Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Genap lebih sehari ako menyepi dari dunia blogging.. ahhh blame it on FB!! hehehe.. macam la ako super active FB.. ahhh July month is a month of celebration..With the wedding of my bro on 10/7 (belah ppuan), birth of my bestie's second daughter on 14/7, my Pa's Bday on 16/7, my bro's wedding reception on 17/7.. woahhhh every weekend been occupied with numerous activities.. dah lama dah stop visitting the cinema.. hmmm even missed the Eclipe's.. Experiment shows some perkembangan.. hehehe... and i picked up the Korean Level 3 class...was so left behind..but am trying and work hard to memorize and revised back all the terms and vocab..

In conclusion, im trying to be positive!!! yeah!!! been draining out all the negative energy through constant short morning jog (10min ja!!).. but felt so good to start each day with sweat.. Sweat is pleasure~~ hehehe...

Penyakit pelupa teruk ako ni makin menjadi2.. sort of need to pen down whatever important details.. maka.. sila la percaya when im trying to start everyday by blogging about plan of the day.. hehehe..berkesan atau tidak.. letak tepi kot.. kejayaan starts with dream kan!!

Today's plan are:

1. Incubate sample for 4 hours.. (meanwhile melara la merata and macam2..tension ako nak g cari spagetti dkt anjung budi n found out ceyyytt kul 10 br ada..)

2. Plan for morning jog.. was in my sweat shirt and tracks bottom.. then hujan... aisehh.. kena ganti petang la plak kot.. ishhh..

3. Must do full extraction despite of any godaan g cari lunch yg best!!! ommmmm no going out!! no no.. plg jauh Harapan or Bakti ONLY!!!

4. Evening jog (not sure stadium or lake)..

5. Blog my ear with songs so i wont go around gossiping..sampai camtu ako punya ska bersembang!! hehehe.. very the mak cik...

.6. Tuition at night.. Science.. Finishing all the syllabus and want to start revision for form 2.. Go go go.. ako cubit bdk2 tu ngan mata ku klau depa delay and wat pening lagi!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Arm + Pit

Pas baca post “Jam-Ban”.. Ako dgn suda tidak segan silu utk nak story about personal stuff.. Hehehe its good to share something that we used to be so ashamed about.. So im going to talk about ketiak@ armpit.

Body odor is experienced by some of us.. I did (past tense tu!!hehe).. Since primary school, I’m not the type that took care my appearance.. I don’t comb my hair, don’t care to wash my face.. The only hygiene thing that im so proud of is.. ako ska mandi.. hehehe wlaupun kadang2 g market pagi2 ako tak mandi.. hehehe I love to bath.. Ingat tak kecik2 mak kita akan sapukan bedak utk prevent formation of rashes@ruam. I never liked to apply anything… not to my face and not even to my body.. (maka lotion ni jarang la sentuh tangan kasarku..hehehe).. I was an active athlete years back.. so u know.. the training was conducted under the hot sun.. and our school olahraga team t-shirt is short sleeve with pair of short.. So berangin.. hehehe ..

Bila dah mula jejak kaki ke Secondary School, everyday is Baju Kurung.. (kain lincin n sejuk ok!!hehehe..).. Then I developed this sniffing habit that I seems to go sniff around like a doggy!! Adoi.. what do u expect.. I smelled my school uniform then drrrrrr I turn blue… hehehe …

I consulted my mother do I really smelled?? Hehehe dgn malu alahnya.. she said yes!! Dangggg!! Maka action was taken.. My pa bought Dr. Mist.. It’s a Malaysian product (me n my pa are huge fan of local product~~ yeayyy!! Buy Malaysia!!) Good one.. not sticky, odorless, and even keep my armpit dried.. But hello… not cheap la for a secondary school student to afford.. So after few bottles, I stopped..switched to Talkum powder.. heheh.. My pa is an antiseptics product collector (dulu aah…now to save money he go buy Giant or Tesco brand!! Adoiiii!).. Dettol and Elken have been the choice of interest for years… Ok lah…

Dah masuk uni, mula mengada when saw most of friends with their spray deodorant, stick or rolled on.. Apa lagi… mula aah buy… Up till now I still prefer stick deodorant… Then suddenly turning point came again when I tried Nivea 24 hours protection.. My skin started to developed rashes + it itched like hell!! I ignored assuming that its one of the syndrome exert after shaving.. Days passed on.. The rashes turn to form something really similar to kayap!!! Awawawaw berair and they formed small pond on my arm.. Seksa.. sakit..pedih.. gatal…both side.. benci.. ako mati2 ingat kayap dah.. skali ekor n kpala bertemu.. daaannggg… ako mati nnt (tu kayap ular kot org panggil..).. cuak sat!!! stop trus pkai deodorant tu… !!

Tp Alhamdulillah..after applied the antiseptic cream, evything back to normal.. apa lagi.. I developed phobia towards deodorant…

Baru2 ni budak sales girl giant menggodaku dengan product baru rexona.. After shower kot.. perghhhh tergoda and tried.. I liked the smell la weh.. it lasted long oso.. Tp.. if I used direct in a row.. the armpit will start to gatal lagi.. wawawa… last2 only applied on the day I have training.. tak la partner ako juling kena tempias ketiak busuk… heheh… Nnt ako nak try the antiseptic deodorant lak.. sbb ako rasa talcum powder couldn’t actually suppress the armpit odor any more!! Wawawaw

p/s: To u guys out there… Please take care of ur personnal hygiene.. trust me.. if under this hot weather, like it or not.. the combination of ur assumed no smell sweat with your wet t-shirt or blouse, nantikan lah the presence of unpleasant smell.. Maka.. cme come..wangi2 kan diri kiter~~~

Nota Tercicir

Dalam kejulingan mata n keletihan badan yang teruk ini.. yeahh sampai juga ako ke Sg Bakap.. or Bakau eh? which ever... Hmmm alhamdulillah some sunshine on my research.. thanks a million to my junior for the discovery.. hekhek.. ako asyik lepak luar ja..mana nak discover apa2.. hehehe skarang involve lak ngan training for the Penang Close TKD..adehhh..

Semester baru suda nak start... heheh so was planning what courses to enroll as elective.. I think ill polish up my German language back since the higher level of korean language is not available.. (they offered up to Level 2 only!!!?? apa nih??.. UKM till level 5 kot.. with certificate of acknowledgement lagi kot~~..T.T) Nevermind la.. I'm really looking foward to attend class... Been conducting classes ja.. sesekali diajar best juga..!!

Then Ko-K lak.. hmmm of coz ill stick to TKD.. i was asked to upgrade my belt.. heheh gila nearly 3 tahun on blue... heheheh.. so i might popped in and out during the training... Ishhhh can i stand not going? cam tak caya laks.. heheh aah.. I'm actually teringin want to join tarian modern.. Hehehe triggered by my labmate.. or maybe aerobic.. anything physical with music to enjoy..

Meanwhile.. was signalling my parents on my tak larat want to conduct the tuition class next year.. they eventually agreed.. yer ker?? if i hang around too much at home lazying the whole day... i believe they'll find an excuse to chase me out for activities.. ntah la..

Journal publication.. This has been the worst stress of all (besides me hating myself for not being able to do somersault smoothly and the flipping thing!! stree gila gila).. oohh then fortunately.. a good friend of mine offered (ako tahap paling abis kesian dah~~hehehe) me to write a small part of her paper then in return (super big one!~~~) i can be the co-authors.. wahhhh thanks girl.. a lot.. But ako yang tak sedar beruntung nih.. boleh pulak ako tak siap2 lagi paper yg dia suro wat tu... apa kes!!! dah dapat bantuan then main lengah2 kan masa pulak!! adehhh... menci pada diriko~~

p/s: dapat cari lak soundtrack Three brothers "Navi-Can't refuse".. hehehe cam best...
p/s/s: Tak brani nak wish my pa.. so wish from far jer lah. Pa.. Happy Father's Day... May all the forces and His Bless be with U... Amin...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kembali Kejap

Wink wink..breath breath.. breath…. To gather the courage and idea to re”blog” again is not an easy task.. Past few weeks of silence were nothing special in particular.. again?? (what happen to the cannot tahan boring prinsip and cheer yourself that I practiced!!?? Berkubur dah kot.. hehehe)..

Recently.. a deep remark was made on my life journey..(I think it happened before.. this is the bigger version).. Hurting people with your action.. Intentionally or vice versa.. I admit.. I did both.. Intentionally done when advices were useless… Unintentionally when I thought it was a joke and turns out to be the opposite one… Danngggg… The intentional part tu no comment la… Most of them were emotionally influenced or to deliver important message after other method attempts didn’t work. The unintentional is a bit mind confusing… being raised to speak out my mind (damnnn mulut ako mmg capoii juga..but ako tak penah capoi when it come to hantu and the unseen stuff..takut makcik.. ).. It’s a bit awkward and hard to transform the whole system around.. Things might slip again… I don’t even know how to react by not involving the unintentional communication.. Someone said… time heals… Hopefully… Yeahhh it takes time.. but it doesn’t hurt to at least try right?

Yeayyy!! I managed to download 2 Cinderella’s stepsister OST. One is by Super Junior… Another is a lady.. Crystal & Luna kot..