost) and Mr Brosnan..
Then I came across him being nominated as the lead in Celebrity Need Shower.. Ahakz.. Ya..he smells stink. Some even mentioned that he’s bad habit of not bathing can be portray as the vampire that hate sunlight.. Hilang akal.. How can they live not refreshing themselve with the most abundant natural source in the world?.. Even Julia Robert and Mary Kate are in the list. I can’t believe it. They are wearing designer cloths and they don’t bath like for days…OMG.. !! I do heard that the weather in the west is different from us. Their summer is hot and dry. And you don’t sweat that much. I’m not sure how true is that.. Never been there.. Will i? Ahakz.. I’ll go world tour on my honeymoon..!! Ya right.. !! I’ll ended up doing haji.. (tunggu honeymoon tak sampai2..hehe) ..

I've been trying to motivate myself to gain more money!! Yeahh I want to have enough money so that I can enjoy at least 3 month once out of Penang. That is not too much i hope.. Gurl.. Fighting!!! If I couldnt get somebody to support me. Then I believe that I’m capable of doing so myself.. Ya.. God created me to be sempurna anggota badan..(drop the mental part..T_T).. So I'll come out with a temporary three months plan.. Lense..Holiday..Shopping.. (work hard, shop harder and enjoy hardest..!!)
Org tua-tua said: Your biggest enemy is yourself.. So u guys out there.. Work hard to achieve what u want in life. Make an effort to change and adapt to the environment that u live in.. The condition might not be favorable, but trust yourself!! You can do it if u try and try and try.. Failures are the collection of experiences.. and keep smiling.. ^o^..It might not work but it helps..

ha..amik encik durian..AKo malas nak ciplak orgnya..

p/s: Ako nak guna lak..menggantikan red_chopsticks.. Although someone said that it represents me indirectly.. Thanks.. I really appreciate that.. Yet it's still belong to others (by a chinese restaurant at i-avenue, Penang).. So i'll go for until ako benci red..hehehe.. sbb ako mmg ska red!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blood: The Last Vampire

This is like so not good.. Again.. I went for cheap movie day.. And watched Blood: the last vampire. With Yen Nee. Hehehe I thought of cancelling at first when seems like I was having so many thing to juggle. Then tepih sana cni.. Berjaya.. Waahhh I was eyeing for this movie since 2 weeks ago.. hahah for the sake of VAMPIRE!! Omputih konon..jumpa vampire versi Malaysia (Cik Pontianak) mati unconscious serta merta..heheheh…
To my disappointment..The movie plot was so lame and boring I supposed.. Too many killing of the half blood to her own kind.. And they call themselves vampire? Not even close….Yang paling tak was like so girls movie.. The hero n heroin are both girls!! Face it la.. U need to add on some opposite gender to boast up the movie line..heheheh sakit mata ako watching girls only.. They concentrated so much on the effect and technical that they really neglect to tell the story in the interesting way. Maybe I’m not so sastera (I hate History during SPM!!)..hehehe..put aside the killing scences (too many!!) then this muvie can be watch by kids..So watever!!
So 0ut of 5 I give 2.. For the sake of the sword..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lazy Escape

haaa..amik..larger version of Edward..pheweeettt

I did that!! out of the blue round moon that i mentioned in earlier post. I did escape from my usual 9 to 5 working hour.. Wasn’t feeling good (in terms of mood..) so ako pn cabut at 3..heheh before i was scanning through the gsc web for movie to watch.. (ari ni murah mah..Syukor n faeez gerenti kata..nyonya nyonya juga..heheh save save!!)..As i was browsing through ..u know what caught me eye?hehehehe..hehehe...I drove down to Qbay and went up straight to the cinema ..Ako ngan muka poker ako yang gerenti org jelik..heheh tak kuasa nak senyum kat sapa..then i saw bunch or should i use the sesat word.. - bunches of little school kiddo lining up for ticket purchasing. and there are so many of them. lining up, lapak..trying to catch few easy prey. It took around 10 minute to get there.. Definitely faster than govt office on a free day..hehehe.. then the lady at the counter was membeliak kan her mata when i said.. "Syurga Cinta 3.20pm nya satu").. ahahahah ya !! i watched that movie ..hehehe..that's the only movie that i can get back home before 5..the rest going to stretch too late..

I sat the last row and i was alone senang ati..hehehe then the ads before the short movies started were enormous. Dun like that. But good oso.. can eye on wat's next coming movie that i might wan to watch ..heheh..And it's Sandra's Bullock romantic comedy yang i couldnt remember wat is it..Cam best sehhh..Ok back to Syurga cinta..heheh wat to say.. Thumbs up (one only) to Awal.. I never expect that he's acting skills is improve tremendously..heheh a lot lot better than I'm Not Single (ako tgk gak cter melayu nih..)..The penghayatan was not bad..hehehe with the look and skill, he can go far..hehe despite of wat sexual personalities he is..I'm a fan of him.. Of coz bigger fan for Edward Cullen..hehehe..He has the style.. The not too over the top style..Heliza? Not bad..tapi kurang skit..MAybe it was her first so she seems to be memorizing script and most of the movement wasn’t at eased or natural..But good try for first time.. But she is preety.. Storyline? Ok oso..This movie cannot be catogorized as must watch muvie, it can go for ok to watch..better than any other previous local muvie (Mukhsin lagi sweet).. I was touched by few scene.. Few of the indirect massage do alert me.. No offend ya..I just happend like this one the most: Jadi la perempuan yang berada dalam balang kaca.. Hanya yang benar-benar layak yang dapat memilikinya..pergghhh kentang.. heheheh jiwang gitu..

p/s: I am halfway on Eclipse.. Hehehe that’s why Edward's name being mentioned over and over.. heheheh.. After so long, i just manage to start it. Thanks SSC for the present.. And i bought Breaking down d..Ifa did for only Rm 35.. Discount tu babe...Hehehe couldn’t wait to finish this one..and start the new one.. Twilight Saga mission going to complete ..wawawa

Monday, June 08, 2009

knuckle, muddy and blur

Ha…This blogging activity from working place makin menjadi-jadi nih..Isshhh hehehe.. I’m bored to death today. Luckily there are present of some seniors baik yang sudi go lunch with me ..T_T..My labmate all went to the 1 week writing workshop which I’m sooo lucky for escaping this time yet sooo unluckily if I need to go in the future..Alone? Ni yang sadis ni..

Today and yesterday seem to be uncertain to me. Weird. I was left alone and suddenly I hate the fact that I’m alone and after that I’m ok with it. I’ve been hanging around with me mommy every second of my free time (she tagging me or the other way? Of coz la her!!) Then yesterday I was alone to Sunshine. The moon was so bright and round. Full moon la katakan.. (aahh new moon!! And Edward Cullen? Hahahaha I’m totally into him..Yeahhh!!).. While walking alone, there’s sudden peace and relaxing feeling that hard for me to describe. If the current crime rate is still under par, I think I shall sit by the sea and enjoy the night breeze alone..’m starting to imagine that..wahhh best best.. Yet ..Gila apa ka..Tak pasal kang in the headline.!!

But it doesn’t last long.. I mean the calmness. Sudden fear and loneliness menyelinap in every inch of my vein.. Cam smacam.. Weird.. This doesn’t last long either.. I think I might need to visit Dr gila for awhile.. To make sure that my state of consciousness is under control. Upon returning home and prayer, I slept a not so good sleep.. and till today.. I’m still blur and blur…So the title for this blog will be: knuckle, muddy and blur

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Weekend ku~~

Wahhh gamat nih..Last weekend was filled with kenduri and kenduri and kenduri..
Saturday at Alor Setar and Sunday in Seberang.. Heheheh 2 days of nasi minyak and need to extra 1 round of work out..!! (Besides the fact that i'm on 30 times sit up every morning..Try to get the flat stomoch but failed!!)..
Heheh as usual i'm lazy to transfer all the pics.. Will update soon..Kecoh with the story first..Ili's wedding is the second friends wedding that i attended (1st is hot mommy ruzzana's).. We went to the seberang jaya mosque for the car transfer and proceed with Wira to Negeri jelapang padi..Kalu with my cute SLK, abis la..Temperature rise and the cutie will keceehhh kecehh break down..hehehe.. Ako jadi penumpang..!! Sangat suka..Sbb tak yah memandu.. The weather was a real challange to us.. Hot and sunny.. Good timing for wedding.. Me mamimo said: better panas terik dari hujan..hmmm btul betul betul..
I was planning on kebaya nyonya tapi tett changed to kurung as i need to hang camie and carry photo frame (our shared present for pengantin) which is the size of the wall.. Nasib ako tak kisah..heheheh..Food was good (normal malay wedding dishes..and to my surprise, she really pink everything (her fav color)..Really pink..From dress to house deco to door gifts and even hantaran..Pheewww.. Not to forget, the pengantin lelaki oso!! slight pink sulaman on the nack..hehehe...
I realize one thing, the fake eye lashes really works to top up on the bride look. Nmpak mata lebih besar..Hehehe glam gitu.. Bunch of single girls went there and i was the prey for the day. I was teased to the max until no face leh..haiyo want to kena odi kot.. Buli underage people.. Wait la till the next round..I'm on grudge nih!! watch out!!!..Dushh last..I'm on Honda City..hahah been wanting to ride one.. And yes..!! pas ni nak naik keta swift lak..ahakzz..Walaupun penat, tapi syok..really syok..And thanks to all..!! Looking foward for the next friend's wedding..Sapa cepat!! please jemput me!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Delayed post ~~

I’m alone in the house watching dark night. Before that I was on Bones. Why? Both of my parents wasn’t around. They went back to the kampong. Left me and my bro. Actually today wasn’t a good day. A cloudy day to be exact. I did something not so good.

My laptop travelmate 4151 lmi was given to him and came back broken on the LED Cover. And I need this lappy back. And I don’t favor the worsen condition on the thing that I gave. So I made him go to Highpoint (Acer service centre) and guess what? They demanded 200+ for LED cover..Siao!!! Then he decided to try normal computer shop and he ended up in motor workshop.. The temperature rised that time. Then I went online hunting for online spare part. And I found something similar to my model.. I rushed him to make the payment (on him.His the one damaged lappy). He failed again to do so. I was pissed that time. I sent msg to him(he was working that time) then he said he’s busy and couldn’t go off… Fuhh..
Meanwhile I was drafting my proposal for the master application. Things wasn’t running smoothly as well. Stuck in the middle.. So I’m sort of on heavy mood swing.. Very quite and only talk when I have to (I talk crapt all the time when I’m in good mood until I was asked to shut up!!by him or coz..).. I was hoping that he did bank in the money and I drifted away in my endless dream (Tired!!) ..

Today morning was not a good start, I scolded him in the morning lak tu.. this time instructing him to bank in before 10. He made that. I know he’s damn angry with me..then it turns out that the part doesn’t suit mine.. Damn..!!! and the payment made.. Refunding? Mimpi la..I think the money will be burnt just like that..sent msg over to the seller.. No reply.. After me calarkan my bro heart and the part doesn’t match and the seller keep quite? Ni la orang cakap balasan to the bad thing that we do.
Alhamdulillah..At least I was awake and reminded through this.. Hmmm my bro and me? I don’t know..Hope thing could become better…as usual..fight and cool back..

Another case: I went to aerobic like usual. Before going, I have this bad thinking: mama tak dak, leh pakai la seluar yang dia tak suka tu.It was not loose..tapi tak la tight sangat.Biasa ja org lain just that I have extra production of fatty acid there..So..u know..then..pergi la..PAstu. the player wasn’t functioning. No music during aerobic? Aduhhh…benggang…!!!! Yet I was there..Buat aksi2 monyet temporary..Ceyyytt.

Kesimpulannya.. Marina bermuhasabahlah diri anda..Please be in control…
And Bro!! Sorry aahh…The end (This was supposed to be yesterday's night post!!)

Monday, June 01, 2009


Ako g langkawi!! Ni gambar !!

Ni ikan pari.. Yeah.. Ikan yang kita bli kat pasar tu.. I touched it.. It fell silky n lembik..hehehe.. First geli.. Later i felt some soothing n relaxing while scrubbing it so call head.. I think it liked it too.. It hang around enjoying my touch until i chased it away.. I still remember the look on it's eye.. Looking deep into me as if asking me to free hima way fromt he net.. Wahhh..telepati gitu..
Ako mmg tak pandai mengambil gambor but no one can beat me in the craziness towards water. I'm an aquarian n ako ska mandi!!hehehe..
Water = Marina
The plant of interest by others not me..hehehe
The cool group ~~

~Wu Liao ~

FIRSt : Ako tgh selsema. Suma ni gara2 tertempias virus mamat lab ako yang bersin bagai nak rak dekat animal house. Sure tikus n little rat kat sana achiuu cam ako gak.. So ako akan dissect a few more mangsa.. Heheh kali ni ako nak belajar camna nak putuskan nyawa dia ngan skali tarik.. Short n heaven u go..

2nd : Ako baru balik dari langkawi with 3 plastic bags of chocolates order

3rd : Damn..Ako tak mampu nak g another diving trip on end of June kat Redang!!! Sbb ako ngabih banyak sangat 2 3 bulan ni..KL, Langkawi direct..hehehe.. But no harm..Both pun satisfied trips..

4th : Ako berjaya masak tuk adik ako last Sunday.. Not a bad try.. Nasi Ayam lawak2..

5th : Ako dah nampak skit2.. The clearer view on my master project.. Something that I like.. Working on it now…!! Yeahhh.. Marina jgn tido!!

6th : I’m supposed to prepare for my tuition lesson and I’m blogging?

7th : Ako n d geng g Batu Feringgi smalam n ako makan pisang goreng mahal!! 90sen sebiji!!..Tapi ok gak..

8th : Walaupun pendapatan ako kurang setengah, ako ttp bershopping.. Tgh muhasabah diri nih…hehehehe..

9th : Mak ako tgh basuh baju, bapa ako tgh lipat baju..and ako tgh survey baju kat ternet.. Durhaka..hehehehe