Monday, September 06, 2010


kengkadang ako rasa lucu gak ngan pepatah air dicincang tak akan putus.. hehehe..indeed benda tu cam true.. yesterday ended with me crying myself to sleep thinking that there will be no more hope for us to reconcile.. tup tup.. today we are talking like nothing happens.. hahaha lawak lawak... but still yesterday's bad event should be a pinch to my head to not to repeat the same mistake again.. hehehe so conclusion.. going back for berbuka today.. (ingat nk mediate dkt lab till late late at night..)

I am worst than i always be

Something came up today.. a not very pleasant one.. First few early events were fine. indeed entertaining.. From meeting my labmates to watching my very first 3D movie... best!! enjoy... tuition class was not bad either.. Then i was surrendered by the road side waiting to be picked up..

I have this bad temper when it came to waiting.. Super bad one.. to add to the flavor.. i need to wait for 30min?? an achievement that i dont just walk off with any taxi or bus... numerous phone calls were made to reach him.. Yet none succeed.. With tremble hand i dialed my ma's cell no.. Astarfirullah... I actually couldnt even control my tone.. most of them were high key!!! adehh... she even being forced to fetch me all the way from her factory... nearly 30 min of waiting the most awaited car arrived... i was so pissed that no explanation seems to be logic to me.. Astarfirullah... no wonder i was reminded again and again that i dont have good heart and with bad temper..

i definitely know that what i did was wrong but couldn bring myself to apologize.. the worst trademark i have in me is :sorry seems to be the hardest word when it come to my family.. of coz i took thing for granted again and again...

probably i wasnt meant to be too close to anyone.. distance is always the best way so that people dearest to me never get hurt with what i did... Yeah.. the less im around.. the better it is for everyone..

p/s: it is always nice to have a place for you to escape..

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Craving for Activity

Salam~~ happy ramadhan..

Today mark the last day of my independent horayyy can eat day of the month.. hehehe thus was thinking of crushing to McD or KFC to grab some tidbits (do i spell it right.. hmmm)..

I have this crazy maya imagination nowadays... to write a screenplay.. gila.. Have this great story plot in mind yet couldnt deliver them in words.. Hello all my mother tongues are tauge ok!! how i wish there's some writer wanted to pen them into words.. Like some of the celeb for instance, i bet they arent that smart to write their own bibliography.. They hire a good writer and boommm!! a ntah apa-apa master piece published (they claimed!!)..

Hehehe i am fascinated by the foreign director for being able to focus on a particular theme and elaborate them so well than us the viewer actually gain something from the movie.. knowledge about how to make cakes, pasta and etc... Hmmm.. Don't worry folks.. our locals are picking up by expanding and diversifying the story line... The progress might be slow but we are picking up.. !!

What i want to write is something related to tae kwon do.. Hekhek.. daaaaa no surprise.. hehehe there's plenty of die hard practitioner of this sport ok.. How this sport evolve and effect our life.. the Siamese, the korean and chinese have been so well established in producing martial arts movies. maka ako pn bercita-cita besar la juga to write... I think ill start one.. bahasa rojak.. boley kot.. heheh..