Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sir : Since u've been training pomsae, i expected more from a pomsae athlete...

remarks: ahhhh it sounded so music to my ear... ahakz... being acknowledge as one even though everyone knows i can't remember most of the patterns and daaaaa i hate reverse swing.. ..^0^..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Should Stop trying

I’m not sure about you but i do have this tendency to impress people around me with whatever skills that i posses. Even there are times where i’ve done some chores merely to let people notice about me. What a shame.. never learnt the word “sincerity” huh!!! the travelling thing was started off as a plot to wow people until i fell deeply in love with it.. addiction.. really hard to kick off addiction... though uploading the pics are one of the best thing followed by the impressive comments by the viewers… ahhhh sial ako kan.. tak guna…!!!

Trust me.. it is very tiring doing so.. (see… i used present tense!! which means at this very age… i still accommodate myself with such act.. sometime… pathetic kan??) but u cant help.. since i can't vow people with my beauty, what’s left is hard work… getting myself busy here and there… so u want to say that i’m hypocrite yer? that why just i can't act like myself.. or be myself?? why bother to put on such effort??

these are my excuses (if u prefer it to be called that way)…

1. i’m hell a busy body that like to land my hand in nearly everything within my reach…

2. Everything starts off with routine work aspired by my dear mother… wash this.. wash that… take this.. take that.. do this and that... Eventually requests have evolved to habit… so i practically moved myself to the chores first before this bad lingering thoughts creeping over my mind…. so it is sincere in the beginning and the uninvited intention follows..

p/s: so people who felt that i am always buat bagus or belagak baguih tu… think what u like.. if that satisfy u then go ahead… i am still me and u are still you…

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The moment

Couldn't help but falling for this pic..

Friday, October 14, 2011


silly isn't it..
You don't cry when you are committing sins...
You are hurt by simple verbal facts..

Thursday, October 06, 2011

old n lame

Lama la plak ako tak berblog… not that i am extreme busy or what… harus aahhh ako stalk abis blog2 fav ako kan.. tak lengkap kitaran dan putaran hidup kiranya tiada sajian2 ayat-ayat gelak tuk ako start hari ako kan… cam effortless ja sesetengah org membuat lawak kt blog depa… “u need talent to be funny” hokey!! and ako love funny notes or quotes… this lazy cow cannot read heavy material… she’ll drain all her mental juice away and fell asleep immediately though she’s served herself with thick aroma coffee..

p/s: a little angry with herself lately for unable to control her anger… should she enjoys another holiday???