Friday, December 30, 2005

Last Minute Again

This is the tajuk besar in The Star paper..The reports and the pictures really shock me..Waking up as early as 5.30am and have to line up in order to get the no..Well i can really imagine how people push each other when the security guards start to open the gate..What to do..People never learn from experience..Actually i think i might end up like them if my parents tak paksa me go and do mykad with them....But the gonverment can be consider kind enough to give RM20 (correct me if i'm wrong) penalty for those who failed to do mykad b4 31dec..

The picture beside me i got it from website contains a lot of pic which are taken by photographers all around the world..They even organizely arranged..

I joined one seketeriat dekat my kolej which will be organizing satu Pesta Warna Hati..Well i'm placed under the marketing department..Not actually placed la..Some sort of accept the invitation from my roomate since my roomate joined that event..When we got our task,makk aaiihh tekejut..Punya la ambitious..They(All the heads) really try their best to think of all the the best sponsors that i can't imagine being chased out or condemmed by them..

Luckily i got the small sponsors...From food merchandise to sprots house..Actually all those activities held can be consider as quite interesting la..Expecially the EA tournament..Hahaha we'll gather orang2 yang gila game and organize a computer game tournament..Where we'll have around 20 computers(actually we plan to..Insyallah) and the let the game begin..Among the game yang ada are Fifa,Counter Strikes.....Hmm bla bla bla...Kalau dapat cari we would also want to include playstation on the list...

Other interesting games are Campus game..(ada netball,basketball as well as street soccer)
Wah..I can feel the excitement and at the same time kepenatan....

That's all..I end my words with...Ako B O S A N

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Whole New World

Here I am..Ending writting i mean crapping about myself here..Well it's better than people keep receiving email notifying them that i've updated my bolg...Actually i kind of post something in frenster yet the information just hilang..Don't ask me why...I can be considered as a com dummy...Well i'm not going to membebel here since this is my first post..Well it's better to have a good start..The membebel thing can be done later..Insyallah..

As those who knows me well will notice that sometimes i'm kind of keep things on my own ... I don't really bother to go to a strange alone....Or to make it sound easier i'm a lone ranger....Preety much la...Not always of coz..I do have a bunch of good frenz(and i luv u all so much!!)....The reason that i prefer to be a lone ranger coz I don't like to wait and i don't want people to wait for me...

If u r in my situation u'll realize that sometime u'll felt so empty....xpecially when U see others walking in a group of frens...hehehe at that moment i'll ask myself..Is it becoz people don't want to be my frens or it's me that are so busy that i forget that i have frens to hang out turn out that it's my mistake..previously i think that waiting for people was so menyusahkan and membebankan...heheh as time passes ..i realise that it is not that bad...I'm too cerewet...It just that sometimes we just have to sacrifise our own pride and learn how to be patience.And even we have to put aside our own priority for others..People will treat us the way we treat them..So if we want to be treated well,do the same to others..

Life is hard but we can make change for the better if we all work together......So people out there,we are living in a world that we need to share part of our life with others,so don't be hestitate to do so...I'm learning to become less demanding and give more to people instead of asking from them....