Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bicara Serius

I just finished "Rooftop Rent" by Hlovate. A writer that i came to love after first encounter with Tunas (borrowed and later bought from Nadia.. thanks!!!).. No denial on the talent of this i assume young write.. (my age maybe? she's a real mystery that no one seems to know much about her except that she's a medic student studied oversea maybe in Uni Arbadeen and from Perak.. ahakz.. dasar stalker.. lol..).. why is anything from her is in the top selling list?

1. She injected humor in her writing. Ako ska gelak klau lawak okay.. and it was..!!
2. She speaks perfect english.. not her.. her characters...!! gila.. ako pn celup banyak ayat dari dia... termalu sat...
3. She never failed to slip in religious messages in her stories. She starts with Korn, Metallica and all the i assume to be noisy music to Hijjaz, Raihan and the list goes on... and she makes the transition proses looks hard yet possible.. i listen to them once awhile... but was seduced more by Kpop songs... mode: kena insaf nih!!!
4. She shows that u still can rock even though you are properly covered up. ^^ (dangg... i was hit!! who who who!!!~_~)

Although im not in the position to talk about the 4th reasons kan.. but it doesnt hurt to listen to someone from the sideline.. controversy nih!! heheheh... naaa ive been that stage before.. and still do once awhile during special occasions (with folded sleeve?? pannggg... sakit weh!!).. hmmm correct me if im wrong (which is extremely high in probability!!)... I agreed, we should live moderately. But.. i still feels when one are committed on being moderate, one should not loose the personality that one posses or one should enhance their inner personality more (with line drawn ler~~).

There no competition on proving who is sempoi or tak.. Im not asking you to exhibit yourself: "weh!! lai lai... ako dh hijrah and daaaa im still hot as eva!!" dig yourself a small whole.. meh ako tlg timbus...!! What i noticed is that, underneath the cover (dont take the word in sarcastic manner okay.. it means more than a piece of fabric la.. i was trying to make the sentence simple .. okay...hit me if my language is this bad... toinnggg) lies hugh potential in being better in the public but is being shuhhh away by the concept of : i am contributing but im invincible... So u know that you are representing the hugh committees out there to show the non-believers that you are still parallel with the "ohh im being hit again"... and your choice of attire doesnt effect the your personal skills in dealing with daily encounters..

We will always assume that time will be the medium to deliver that we are as efficient as "again? sakit sakit sakit!!".. U might assume that people will knows some how or do they need to know? ...But babes.. if you are able to shine them with your personality why not leaving good early impression to people? Give them the instant creepy confident aura buzzzzz grrrr guuuuu ggiiiiiii...for what? Do it for yourself..

U.. u.. and u!!! out there... Be confident.. Raise your chin when u talk or deliver your msg.. look at the person you are talking.. u can choose to count the pimples scar if you are not keen enough to look ahakzz directly in the eye coz u might dinggg juling2 itik like me... ~_~.. just dont look at people lips... its annoying!!

When you want something... please please... cant u see im making the cute cacat bunny face asking you to: put aside the extreme shyness.. work for it...dont be afraid and dont put others' thoughts in your way too much (u need to listen to advice of coz... jgn jd kera luku... !!!but listen also means digest.. and think.. does it suit you? is this what u want? will you break any law if you stand still with your decision? the wise might not always right you know...we are human after all...maybe the style wasnt that suitable for u..maybe u'll be making the correct move by listening to yourself.. action might not bring happiness.. but there's no happiness without action kan?)

The saying goes: People with goals succeed because they know where they are going..

my saying adapted from that novel: Being noticeable or invincible.. U choose..

Thursday, June 23, 2011

coretan coretan

When people are so proud of them being out spoken, i was started to get terrified with me making verbal statements that were sometimes a bit out of control. Hopefully i dont press their buttons too many times.. they are adult after all.. at this age, instead of receiving orders, we would prefer softer approach... big people d wat!!! But hey.. if u want people t treat you like an adult, do present yourself as one... fair?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Music and us

How do you view music? what i mean is: what music is to you?

1. Some might absorb all the energy from the music to full filled their inner needs.
2. Some enjoy the meaningful lyrics behind each song and co relate them with their stories (photo and music both tell thousand of stories... depends on how u interpret them)..
3. Some enjoy the harmony of instruments that make up the whole song..
4. Some inspire/motivate themselves by listening to certain genre of music..

Me? As long as there's a manly vocal behind with not to0 metal/heavy/noisy sounds will do for me.. (^^)V.... never a big fan of female voice.... Music to me is a distraction. A helpful distraction from the surrounding as a soft approach on isolating myself from the crowd. Music to me is a concentration mechanism that allows me to be on one mind and think... Music to me is a stress reduction tool that is in the need when I'm nervous or angry or tired...

Music is a combination of melody and words brings us far beyond our imagination if we close our eye.. blank our mind... and listen... sometimes we've done too much talking that we failed to listen... so peeps.. relax yourself and listen... indulge yourself in the beauty of music... and zzzzz.. tidooo... zzzz

Saturday, June 04, 2011

test tube and time

I always stumble across events in my daily life that can reflect on how things works in real the real stage.. for example.. i was drying a few of my samples with nitrogen gas (to eliminate all the liquid before the sample to be injected in instrument for further analysis)..

the first badge are 6 samples that i left for drying and i went some for doing this and that.. came back after 5 hours.. and there were still remaining liquid in the test tube.. another occasion was i sat around the device and been monitoring the thing from time to time and i manage to dry the sample with the same flow rate as previous in less than 2 hours.. suddenly something strike me (as i was again reading novel while waiting...and quotes.. inspiration just flows.. ayyyy the power of reading kononnya!!!)..

Lets fictionalized the test tube as the person.. The time as time... i think u might have the hint on where's im heading to.. !! heheheh okay... isnt it more effective if u are paying your extra attention to someone dear to you (it can be your spouse and especially your children) within short period of time rather than leaving them behind with someone else and you are on other task...

i am actually pointing out more to parenting... sit and teach your children (if you are able to)... listen to them... be with them... talk to them (do more on listening!!!).. they might reach a rebellious era that will stimulate your nerve frequently but hey!!! you've been there before... they'll be okay if you dont press them too much.. be easy on them doesnt mean giving in too much... there's always good to be wise..

p/s: i was in the dark.. not knowing how to continue this piece of junk...but felt that there's necessity to write.. may be the novel reading thingy is drawing out all the motherly instinct in me.. what do u expect.. i only read love story with happy ending which certainly end with them living happily ever after and with kids.. ayy... a random statement: i definitely make a better mother than a wife...