Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hapdate hapdate!!!!

Wah..kawan kawan..!!!

I’m back…For good? Nahhh for ntah apa2.. Been taking time to adjust with the new week schedule.. Hehehe.. I think most of u knew that i am furthering my study currently.. hehehe going back to the life of a student back. The first few days were not so well. Blame it on my awkward behavior.. Cursed myself for not being able to mix around with others.. Hehehe.. The first step is always the hardest.. Yet.. The journey of thousand miles begin with single step.. To gain all the courage to begin the very first step is not easy.. As I’m still not doing very well at this very moment..

The scientific terms.. the journals to be read filled with sea of information waiting for my glance. Not glance.. It’s supposed to be read again and again and again.. To understand.. !! as I couldn’t!! But better now..

Today was the real lab day.. I helped out my senior to dissect the mouse. Total of mousse were 30.. So to cut it short.. With all the equipment ready.. We started.. The lab assistant responsible for the killing of the mouse wasn’t around. So we!! Yes We.. Killed them by ourselves.. Paralyze them with the tutt solution.. (not sure is it proper to exposed the reagents. So better zipp.. hehehe)..Then put them on the table.. One hand on the neck, another on the tail.. Bismillahirahmanirahim.. Pull until crakk sound.. The neck was separated from the body.. I did killed 4.. But couldn’t continue.. Cam tak sampai hati lak..

Most of the little creature still moving when we cut open the stomach.. Ya.. Use scissors and potang sana cni.. Potong the across the isi and muscle.. Cam lapah daging la.. To get the liver.. Some even worst.. After the cutting, suddenly the mouse bagun and jalan2..tekejut and kesian.. Crackk.. another pull.. Still move? Another pull again.. Syahid la dia.. Some produced weird sounds.. Ceyyyt ceyyt.. Fighting hard to stay alive.. But what to do.. For the sake of science.. Trust me.. If u are an animal lover (Ni khas tuk lat .. Silap2 hg jadi tukang menagis kat ctu..hehehe)..No way u can do what we did.. It was pretty cruel for heartless creature like me.. no big fan of animal.. So I’m not heavily affected by the process. Except for being slightly dizzy.. Looking at too much blood.. (I’m not mabuk darah..but there were too much..+ I didn’t take my iron supplement today..)

The first few attemps were slow.. Then.. Bila hatiku sudah beku.. Violent + less mercy cutting started.. hahahaha…. Sounded like mental killer freak…hahaha..

P/s: I’ll update more often next time.. Waiting for my laptop.. (it is still with adik hitam ku..Hehehe).. PC kat rumah cam hantu.. Ni pun type dalam word.. later baru transfer.. or not loading itself is like a snail on the highway..…Sial..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wat A Day..

Ni confession: All this while, the toilet was cleaned by who ever rajin. Then i heard most of the family there's rotation in cleaning up the toilet. So i was pandai2 draft out one duty roaster where we take turn to clean the toilet once a week (my adik hitam as usual escape!! kentut punya budak!!)..
Last week was my turn and i chose Sunday. My mind and soul wasn't at peace yesterday. So after cleaning up the dishes i started with the 2 sinks and bathroom and jamban the last. While cleaning, the brain cells were racing to express themselves. The situation with some possible solution. The future with uncertainty. The current with multiple unexplained questions. Whoaahh..
Please let me again put some moral stories behind basuh jamban.. Due to non constant maintenance of the toilets, no matter how hard i scrub, i washed, used the best and powerful detergent, the stained just stayed. In life is the same, if we don't constantly service (in can be anything: relationship, cars, house, even gadgets..) or take a good care of the thing that we assume we care, the condition might not be as good as we remember it to be. When the damage or abandon started, the possibility of it gaining it tip top form is undeniable hard and close to impossible. But as a plain and normal human being, most of the time we just couldn't seems to put our hand in everything. Wrong sentence, we can but we pandang ringan on all those thing..There's always taught that we can do it later and in the end we failed even to remember that we have something lining up for our concern. What can we do with that? i don't know. I've been constantly did all those thing without realizing that i neglected to prioritize what need to be..I drafted what should and shouldn't be done.. The end of the day? I'll laid on the sofa watching tv., cursed myself for that..
To some of friends, they know that i sometimes take thing easily..Which is bad.. Even when it come to emotion involved matters.. Always killed the hurt and sensitive feeling emerged when i'm in to something, controlled my desire coz i know that it might bring bad consequences. Ingat senang ka?Being neutral is damn hard when u have to voice out but turn it down. My room been constantly the crime scene for my own dialog (i talked to myself a lot as there are things i couldnt go public).. Please do not blame me if any of u was hurt due to my driedness. i was doing it out of my full consciousness and i dont have bad intention..
Back to the cleaning part, i cleaned inside and out of the toilet. What a real relieve.. Although i might not be able to shine every section and corner of the space... I know that i did the best i can and I'm happy with the fact that I've contributed..
p/s: Toilet is the best cozy place where we can think quietly while doing business. So please keep it clean...heheheh.. :)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Weekend In KL

Kali ni ako nak blog mainly in BM. Cam best ja ako baca blog bloggers yg guna BM. Haaa..yang guna tu jgn perasan.. Tapi mmg best pn..Hhehehe tapi tak kira, ako pn asal dari "rojak", so ako nak rojakkan bahasa..
Ako g KL last weekend..During d labour day holiday..Kalau ako bercerita, panjang lebar tak tahan..Let the pics tell the story..The story is upside down..Ako salah upload n ako pn malas nak reupload ngan speed ternet yang cam catapilar..
.Barang2 comel yang ako bli

The end of the journey. Syukor baru balik dari Cameron
The sengals!!
Drug after long walk. Faez la bli..Sapa lagi..
Tunggu Lat time dia masuk Acer Centre. Boy dok jauh..takot Lat jeles!!hehehehe
Sale benda2 ART comel!! Aku go crazy at here..Mmg ska sangat concept jualan and the fact that they created every single piece by themselve..
Lepas Check out dari hotel. Apa ingat ako tak leh dapat shot ppuan ka? Ha bukti.. Aku nampak sangat perempuan ok..And i am!! although ako cam rock skit..Sbb ako mmg rock!!
Ok!! 3 3 overshoot tido terlebih..Nasib on time to check out
Ni depan tingkap hotel. Punya la gila..Ruang tingkap tu kecik ja..Maka hamba men"sua" tripod dan diikuti camie dan dipasang terkial2 dan kechak...Komen Please!!
Lepak dataran merdeka.. Dugong tengah jual minyak sepada kat Cik Pah. Ahakzz..Jgn marah..Ako lak tgh kalut n malu2 pasang tripod dkt tgh2 padang dataran merdeka..Tapi satu hampeh tak cantik..maka..amik la yang huduh ni..memnunjukkan kehadiran parajurit2 ke medan dataran merdeka..malam ni tak dak rempit lak..ishhh rugi tak dapat nak tgk..tringin..
Untungnya jadi org elok.. Nak snap apa pn gambo menjadi..Fed up!! Lepak makan celup2 pas penat kat downtown Cheras. Aku bli 2 giraffe comel..Heheh tuk student ako!!Ako kan cikgu baik..baik la sangat
Time lepak kat time square. Wat do u expect.. Of coz la bli..heheh ako ada 2 pasang earing!! Which i dont know when am i going to put it on. dah la agak berat..Not to mentioned, earing besar yang terpampang kat gambo suma tlh hilang satu and dijumpai gengku..
This is a real warning!!The pink one xpecially..Heheheh the die hard fan coke lover that drink coke nearly everyday..gila... I love me Mama n will always do!!Sempena mother's day..
Wat d ??Blah rah..wat best lak..
Menjadi selenga bukan susah bagiku!!Kerana ia akO!!
We were forced to do jump and post for few times.. !!tipu ja..hehehe..
Reflection..Of coz the right one mengalami pembiasan yang tahap 180 darjah. So aku lebih hensem..
Mak dia tgh followup nih!!
Kasut latamku..Kami di klpac di Sentul Timur. Faez nya fav.. Tempat ni super best!! ako pn ska..
Anda didapati bersalah!! Pilih mana mau!!hehehehe
Early in the morning before send syukor off to cameron
Hampa..Aku tak dapat makan seafood idaman aku!! terkilan!!Nasib bli blk strawberry yang ako kurang ska..Remember!!Put priority in your list and make sure dialksanakan dengan baik..
Yang ni mmg agak sial.. Ada ka kata aku ngan Cik Pah Lesbo. Hello. Aku masih and akan trus ska lelaki!!Hehehe but they were fun..Harap seru sampai la.. InsyaAllah..Amin..