Tuesday, July 26, 2011

People said novel lovers are dreamer

So.. i was away from blogging for like months??? was uptading FB status non-stop that exhaust my idea of writting.. what makes me write today? a story that was told to me earlier in the morning..


being surrounded by individuals having various defination of relationships has actually freak me out with their issues and problems that they faced.. although the end of the day, they said it is a journey worth of going through when they see their counterpart, their heart melt.. everything back to normal.. and the cycle starts again~~ some arguments eventually strengthen the bond between 2. some will slowly reveal the real skin..

I do not favor situation where defination/explanation is required in everything.. Let's elaborate both pro and cons.. If we failed to stand firm on our thought/principe in the begining of a relationship, the partner may take our 'dislike' lightly and there's where the fire will start to trigger.. meanwhile, if we need everything to be explained and arranged as what we wish, then a doll (Barbie / Kent) may be a suitable partner kan? Haa... so how? ntah...

maybe all come back to the word "maturity" and "logic".. If u know u r partner in such a inconvenient situation, think logic.. should u act the way u r planning to act.. will that make u fake? i would personally said NO.. that will potray u as a mature person... as an individual with a logic mind.. of coz u can doubt on my way of thinking since im not in the same puddle mud or should i say quicksand?? ..^^.. seeing some of the couples behave unreasonable has disturbed me... is it so hard to tolarate (both ways please!! not only one party) in relationship? kan it is claimed that couple are so much in love with each other.. serabut sajok!!

Novel lovers are dreamers with many theories that hardly applied in the reality... well.. I am a dreamer and a novel lover.. and i seek for "They live happily ever after" ending.. so.. what's the rush? ~_~