Monday, April 23, 2012

A Dedication

I'm pretty bad at bidding farewell..
The heart sealed and emotions swell..

And now the clock is ticking fast..
And soon there goes the last dust..
Monday, Thursday and Saturday may not be the same to pass.

Heartbreak when i left UKM, Spansion and Secret Recipes..
Leaving behind mountains of memories..

Slowly the scar was patched and joint..
Life.. took a turning point..

I gained my laughter..
With them.. the USM fighter..

I often said i'm a loner.. 
No.. They'll always around as partner..
Together we train days, months and years...

As painful as the stretching we did..
There comes joy very much indeed..

Felt like putting down the future..
With countless competitions and matches to venture..

If only life is about enjoyment..
Then it won't be such torment..

The vow we took..
The blocks and kicks including the hook..
Will always be the remembrance to look..

Fighter, that's what we are called..
Give up and afraid are never taught..
In the ring we moved with courage and fought..
Will use it to battle when difficulty caught.

Bruises and injuries are like body arts..
Work on the priority though its hard..
What to achieve..U decide..
Leaving never meant to really depart..
Coz we are tangled in soul and heart..

We'll cross again in the future paths..
Till then.. remain in touch..

Saturday, April 21, 2012

..Wake up..

When a blouse+jeans replaces t-shirt+track,
The sudden cinderella syndrom will strike..
One will become 'perasan'..
"perasan" that the crowd notice one's existence..
But tettt... people don't even blink at one's presence..
So 'one'..
Dress up because you wanted to..
Not to impress anyone..
Yes.. u want to look good..
But make sure you do it with the correct intention..
Do it for yourself..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

study study study

Study is a headache thing..
Study for exam is a head spinning thing...
Study for thesis writing is a head shaking thing..
Study for interview is the worst earth quake letup-letup thing..

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A "You" may not always represent a person..

My you!!!
though things often doesn't turn out to be as expected..
Failures and unwanted results are just like another daily news..
But you..
I sincerely feel for you..
And I like you..
Even time seems to envy us..
But I'm still gonna enjoy pouring my heart out on you..
I cursed my choice on choosing you.. many times..
Yet, I'm still glad i did..
I've learnt a lot.. and still learning..
From someone that afraid of your kind..
To a handy female that take pleasure by just looking at you doing ur magic..

Weekends are a great escape for me to fully concentrate on you..
No disruption.. No interruption.. Only you and me..
Flipping over manuals and papers are a way for me to understand you..
And i hate doing that.. I hate reading through words and words over and over again..
Too bad we don't speak the same language..
Or not i'll be begging you for explanation when your magic turns out to be a concert full of unexplained and unexpected interferences..
Often i'm back to square one..
and the circle of repetition will restart..

But hey.. success doesn't come easily huh..
I'm just going just bare with it..
Coz i believe that you are worth it..
You are worth my time and my sweat and sometime tears..
People just don't understand huh..
What took us so long...
I couldn't explained either..
I took you for granted..
Never forced myself hard enough to blend with you and be the person in charge..
So I'm going all out now..
Please be kind to me..
We are going to show the world: US..
Soon.. and..

"I won't give up on you
Even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up"

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Heartquake

I thought that I am good..
Just because I am not doing anything surfacely bad...
I began to compare myself to the worse people..
And hey.. I am not so bad...
that's how I thought..
But why..
why am I not lining up with the better ones?
and magnify how huge my flaws are...
There are times..
Ako rasa ako munafik...
Tindak-tanduk ako tak selaras dengan kata hati ako..
Ako perasan.. ako bongkak.. ako riak..
Kadang-kadang.. ako takot dengan how dark my heart is...

But i want to be good..
I want to be better..
If not.. i just want to improve...
the inside.. the inner heart..
I dont do it for heaven..
I do it for myself..
A better me in the eye of Him..
May His force doesn't stop knocking my heart..
May His protection never leave me unguarded..
May His bless be with me.. Forever...
May I, Marina Shah still able run wild..
On the right track.. and never to slip away..

Monday, April 09, 2012