Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am having sleeping difficulty nowaday where i'll wake up couple of times in the middle of the night. And I felt tired the next day.. Thought because of the recent supplements that i took. I'm on vitamine C, Enervon and Cod Liver Oil.. So i stopped taking them during the weekends.. Still no changes.. Then i traced back my recent eating routine.. Ahhh just found out that i'm hooked to the caramel custard pudding. I'll have 1 in the morning and in the evening 1, followed by at night.. kehkeh.. i'm a junker in terms of junk food.. kuikuikui... I think i'll put a temporary stop for this dessert during dinner.. Who knows the mixture inside contain caffein?
I did some light reading on the Silent Withness that i bought recently.. Here are some pick ups from there:

1. From the bone remaining we can detect whether the body belongs to male or female by examing the pelvis bone.. Female tend to have wider in diameter (nak beranak kan..)..

Guess which is which? (from wikipedia)

2. Besides that is the jaw can also be used as the alternative source for the gender determination. The man's jaw is heavier built and tend to be wider (omg.. i'm in this category!! kahkhakah).. while female are smaller..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Seizure = Sawan

Just watched Private Practice in Star World.. Kengkadang terpikir gak.. apa la ako ni tak blajar rajin skit.. dah boley bw stethoscope tu merata..aihhh~~~ok ok..dah no sad sad.. Accept your destiny!! hehe

One of the segments in this week's episode introduced me to this word. I thought previously seizures means rampasan.. rupanya rupa nya sawan pn apply juga... It happens due to many factors. One of them is low glucose level.. The scientific term for this is hypoglycemia. The oxidation of glucose will produce energy. This energy is consumed by our body to carry on our daily activities. So when the level of glucose is low, the supply of energy to the brain decline, and followed by the seizure attack...

I’m not sure to say wow to people with hypoglycemia or not... coz... they can eat any amount of chocolate or sweet that they like, and they wont get fat nor overdose... hehehe so they'll usually carry sweet or marshmallow with them just in case they need the instant drug pn ada...heheh... susah lak kan.. If the mamak closed during public holiday and no sweet supply then this can actually lead to permanent brain damage...

maka.. Be thankful la kita..!!

mutiara hati : we are not in the position to ask people to do according to what we want (although our intension is good)..that's their right to decide... but we are the result of our action.. jeng jeng...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Smeemangnya i'm not qualified to talk about this.. but who cares.. these are pieces of my mind..

There are degree of differences when we are having conversation with:
1. The elderly
2. The younger generation
3. The higher rank individual in an organization
4. The lower education level individual
5. The local
6. The foreigner

Yet the similarity among all is : being humble and down to earth.. (ahakz..look!! mulut sial bagi nasihat dkt org psal jaga mulut..hahahaha)..

Probably the diverse cultures that shape our way of interacting with others. Language barrier thus made thing worst. For example.. I was on few days of sample collection. In our mission, there were few other researchers that were conducting their study.. There were moments of tensed that float around the room while the interview was conducted.

As an average, all the subjects that we interview were PMR - SPM holders.. Which indicate that their English command are not that well.. Moreover most of them were elderly. Eventually one of the researcher tend to slightly raised her voice on the subject which i felt uncomfortable with.. Their facial expression was slightly annoyed. Cant help.. If u felt that you are being looked down, i'm sure none of us is happy about that.. right?

Bottom line is you can be very loose when u mix around with your friends.. but please be more aware that different approaches needed on different class of people.. Keep your tone down when u are talking or having conversation with your patient, test subjects, cleaners, etc.. just because they are not well off or well educated than you are... still they deserve the same degree of treatment from you..!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sleeping Pills and Pain Killers

Field work field work.. Although not much sample can be collected... and the hot warm air from the sea.. There's plenty of things to learn and lots of story to be heard..

One of them was an incident where the subject stopped drug for nearly one year was arrested by the cop and was sent to more than 20 days of jail. Urine test was conducted on the him after 7 days of his custody by the police, they conducted a urine test on him and he was found positive for morphine.. As far as I'm concern the trace of morphine for heavy user is 2-4 days.. it can be less than that for recreational user. He claimed that he took nothing during his time in jail. He was asked to pay thousands of ringgit for his release. Coming from a poor family, that amount seems to unaffordable.

After did some digging, we found out that he was on medication prescribe by the Doctor on his hand injury. Among the drugs prescribe is sleeping pills since he has insomia (sleeping disorder)..
We personally did urine test to him with the remaining testing kit.. Ouchh. It really shows that he was positive for morphine and benzodiazapine. The double bands formation on the kit shows negative result while single band indicate positive consumption..

I was suspecting that the pain killer contain morphine or its derivatives since morphine has been widely used in the pain killer production. But i couldn't connect the sleeping pill with the benzo's positive result. Until i browse through the internet and found out that the active ingredients of the sleeping pills is benzo.

We advised him to bring along a letter by the doctor indicating that he was under this prescribed medicine and he needs to carry the photocopy of this letter wherever he goes.. This is true for all the controlled drugs user. A letter from the doctor is as important as your identification card since this can be a counter proved is u are arrested.

Monday, April 19, 2010


wahhh lapar2 camni sempat pula saya berblog.. Am waiting for other friends whose presentation is being screened by our dear Prof.. Part of me is relieved i'm not in the presentation group. Hehehe still have heavy stage fright.. Today and the next 2 month will embark the journey of the students going through the boring practical training life..

ahh remembering myself being one of the sleeping candidates in my training centre.. (oppss cannot be named..).. so eager to learn new things yet so little thing to do and soon the laziness piled up and ended up with drifting around the net and watching movie, dramas. etc... ahaha.. we manage to build such a astrong friendship amng trainee since we spent most of the time together.. Ahhh suddenly miss them.. hehehe ..

actually, choosing the correct palce to held your training is such an important aspect that u need to pay attention to. expecialy to those that yet to conduct any.. Get reviews from seniors or friends.. It's best to do at a very busy place.. places where routine analysis or routine work are performed. Trust me.. u'l learn a lot!!.. If u happen to choose the wrong venue.. u'lll have nothing to write in your report... Major reason i'm doing master is because i like the topic that was given to me during my training.. hehehe it's not totally plagiarism in topic.. but roughly related to what i've learn previously.. heheh..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ako Mahu

I want to look good..
I wanna be beautiful..
Look attractive..
With good hair style..
I want to put on heels
Carry handbag
Go for facial

But where should i start??
And should i start?
Is it time?
Can i maintain it?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Azam Azam Zam Zam am am m m

When i grumble too much in my life (i realize that!!!).. and reread back or just refresh what happen.. How ungrateful i was behaving.. But i couldn't help it.. It was so sickeningly sucks!! Euuu.. Nothing seems to please me now.. Except for a bag in Forever 21...!! aha.. I was surveying something for a non-too-girly-girl that one awhile is girly (ahahaha).. then my eye caught a black handbag hanging in between other luxury bags (weh..100 and above is expensive to me!!Dang..hehe).. See.. i forgot that i was angry when i talked about shopping!! (Opppss am i geli myself??!!)..heheh..

Last few non blagging days, i browsed through some of the blogs in my friends' blog list.. Some are so inspiring and informative without sounding so boring or skem-A!! Wow... not all people is blessed with writing talent. Some tried (like me..) n still trying to improve.. Some just wrote flawlessly~~.. Ngehhh not going to mengeluh this time.. I'll try to vary my content next time.. with the hope that all the grumbling dont come in my way!!!!shuhhhhh u go away~~ hehehe till then.. bernafas.. hembus..bernafas...hembus lagik!! hungry~

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saya mengantuk

Courtesy of

This is a self claimed statement again!!.. I’m always tired n always tak larat n always carried sleepy panda eye all can be linked to the iron deficiency that I carried all this while. I visited the clinic lately asking for ferum tablet (The previous packaged that I had on my second last visit to the blood donation campaign finished..ahhh that was 2 years ago!! Hahahaha baru teringat nak amik yg baru!!!) kahkakhakah.. Instead of dispensing the ferum tablet to me, the nurse in charged gave me multi vitamin, vit c and cod liver oil.. ahhh yes!!!! I save up few ringgit since I was planning to buy some omega 3 tablet for my sinus (morning bersin.. kena hujan bersin.. dari sejuk ke panas bersin..dari panas ke sejuk bersin…bersin ja memanjang….)..aiseh…
Other non related claimed is mamak’s stall the tarik contains quite high caffeine!! (ni pn separa fitnah gak.. since I have no scientifically proven data..) ..i always opted for the tarik instead of Nescafe kononnya don’t want to be dependent on the caffeine intake.. Using myself as the subject, I drank 1 cup kayu’s the tarik kurang manis and I still managed to stay awake till now!! Hello.. I slept at 2.30 yesterday and was fully awake at 7 am…to others this amount hours of sleep brings nothing to them.. to me.. sikit nih!!!!!!!!!...hehehe the moment I sipped it.. I felt sudden alertness on me..klau iklan Pepsi jadilah bruuuuupppp.. hehehehe.. And im sleepy now and couldn’t function any better now.. but still couldn’t drive myself to sleep… wehhh..ako nak tidooooo..

Friday, April 09, 2010

Suda Hampir Lemas

Kembali suda dari membusykan diri beberapa hari nih..hehehe.. Hello bloggers!!! Greetings tak menyempat-nyempat…

Pada ketika dan saat ini, kt bwh rumah ako ada perjumpaan besar-besaran yang ako suspect org umno or org pekida.. wahh.. the numbers that present is really shocking.. hehehe..heard them sang bday song. So I assume one of their head is celebrating his bday.. Ishhh scary la plak…

Nothing to blog in particular today.. hmmm wat else eh.. yeahh.. my training in d pool and land.. Alahh.. manusia kan..its impossible to be able to juggle2 things together.. Not only two.. Added on top are my project / experiment. .. Susah nya nak jadi manusia capable nih… And the increasing commitments exerted from the related activities started to suffocate me.. let 1 go.. belambak mari lak.. Aishhhhh… Bila la nak kutip hutang g tgk How to train your dragon nih..~~~ adehhhh weekend ada lagi…

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Ako kurang OK

"Marina OK?"heheh this was one of the most frequent question thrown to me since this morning.. I still couldnt figure out why.. I wake up early today.. doing my daily routine before start off to work.. the only irregular thing i did was filling up petrol before i was here.. accidently and a bit of purposely smell some while filling the tanks..heheh skit saja ok.. tak banyak la.. sendat hidung ako.. then i came with this fluctuating mood.. There's this sudden anger and grudge accumulate in me the moment i enter the lab.. damn.. The mood scale turn to negative.. (not again!!!..i just finished my pms ok!!).. this time is bad.. i think nearly effecting everyone.. i looked tired n serious.. my serious face.. !!! (looks like i can punch just anyone to bleed anytime!!oohh damnn..).. most probably because i escape the Saturday training then all the stress and tense are waiting to be released.. takkan training train and polishing up the beast in me? U got to be kidding.. classifying myself as semi-beast today.. After i had 2 packs of Nasi Lemak.. (haaa segala organ dalamanku..please terima penebat baru yang akan mengkusyenkan hgpa suma...heheh).. i felt better.. not any better..just better...yosshhh i'm terrified of myself.. gila punya pompuan.. i couldnt just walk away.. plenty more things to do.. meditation and isolation!!! haaaaa this is the best way!!! ommmm.. tp ako nak p besembang n begosip... alaaa...~~~lantak la..

be human back..!! bertukar!!!! hehehe

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Concert Rain~~

Yeahhh~~ today benda2 best alhamdulillah banyak berlaku dekat ako..hehehe.. i skipped my weekend training to join the pool session with other divers..heheh.. clean out common room before going down the pool.. haa refreshing all the preparation before and in the pool techniques which i left 2 years ago.. (i think my last dive was 2 years ago!!) hehehe.. i dont even remember which button to inflate and deflate the BCD (the baju that hold the tanks..).. In the water.. felt a bit awkward since i was testing on the new fin.. (it's an open heel split fin)... so kind of heavy.. tried 2 models and last ended up choosing the lighter one.. (Kata training tkd..kaki masih lembik..hehehe).. And ta daaaangg.. i officially own a TUSA fin..heheh of coz its red+black color.. hehehe.. but i'm still not fully comfortable with this fin.. will try again tomorrow..hopefully frequent practise this piece of silicon rubber will blend with me well!!(ako bli hang mahai ooiiii kaki itik~~~)..,hehehe

plan to buy this but.. heheh ended up with the below model.. (diulang::RED + BLACK COLOR!!)
then mama cook her nyum nyum recipe sedap sup daging..iklan~~

I'm confidently wanna make this annoucement: i'm inherited my pa kudukut gene!! hehehe..partially la.. there's a book sale in Popular Midlands in Pulau Tikus.. I was so hesitate to drive down since SLK petrol meter showing not healthy sign.. thus.. both of us rode down to there with c classic ex5.. heheh the sky wasnt that bright on our way there.. i still prayed hard that everything is fine ont he way back.. i went wild in the book store.. last time i restricted myself on buying story books assuming that i can borrow at hte library.. but the habit of returning late is very hard to avoid..hehee..and the mood of reading usually made sudden blow.. if u dont grab it..then the book will stay months in the cupboard.. part of the reason is ..heheh nadia!! I was aspired to allocate some money every month to buy books.. heheh dah ada dah gaji skit..apa salahnya..heheh.. i bought 5 books!! gila!! heheh some is really cheap.. 50% discount.. no matter how macho i am.. discounts always drive me crazy..hehehe..

1. Silent witness - Roxana Ferlini
2. Be my baby - Zoe Barnes3. The girl who loved Tom Gordon - Stephan King4. Dead Beat - Jim Butcher5. Tell me your dreams - Sidney sheldon
On the way back.. the rain was down pour!! Ja a.. haaa btul2 concert rain kali ni..~~.. we were both soaking wet..!!! Tapi tak kisah.. hehehe.. Wet n cold ja.. This type of act can only be done with my pa!! and i always enjoy my ride with him.. hehe.. coz i dont need to be the driver and he rides fast!!.. the opposite goes to my ma.. all dgn roda 4.. n i'm driving!! gelongzzzz

Friday, April 02, 2010

I hate dateline!!

Today was hell a crazy hettic day for me..
I hate dateline!!

I took up a freelance job..Yukksss freelance konon..heheh its a part time e-book content preparation. We will be given 1 week to complete our task for each chapter..

The previous 2 were teamworkly done.. I don't know how greediness overcome my consciousness or maybe my consciousness is out of tune!! lupa nak ukur baju dibadan sendiri lak~~ So i pulled the whole chapter's burden on me!! and i did it 3 days before dateline assuming that i can finish them if i delay my sleeping time and wake up early!! ahahah it works on the last two days.. Today's worst.. I'm not the midnight oil burner..slalu ako tido ja..exam tak exam.. Its not that i don't want to stay up..i couldn't!! But i slept at 1.30 am yesterday n back on action at 6.15 am.

The amount of caffeine intake today alone can equal to my usual 1 week total intake.. Damn.. I've never imagine myself being so into pc before.. every minute was so precious to me... Even 10 minutes before lunch, both my skinny + short +weird shape fingers were still pressing here and there..

Went to pool today for the scuba stuff.. hehe we are trying to blow some life into this dead club..heheh.. With the help of some geng Yat n Nadia (kudoss and thanks~~), the room was slightly in order compared to before.. Then rush back to lab to continue my translating+typing+regretting job..

then my ma send a msg "Na..bli sat teh tarik kayu kat ma.. tringin aah.. haaa balik awal makan!!" adeh.. i was planning to go back late~ tak boley jadi nih.. at 1 rushed back for lunch.. While waiting for my pa oso i type again!! hahaha.. after finish oso type again.. then received a call..go lab.. type again.. settled something..type again.. until tepat at 5pm.. the button save as was confidently clicked and attach and send!!(ako baca bismillah la..heheh)

fuhhhh lega gila gila.. my senior came.. la tak pa la..tak yah teruk2 nak antar dalam sminggu..boley ja delay..dangggg sat kepala kt dinding.. ako punya gila pulun..tetiba boley lak camtu.. tp tak pa..lega dah.. ..ttd baru pas ngajar tetiba rasa alamak boringnya malam tak dak kerja.. i need to be kept busy all the time!!! Nak tido awal hari ni!! harus...ganti balik~~

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Jam Jam Jam

iklan anak fikrie.. Anak dia comel..teknik saya ja comot.. hekhek

Jam jam.. everywhere pn jam... Its raining and everyone was cars.. So imagine the amount of the vehicles on the road doubled!!! acehhhhh i took nearly 45minute from Uni back to home which usually only took around 12 minute at normal driving speed. (Me no speedoo..*_*)..

Training again today~~~ yeahhh!!! Its not compulsory anymore for ko-k students. Now its easier to identify the so-so this sport lover n the semi die-heart lover and the hard core die -hard lover.. hehehe I'm in the semi stage.. Don't know whether its going to be lifted to the next level.. heheh still early to judge.. The regulars sound better.. I'm sort of addicted.. Heheh new addiction to the addict list: teleaddict + training addict.. hehe

Talking about the jam.. again I'm going to conduct moral class based on what happen within the 45 minutes on the car.. Some might know that i'm super allergic to jam.. so i'll try any escape route just to avoid being stuck there.. There are several routes can lead to my house... 1. The petrol consumption route (hill) and the save-petrol route (longer way + more traffic light)..

I chose the long route since the gas is 3 quarter empty. hhehe.. Damn.. i was caught in the jam.. Org tua tua always said: Sabar itu separuh daripada iman.. or patience is virtue.. I dont own them!!! hekhek.. thus i saw a junction which can lead me back to the route.. So i spent around 10 minutes turning, breaking, cursing.. Then i saw lak the route to the hill not that clear... bodo punya tahap bodo.. i ended up in the same jam!!! bodo!!! What more can i asked: nice song to accompanied me + my momi's msg "bila nak sampai ni..nak mkn nasi dah nih"..

aisehh... I'll make a vow: If i chose to do something.. Do it till the end.. Dont try short cuts!! menyusahkan diri sendiri ja!! ok.. I hit myself on the forehead few times d.. so i'm forgive myself d~~ wink wink*